ALEJANDRO GARZA aka THE ASSET Specialty: Infiltration/Intelligence/Recon

Born in Chicago and raised in the streets of the Southside, Alejandro is as tough as they come. He had no intention of ever becoming a soldier, however a chance encounter with Rashard Bonds, who had returned to his hometown as a military recruiter, set him on the path to becoming a valuable and decorated member of the US armed forces. Alejandro was on the verge of joining the Alpha Initiative, when he sustained an arm injury and was disqualified from undergoing the special training and physical enhancement procedures. Instead Alejandro was assigned to an elite intelligence unit, and through his stellar work earned the nickname “The Asset.” While not an official member of the Alpha Initiative, Alejandro has been tapped by General Garrison to serve as the primary intelligence specialists for the team. He is confident, capable and sometimes a little too sarcastic. But every member of the Alpha Initiative, especially Lou, respects him and they all rely heavily on his skills to get their respective jobs done.

Alpha Initiative Zero