February 25, 2016


Zipporah Parks has always believed in God and the power of prayer. It was a belief based on a strong Christian upbringing and a mom who attended church every Sunday and found a reason to be at the church pretty much every other day of the week, too. Visionary Church of God was a small, old fashioned church – no electric instruments, just a guitar, a keyboard and a basic drum kit; a small choir consisting of mostly older folk; a little more than 100 weekly attendance and about 60 to 70 dedicated members. Zipporah and her mother were two of the most dedicated – Sunday morning services; Monday evening Bible study; Tuesday night prayer sessions; Wednesday night choir rehearsal; Thursday evening missions council; Friday night fellowship, and Saturday morning soul breakfast… they were there for everything.


Birth Name

Zipporah Parks


Zipporah Zing


Hyper-human; female

Birth Details

Bronx, NY, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st Century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Zipporah Zing has been imbued with super speed by the goddesses of the 5th Oblivion.

The Story

Zipporah grew up in the Bronx in a place called Co-op City. Co-op was a massive and densely populated community that consisted of 35 high-rise buildings, all between 26 and 33 stories tall. She and her parents, Clifton and Bonnie, lived on the 15th floor of one of the towers and from her bedroom window the magnificent Manhattan skyline could be seen. Co-op was a thriving low-to-middle class neighborhood with Zipporah’s family falling snugly somewhere in the middle. Her mother ran a daycare from out of their apartment and her father worked in downtown Manhattan in an office that collected debts for a large national bank. It’s less glamorous than it sounds, and a lot less lucrative than you would think. But it paid the bills.

Clifton didn’t much attend Visionary Church of God, and though he professed to believe in an almighty creator, he never felt an especially powerful urge to partake in any of the ritual that usually signified such a belief. Bonnie however was devout and did her best to instill her beliefs in Zipporah. At every opportunity she would take her to the community center in the northern section of Co-op where the attendees of VCG congregated, and it was during one of the Tuesday night prayer meetings that Zipporah felt the conviction and stirring in her own heart, mind and soul to commit her life to the teachings of Jesus Christ. She was 12 at the time and throughout her teenage years she developed a strong connection to God and became a dedicated volunteer and contributor to VCG.

After graduating from High School, Zipporah left the Bronx to attend college in Atlanta at Emory University. She had been a top track athlete in high school, but had no intention of running in college. However, when the athletic director found out about her, he began recruiting her. Zipporah liked the idea that the athletic program was serious and competitive but not overly time-consuming due to the fact that it was a Division 3 school (i.e. no athletic scholarships). She joined Courtney Wallace, Jessica Lowery and Swinn Searlesbay on the 4×1 team, and from the very beginning it was magic. They broke every Division 3 record during their first year together, and in the subsequent seasons broke every Division 1 and 2 records as well. Within 3 years they were preparing to compete for a chance to represent the US in the Olympics.

But during what would have been their final race together before the Olympic trials, Zipporah and her teammates were suddenly transported away to a strange alternate realm called the 5th Oblivion. There they met two powerful goddesses, Sedah and Nevaeh.

While her teammates were frightened to varying degrees, Zipporah was intrigued by this place. Her faith had taught her of the existence of an afterlife and a spiritual realm, but she had often longed for an inkling of proof.

Was this it? Was this the concrete evidence of the existence of an abstract world?

She had little time to ponder these questions, however, as the goddess Sedah forced Zipporah and her friends into an eternal race against evil, deadly clones of themselves. And although the merciful Nevaeh imbued the ladies with super-natural speed, they could stay only a couple of steps in front of death at any given time.

After more than 8 years of running throughout the 5th Oblivion, Sedah and Nevaeh agreed to end the race and deliver the women back to Earth. Zipporah and her friends were able to keep their new hyper-abilities, but they were also forced to allow the evil clone spirits to live inside of them. This made the track team extremely susceptible to the whims of the wicked.

Zipporah’s pure spirit struggled violently against the malevolent ghost living inside of her, but the majority of the time the maliciousness won out. This was especially true when Reina Valencia, the CEO of Universal Intelligence (a publicly reputable, but secretly nefarious tech company), approached the speedy quartet and offered to conscript the ladies for a number of dastardly missions – the first of which was to take down the superheroine team known as the Sista Clique.

After months of battling against several of UI’s hyper-villain army, the Clique was beginning to falter. And during their latest battle Kharma Lucky, the team’s telepathic leader, had been kidnapped by the senior citizen super-villain, Diabla. Other members – Cybernetica, Ember Brook and Madam Deadhead – had been severely injured, and Girl Six had left the team and returned home to her fiance in Kentucky.

With the Clique divided, the evil-spirited speedsters were sent out to destroy them once and for all. So when Girl Six reached her home in the midwest, she found Zipporah Zing waiting for her. The hyper-villain attacked with rapid ferocity, forcing the skilled, but weary, hero to defend herself. Ms. Six unleashed her five clones and, after an arduous battle, she was finally able to gain the upper hand. They pounced and held her down as one of the clones put a chokehold around her neck.

Zipporah could feel her natural life slipping away, and in that moment, her pure spirit asked God to forgive her for the evil deeds she had been forced to commit. And though her body thrashed violently against the grip of Girl Six, Zipporah’s soul was at peace.

Then, just as it seemed she would never breathe another breath, Swinn Swift arrived on the scene and within seconds, Zipporah was freed from the hero’s hold. As she stood and gathered herself, she could feel the evil inside of her rising to take control again. Her life had been spared, but not how she had hoped.

None of that matters now. Zipporah and Swinn exchanged a look, smiled deviously at one another, then turned their attention to Girl Six. This hero was about to have a very long night…