TCE vs. The Universe

Volume 1

Welcome to The Creative Extreme vs. The Universe, Volume 1, where characters from the Creative Extreme Universe wage battle against a pantheon of characters from all over the fictional spectrum, including Marvel Comics, DC comics, Film, Television, Literature, Anime and more!

In Volume One, everyone – from Captain America to Darth Vader – wants to get their hands on a mysterious element called psytanium, and the only place it can be found is the Creative Extreme Universe! The inhabitants of the TCE Universe however, are not so keen on allowing psytanium to get out into the rest of the multiverse, as its use is wide-ranging and dangerous to potentially cataclysmic degrees. Get more familiar with the heroes and villains of the Creative Extreme as they defend their universe from all comers and stake their claim as a force with which to be reckoned.

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