Alpha Initiative Zero

The Debut Graphic Novel Series from the Creative Extreme!


The year is 2116 – powerful super-villains have become the greatest threat to the world. In service to their country, Rashard Bonds and the seven members of the Alpha Initiative black ops team successfully undergo an experimental procedure in which their bodies are injected with trillions of nanocells infused with telepathic energy and their muscular and skeletal systems are grafted with a super lightweight material 100x stronger than graphene. As a result, each soldier gains enhanced strength, speed, durability, endurance and agility and the squad soon becomes the most decorated and accomplished military unit of all time. Legendary commander LtGen. Rashard Bonds leads the team with skill, courage and confidence while wrestling with doubts and suspicions about his superiors’ true intentions and dealing with his own inner conflicts. With peace, freedom and the sanctity of life being threatened by more dangerous enemies each day, it will be the Alpha Initiative on the frontlines leading the way in keeping the world safe.

ISSUE 1 – (Dossier 001)

In the first Issue of this Special Limited Series, Bonds and his team have tracked down a squad of super-powered mercenaries codenamed: The Elite, who have used advanced technologies as well as a plethora of insane superpowers to inflict a series of catastrophic attacks throughout the world. Using intel gathered from a mission in Yemen, Lou goes on a covert solo mission to infiltrate an office building in the American megalopolis, Platinum City, where the leader of The Elite, Ramses Hondo, and his crew are conducting business. The objectives are simple: get in, arrest the villains and get out. But when you’re dealing with super-powered mercenaries things don’t always go as planned…