JOHN KIM aka JOHNNY K. Specialty: Negotiation/Diplomacy/Enhanced Interrogation

Johnny was born and raised in the New Korea section of the US megalopolis known as Platinum City. His parents immigrated to PC after it became the social, political and financial center of the world. He was raised to be an activist and developed a strong moral compass at an early age. An advocate for Korean people, he revived the once lost Korea Town on the North side of Chicago through the work of multiple campaigns, helping it re-emerge as an epicenter for Korean Americans. After obtaining several degrees from the University of Chicago in Public Policy, he decided to join the Marines in an effort to strengthen his resume for an eventual career in politics. As an enlistee he rose quickly through the ranks and was eventually assigned to join the Alpha Initiative. Johnny is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and an expert in the use of edge weapons. Johnny was a friend of Lou’s long before either of them were soldiers and thus makes him maybe LtGen. Bond’s most trusted confidant amongst the team.

Alpha Initiative Zero