February 16, 2016


Hattori “Faceless” Fukui was born in New Japan, Platinum City. As a newborn baby, he was abandoned at the door of Danzo‘s Temple. After hearing a knock, the Iga grandmaster noticed a car seat with a blanket over it sitting in the rain. Inside was a very disfigured baby. Its entire body had superficial skin malformations, along with some muscular atrophy. There was no note, nothing bearing a name, either. It was apparent whoever dropped the baby off did not want to be known. Unable to leave the newborn abandoned, Danzo decided to take the child in and named him Hattori Fukui after a great Iga Clan member from centuries ago who, despite being burned all over his body during a battle at a young age, recovered to be an incredible ninja.


Birth Name



Hattori Fukui; Faceless


Human; male

Birth Details

New Japan, Platinum City, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st Century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Faceless has been trained in the ancient art of ninjutsu and is profecient in a multitude of fighting disciplines. Mastery of his chi (spiritual energy) has given him enhanced speed, strength and agility. He is an expert swordsman, but prefers the use of his modified flying guillotine weapon.

The Story

From that night on, Danzo began using his chi to help heal the baby, as well as having the clan doctors work on repairing Hattori’s disfigurement. It took him longer to learn how to walk, run, hold objects, etc., but over the years Hattori began getting stronger and eventually gained semi-normal functions of his body. As a toddler Danzo began personally training him in the art of ninjutsu, which further helped his physical progression. By the time he was 13 years old, Hattori had elevated his physical abilities on par with his peers and occasionally trained with them. However, due to his remaining facial and bodily disfigurement, he always covered himself from head-to-toe with clothes and wore a shroud, mask or hooded cloak covering his face. Despite his insecurities though, through his teenage years he excelled beyond his peers and soon advanced to the level of Momoko, Danzo’s only other full-time pupil. The two trained together rigorously over the years, growing in body, mind and chi far above the other clan members as they learned Danzo’s secret teachings. Then, when Momoko began mastering hardware and software technology, Hattori became Danzo’s top assassin. Hattori’s legendary accomplishments soon spread throughout the clan, resulting in him receiving the alias “Faceless”. A new Iga legend was upon the world!

One particular mission Faceless was assigned was to travel back to the old country to gather intel on the infrastructure and dealings of their Yakuza rival, the Matsuzaki Family, as a part of their plan to eradicate their eternal enemies once and for all. Then one night, as he was maneuvering through the shadows of Naha in Okinawa, he came across something that captured his attention. A full scale battle between two groups of hyper-humans was taking place. Faceless watched attentively, trying to decipher the parties involved. He did not recognize Kharma Lucky or the other women of the Sista Clique, nor had he ever come across RC Allen or Chaos Kao Kwan, members of the the Blue Zone Killer Squad. Therefore, he contacted Interface though his combat headgear.

Faceless streamed video of the battle to her in full 7D, HD quality. Using the live feed she was able to hack into media and government database systems to locate facial recognition matches. In a matter of minutes, Interface transmitted a profile of information on each member of the Sista Clique as well as RC and Chaos from the Blue Zone Killers. Then, as the two Iga disputed whether or not he should interfere, Interface uncovered the news story about the Sista Clique being out to destroy Universal Intelligence. Discovering UI was an Edgar Lockhart enterprise, the shinobi knew they shared a common enemy with the Sista Clique, and Faceless did not hesitate to aid the women.

RC and Chaos were gaining the upper hand on the Sista Clique at this point in the battle. Ember was trying to use her fire blasts to incinerate the two villains, but RC kept intercepting them with vortexes, teleporting the flames elsewhere. Cybernetica’s advanced speed and strength was also being nullified by RC’s vortexes. Girl Six attacked with all six of her clones, but Chaos continuously sprayed them with her poisonous gas, rendering the multiplier useless for several minutes at a time. Kharma finally took control of the situation and used her precognitive abilities to predict the movements of the Blue Zone Killers and telepathically fed them to Madam Deadhead who in turn was able to use her brutal strength to great effect, allowing the rest of the Clique to regroup and build momentum towards victory.

The Blue Zone Killers were eventually able to counter as RC and Chaos enveloped themselves in their powers. RC’s constant vortexes made it impossible for the heroines to land a blow, while Chao’s cloud of poisonous smoke choked out anyone who got within a few feet of her. That was when Faceless jumped in and tipped the scales permanently! He dashed into battle using his alarming speed and fighting skills to catch the Blue Zone Killers off-guard. The Sista Clique was also shocked, but realizing the ninja was there to help, they did not stop him.

Faceless’ combat headgear had a built-in mask that filtered air so Chaos’ poison gas did not affect him. He unleashed a flurry of punches and kicks on her, knocking her to the ground so hard that she lost control of her powers, dissipating the gas cloud around her. He went after RC next, launching a barrage of throwing stars at him. Simultaneously, Ember Brook blasted flames at the senior citizen super villain. Realizing there was no way he could avoid both, RC hopped in a portal and came out the other side, standing over his fallen partner, Chaos. Immediately, Madam Deadhead’s electrified chain whip descended upon them with incredible force, forcing RC to teleport once more.

As RC and Chaos landed a few feet away from the heroes, they scoffed at being overwhelmed. This is when Chaos pulled out a device, signaling an alarm. Within seconds, goons appeared from down the street in a neighboring building. Meanwhile, RC and Chaos began to run away to gain distance in order to teleport through a vortex, far away from the battle. Faceless instructed the Sista Clique to follow their assailants as he would hold off the incoming goons. Still not knowing who the ninja was, the ladies hesitantly followed his command and began chasing down the elderly villains, while Faceless single-handedly dominated the goons with vicious strikes and attacks from his flying guillotine weapon.

With RC and Chaos already through the portal, it began to close. The Sista Clique realized their window to enter and follow the Blue Zone Killers was closing rapidly, so Madam Deadhead quickly grabbed Kharma Lucky and Girl Six and using her incredible strength she launched them both into the vortex at great speed. At the same time, Ember Brook fired herself up and blasted into the vortex, followed directly by Cybernetica who used her flying abilities and enhanced strength to pick up Madam Deadhead and bolt into the vortex like a flash of lightning.