January 4, 2016


Bianca was always a little off her rocker. Born in Platinum City, she discovered her powers of mental manipulation when she was just a little girl in elementary school. It would make us all feel better to believe that her penchant for screwing with her classmates stemmed from the fact that she was picked on or mistreated or bullied, but that was simply not the case. Bianca was just born without any of her marbles and the empty space left by a lack of empathy and sanity was filled with a sadistic imagination. Before her powers ever manifested, she was the little girl at the park who would pick up a dead pigeon and throw it at her horrified peers. She was the big sister who would hide her infant brother in a laundry basket in the garage and snicker giddily as her parents frantically searched for him for hours on end. She got a kick out of watching others suffer. And hyper-human mind powers made it all the more exciting and satisfying for her.


Birth Name

Bianca DeFoe


Hysteria; Queen of the Disturbed


Hyper-human; female

Birth Details

Platinum City, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st Century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Hysteria possesses telepathic and mind-manipulation powers that manifest mostly as very realistic hallucinations to her victims. She also has a limited set of mystical powers that she uses to cause physical malaties to her foes such as burns and skin infections.

The Story

By the time she was 15 she had mastered her abilities and like any other entrepreneurial-minded young person she figured out a way to turn her talents into profit. For the right price, she would mess with whomever you wanted her to mess with. If your boss was giving you a hard time, she could spend the day making him think his office floor was lava. If your ex-girlfriend was a real jerk about breaking up with you, she could make her think her apartment was haunted. If that do-gooder superheroine was throwing a wrench in your dastardly plan, she could make her believe she was being chased by a flying dragon… for the rest of her life. It was safe to say Hysteria put a sizable number of people into psyche wards – an accomplishment she was particularly proud of.

The only thing she loved more than messing with people was diamonds. But she didn’t love paying for them. So, at the age of 21 she became a diamond thief and a bank robber. But after a couple of years of easily robbing several places across the country, she decided to hit the big time with the wildest and craziest plan she could imagine – instead of robbing one bank, she would choose one city and orchestrate a plan to hit every single bank within that specific metropolitan area simultaneously. And what better city to hit than her hometown, the largest city in the world, Platinum City. She recruited dozens of petty thieves and small-time thugs. But there just wasn’t enough of them, so she began recruiting average citizens, which wasn’t difficult seeing as her mind-manipulation powers made her quite the persuasive young lady.

Before long, she had recruited over 600 people to assist her in what was sure to be the biggest heist of all time. And on top of all that, Hysteria had chosen the perfect day to put her plan into action. It was the 100th anniversary of the Great Quake of 2016 that had split the United States in half and consequently led to the events that eventually resulted in the rise of Platinum City. Mayor Gemini DeLisi was set to give a monumental speech that many people anticipated would change the country and possibly the world.

Well Hysteria ruined that party as her army of bank robbers hit the city with a ferocity rivaled only by a colony of ants who’ve found 50 gallons of strawberry jam spread across a football field of glazed donuts. It was madness! And Hysteria savored every chaotic moment. But she didn’t just sit back and let everyone else have all the fun. She gathered her two besties, Kray Kray and Deleria, jumped into a pimped out purple tank and rode out into the streets of Platinum City for some revelry and villainous merry-making!

The armored trio managed to blast through a dozen banks and hundreds of police cruisers while collecting millions of dollars in stolen property. But they hadn’t even begun to truly have fun, when suddenly their tank was attacked by the Platinum City superheroine, Night Bird. She swooped down and forced the purple monstrosity to halt in its tracks. Hysteria popped the tank’s hatch open and unleashed a blast of mental madness at the winged woman, stunning her and leaving her open for a kill shot. But Night Bird’s partners, Black Jag and Metro, plus a plethora of police officers appeared on the scene and Hysteria was forced to retreat to her hideout in an underground bunker.

By nightfall, the streets of Platinum City had calmed down and a large portion of the bank robbers had been caught or killed in shootouts. The damage, however, was done. Hysteria had succeeded in organizing and pulling off the greatest bank heist in the history of the world. Several banks and diamond stores were left in ruins; at least a hundred officers had been injured or worse and there were still several criminals at large.

Down in their bunker, Hysteria and her cohorts unloaded the tank and tended to their wounds. And even as the maniacal madwoman pried a bullet from her own shoulder she could not help but laugh hysterically at the heaping pile of dead presidents and shiny rocks lying before her. Biggest. Score. Ever!

But the party was short lived as a bullet suddenly whizzed by her ear and hit a pic of Benjamin Franklin right between the eyes. Hysteria and her homegirls turned to see Metro taking aim…