February 26, 2016


Swinn Searlesbay really had no intention of being a world class track star. In fact, she didn’t even know she had a talent for running until college. She did, however, make a name for herself long before earning an invitation to the Olympic trials…

By the time Swinn was 17 she had created an incredibly large online following. She grew up in Northern Platinum City in a fairly middle class neighborhood. Her father and mother were hardworking and doing well as a nurse and college admissions officer, respectively. But they often reminded her of the troubles faced by many lower-income and disadvantaged people in the country. They introduced her to books written by social justice activists and encouraged her to study the lives of women and men that had stood up to systematic oppression and unfairness.


Birth Name

Swinn Searlesbay


Swinn Swift


Human-human; female

Birth Details

Platinum City, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st Century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Swinn Swift has been imbued with hyper speed by the goddesses of the 5th Oblivion.

The Story

Since the Great Quake of 2016, that had happened way before Swinn was born, the country had splintered, both physically and socioeconomically. Literally, the United States was split down the middle by a 13-mile chasm and people (who could afford to) had relocated to the side of the country that best suited their own set of political beliefs. Platinum City had been built in the chasm that formed in the middle of America, and subsequently became a place where people attempted to bridge the gaps.

During her first couple of years of High School, Swinn studied the history and implications of the Great Quake extensively. She learned that Platinum City, despite everything it supposedly stood for, was not doing enough to help victims of a system that rewarded those who were willing to destroy and oppress others for their own personal gain.

She discussed this stuff with her parents constantly. She was disheartened and frustrated and wanted to know what she could do to help. Her parents suggested that she speak out and make her voice a part of the discussion. Swinn thought this was an amazing idea. She set up a webcam, learned the basics of a video editing program and began producing commentary pieces that she would stream on her own personal video blog.

She was articulate, funny and smart. Her peers, even those who didn’t fully agree with her, would watch her vlogs and before long her audience had expanded to adults. People wanted to hear her ideas about social justice and equality. And they also wanted to hear her criticisms of Platinum City’s Mayor at the time, Kimmer Delgado. Kimmer was an extremely popular mayor for most of her term in office. But, like any political figure, Kimmer had her detractors. Swinn was one of them.

She believed Kimmer’s popularity stemmed from how she catered so heavily to Platinum City’s intellectuals (of which there were many). Mayor Delgado, however, seemed to ignore many of the conditions that afflicted the blue-collar and hourly wage-workers. Swinn knew there was something fishy about this lady, but she couldn’t find any dirt on her… well, not at first.

In the spring of her Junior year, Swinn received an anonymous email that contained information about Kimmer Delgado’s secret investments in for-profit prisons. Immediately, Swinn created a new episode of her vlog called “Mayor Kimmer’s Prison Song.” The video went viral and destroyed the public perception of the highest elected official in Platinum City. Fortunately for Delgado, she was nearing the end of a term, so she only had to answer questions about her seemingly hypocritical practices for a few months before leaving office and giving way to the rise of Mayor Gemini DeLisi. Either way, it was a political disaster.

Swinn was celebrated by many people online, however, there was a large group of Delgado supporters and business associates that did not appreciate the teenage activist’s accomplishment. And they went after her with ferocity. Her social media feeds and email inboxes began filling up with threats against her and her parents’ lives. Several people who were on her side before began to question whether or not it was even right for her to invade someone else’s’ privacy. Even her friends and teachers at school began to distance themselves from her. But all of that was nothing compared to what happened next.

Swinn got doxed. A group of hackers dumped all of her family’s personal information onto the internet. Their address, their email addresses and passwords, bank accounts, social security numbers, pictures from their cloud accounts, and so much more. The people who had been sending death threats were now beginning to stalk their home and workplaces, and Swinn, at the tender age of 17 had become a pariah.

Her parents were forced to quit their jobs and move away from Platinum City. They relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina, and after about a year of staying as far away from the internet as possible, they found a pattern of normalcy again. During this time, Swinn discovered she was a physically gifted runner and when she got into Emory University she joined the track team. Eventually she was grouped with Jessica Lowery, Zipporah Parks and Courtney Wallace and they became the fastest 4×1 squad in the country.

Within a couple of years they had earned an invitation to the Olympic trials. But during one of their final collegiate races, the ladies were mysteriously transported to a strange place called the 5th Oblivion. Two powerful goddesses, Sedah and Nevaeh imbued the women with hyper-speed abilities, then forced them to race against evil clones of themselves, with the stipulation being that if they lost, they would die.

For eight years Swinn and her teammates raced for their lives, until finally they were released from the 5th Oblivion and transported back to earth. The women still had their powers, but they also had the spirits of the evil clones living inside of them.

The treacherous businesswoman, Reina Valencia, eventually found the ladies and recruited them to work for her as super-villain enforcers. Swinn’s latest mission in service to Ms. Valencia was to help destroy the superhero team known as the Sista Clique, comprised of Kharma Lucky, (who had already been captured by the bad guys), Cybernetica, Madam Deadhead, Ember Brook and Girl Six. The numerous encounters between the two groups had continuously escalated, and the heroes were growing weary. Swinn Swift arrived at the home of the Clique’s Girl Six, where a vicious battle between Ms. Six and Zipporah Zing was already taking place. Swinn jumped in, and together they overwhelmed the hero.

Girl Six possessed the ability to create five clones of herself, but Swinn and Zipporah were just too fast and too evil. They thrashed all of the clones, leaving them in a heap of heroic defeat. The two speedsters were prepared to destroy her once and for all, when suddenly Girl Six’s fiance and pro-wrestling superstar, Ronnie “Torpedo” Jones, crashed the party! The prone lady-hero was happy to see her man, but begged him to leave and save himself from the hyper villains.

Ronnie, however, was not going anywhere! He confronted Zipporah and Swinn, who proceeded to laugh uproariously at this mere human. But Torpedo Jones was NOT just a human, and all of that laughing stopped when he unleashed the full power of his own hyper-speedy abilities! Girl Six looked on in bewilderment as Torpedo proceeded to torpedo the villains. They couldn’t handle his combination of strength and speed and eventually were forced to retreat.

Zipporah sprinted away and headed back to their base, but Swinn circled back around and found a discreet place to spy on the couple: Ronnie began attending to the Girl Six clones – the severity of her injuries was making it difficult for her to reunite with herself. Swinn watched as Ronnie ran inside the house to get help. He returned with another man by his side… the disgraced brilliant scientist and world-leader in hyper-serum development, Victor Carnel.

Swinn had seen all she needed to see. She sprinted back to headquarters.