January 5, 2016


Keisha Pine had always been a gearhead. While some girls played with Barbie Dolls, little Keisha propped her Barbie’s ‘Vette up on a makeshift lift and pretended to check the suspension while devising a plan to maximize the efficiency of the engine so America’s favorite career-switching princess could blow through the competition at the Super Bowl of Stock Car racing. She parlayKray Kray was credited with committing the first mass-stabbing in the history of Platinum City, and maybe the world. Having grown tired of hearing about all of the mass shootings and the ridiculous prevalence of gun violence overtaking the country, Kray decided to change things up a little. If she had the mind of a hero – or even a sane person – she probably would have seen an increase in gun violence as either a reason to take a stand on either side of the issue or to don a mask and cape and get out there to make a positive difference like several of her peers.ed that love for automotive engineering into a passion for mechanical engineering and after graduating from prestigious Stuyvesant High School in lower Manhattan, she enrolled in Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in upstate New York where she quickly earned the respect of her professors and peers. While she loved RPI, she found the focus of the institution to be a little narrow for her taste. After her second year, she transferred to Platinum City University and immediately diversified her fields of interests.


Birth Name



Kray Kray


Hyper-human; female

Birth Details

Location Unrevealed (Core Reality); Late 21st Century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Kray Kray, a former contortionist, is very athletic by nature. But the hyper-serum she takes gives her extreme agility as well as a high pain threshhold. She has also trained herself in several martial arts and is also very good with blades, of which she has a huge arsenal.

The Story

But alas, Kray Kray was… well, totally cray-cray! And thus she made up her mind to walk into an office building in northern Platinum City and unleash a barrage of knives and blades on the unsuspecting businessmen and businesswomen. The police quickly arrived but were unable to pin her down because of her hyper-human agility and speed which she’d acquired through years of practicing contortionism. It might have also helped that she took a special hyper-serum that enabled her muscles and joints to be more malleable and rubbery while maintaining the strength and stability to keep from snapping altogether. In other words, she could jump, flip, run and twist better than almost anyone else in the world. She could also fight. Over the years she trained herself in a number of martial arts and advanced fighting techniques, making her easily one of the deadliest women to ever stalk the streets of Platinum City.

During that particular incident, she left at least 30 people injured, maimed or worse and she got away pretty much unscathed. She spent the next couple of weeks hiding underground as the authorities and teams of superheroes searched for her. Living in a bunker, however, got old. She decided to get back out in the world, but she needed a disguise. So she did what any well-adjusted yet insane supervillain would do – she hired Platinum City’s renowned evil surgeon, Anarchy, to perform plastic surgery and change her face. And just for kicks, Kray Kray chose to take on the face of a young woman who had recently passed away during that horrendous act of violence at the office building weeks before.

Kray Kray could walk around the city in plain sight, while simultaneously making some people believe they were seeing a ghost. Either way, the authorities, the super teams and the vigilante squads could not find the individual behind one of the worst massacres ever committed. But one person could – her name was Hysteria. The sadistic supervillain recruited Kray Kray to join her and the two of them set out to wreak all kinds of havoc. They gave their little group a name; and an apt name at that – “The Disturbed.”

After brainwashing hundreds of petty criminals, as well as a bunch of law-abiding citizens, to carry out a plan to rob every single bank in Platinum City at the same time, Hysteria and Kray Kray found themselves face to face with a crew of masked vigilantes known as the Platinum City Knights. The supervillains had used a giant purple tank to smash through dozens of banks and were on the verge of getting away when the heroine Night Bird swooped in on them. They were able to fend her off and make it back to their hideout. But Night Bird’s partner, Metro, tracked them to their location and confronted them.

Hysteria dispatched Kray Kray to keep the hero occupied while she and their third partner, Deleria, got into the tank and rode away. Metro, a weapons specialist, unleashed a barrage of bullets at the psychotic gymnast, but she was just too quick. She gained the upper hand, injured the hero with one of her blades and knocked him off a ledge onto a concrete slab 25 feet below. She pulled out another blade and jumped down to finish the hero off, but Metro was gone. He had escaped certain death.

Kray Kray simply smiled to herself and set out to regroup with her Disturbed teammates.