LT. RICHARD CHAN aka RICH BOI Specialty: Close Quarters Combat/Tactician

Born and raised in the Chinatown section of NYC, Richard is a diehard New Yorker through and through. As a youngster he engaged in street fights and ran with the criminal Triads, quickly earning the nickname Rich Boi. The name stuck with him, even after he left the street life behind and immersed himself in some of the more positive aspects of Chinese culture including Kung-Fu and Wushu fighting styles, as well as Buddhist and Taoist spiritual enlightenment techniques. As a marine he rose rapidly in the ranks and was eventually assigned to the Alpha Initiative Zero black ops squad. He gets along easily with everyone on the team, although his sometimes hyper spiritual lectures can be a little overwhelming. Still, the other team members appreciate the knowledge and insights he passes along to them. He has also shared his martial arts training with the others. He is an expert in hand-to-hand combat and the use of straight-edged weapons. There is no one better with a knife or sword.

Alpha Initiative Zero