LT. JULIO DEVINE aka LEO Specialty: Tech/Weapons Specialist

Julio was born and raised in the deep South and is the product of a hard upbringing and hard times. His home had a tin roof and his family didn’t have much money. However, this didn’t stop him from thriving. He is very intelligent and has a knack for rapidly picking up new skills and knowledge, making him a veritable jack of all trades. Julio also uses his cleverness and wit to impress the ladies and usually spends his downtime out for a night on the town with a date by his side. Despite earning several degrees from MIT and getting offers for lucrative career opportunities, Julio decided to join the army in an effort to find a new challenge and to serve his country. His educational background in mechanical engineering and mathematics led his commanders to transfer him to the Marines where he eventually became the weapons and tech expert for the Alpha Initiative Zero. Julio and Lou’s similar upbringings have made them close, and Julio’s uproarious sense of humor keeps the squad laughing.

Alpha Initiative Zero