LT. EMILY WRIGHT aka EMS Specialty: Sniper

Emily has a boisterous personality and a tough-as-nails attitude. She loves her family and despite her sometimes over the top demeanor, she is very down to earth, warm -hearted and overtly affectionate towards her fellow soldiers. She has clearly adopted the AI0 as a second family. Emily can be quick to act at times, but as a well-trained elite soldier has the ability to keep her impulsiveness in check. She has decent espionage skills giving her the ability to get along with anyone and fit into any environment. Her in-depth thought processes enable her to maintain a high emotional IQ, while never forgetting to take logical approaches to any given situation. She’s an excellent combat specialist who can fight with fluid elusive technique or employ head-on brawling tactics. Her true calling is as a sniper. She is one of the best in the world and serves as the long-range expert and assassin for the AI0.

Alpha Initiative Zero