February 14, 2016


RC Allen may look like a little old man – but there is nothing feeble about him at all. In fact, if you make him upset, he’ll make you disappear – and that’s if you’re lucky. At about the age of 65 a hyper ability was triggered within Mr. Allen, giving him the power to create teleportation vortexes, and over the years he has grown quite fond of sending people who get on his nerves to far away lands. And that’s if he doesn’t physically assault you.


Birth Name

RC Allen




Hyper-human; male

Birth Details

Loma Linda, CA, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Mid 21st Century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

RC has the ability to create vortexes that he can use to teleport to any location in the world. He also possesses enhanced strength.

The Story

That’s right, along with having the power to create teleportation vortexes, RC has super strength as well. His days of brawling, however, began long before he had hyper abilities. He was born in Southern California to working class parents who were only borderline abusive. His father had been an athlete, but had never reached his full potential – so he attempted to live vicariously through his son. He would push RC in extreme ways when it came to training him for little league, youth baseball and high school football.

For years, RC thought his father was just giving him tough love – but then during a game in high school, he injured his ankle. His father came out of the stands to the sideline and began berating him about being a quitter, then tried to push him back onto the field despite the fact that he could barely stand. RC finally pushed back and a wrestling match ensued, which the other players and coaches had to stop.

RC never spoke to his father again after that. He also never forgave him and the resentment he harbored in his heart festered. But it wasn’t all bad at first: RC used his anger to push him toward a very successful college career in football at Platinum City University. However, during his senior year, that ankle injury returned and this time multiple fractures would pretty much end any aspirations of a professional career.

RC would end up taking a job as a gym teacher back in his hometown of Loma Linda, California, and would find some solace in encouraging children (in a non-abusive way) to live healthy lifestyles. He taught for decades before being forced to retire. He argued that even at the age of 60 he was still fit enough to work with the children (which he was), but the administration had already hired a younger gym teacher to take his place.

This didn’t sit well with RC and he felt a familiar resentment rise in his heart. He would have been content to just live out the rest of his days as an angry old man; but when he suddenly woke up one morning with hyper-abilities, he thought it’d be a lot more fun to become a senior-citizen super villain.

After a couple of years of being one of the most ornery and feared men in his town, RC received an invitation to something called the “Blue Zone Convention.” At first he had no intention of going, but when he realized it was taking place in Hawaii, he decided to teleport on over to Honolulu and see what it was all about.

When he arrived, he was absolutely floored by what he encountered – it was a convention center full of seniors with powers! And it was glorious. RC spent the entire weekend connecting with others, but it was a particular group of people he linked up with that set him on an interesting path.

While most of the seniors at the convention were good-hearted people, RC eventually met a small group of hyper-beings who found more joy in being antagonists. Kao, Stavros, Salvatore and Isabella, along with RC, came together and decided to form a super-villain squad.

Using RC’s powers, they would travel around the world, causing all kinds of havoc. And if the money was right, they would cause trouble on your behalf. They were all making a ton of money. Talk about a second career! But then they got offered their best payday yet.

RC – who had risen to become the leader of the crew – was contacted by Reina Valencia, the powerful and ruthless CEO of a bio-tech company. She had a job for them that would allow R.C. and his teammates to go wild with their powers. They jumped at the opportunity.

A recently formed team of heroes called the Sista Clique, comprised of Kharma Lucky, Cybernetica, Girl Six, Madam Deadhead and Ember Brook, was on their way to take down Reina, her business associates, Ray Carnel and Edgar Lockhart, and her entire multi-national company. But when the ladies rolled up to Universal Intelligence World Headquarters in Northern California, RC was waiting for them.

Before the Sista Clique could realize what was happening, the senior citizen super villain attacked! His brutal strength and teleportation abilities were difficult to handle at first, but soon the ladies pulled it together and were able to gain the upper hand.

RC needed backup, but he also needed to get the superheroines away from his employers – so he created a massive vortex and transported the ladies away from California to Okinawa, Japan where the second Blue Zone Killer, Chaos Kao Kwan, was putting the finishing touches on a diabolical trap.