February 13, 2016


Associated Press, For Immediate Release —
February, 13th

LAS VEGAS – The Powerhouse Network is now reporting that top anchor Ja’Nique NuYork has developed hyper abilities.

NuYork has served as the lead anchor on the Powerhouse Network’s flagship program, Powerhouse Nightly, which reports on the ongoing adventures, exploits and battles of hyper-humans across the United States and beyond, for nearly five years. Now, it seems, they will be reporting on one of their own.


Birth Name

Ja’Nique NuYork


Ember Brook; Girl on Fire


Hyper-human; female

Birth Details

Harlem, NY, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st Century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Ember has the ability to emit fire-water from her body. She can also manipulate both fire and water and when ignited she can breathe under water and other oxygen-deprived environments for long periods of time. She has the power of flight and can move at low mach speeds.

The Story

Numerous reports are suggesting NuYork requested the weekend off in order to travel to Las Vegas to attend a bachelorette party for her friend and independent pro-wrestling sensation, Alexis Deville. However, after what seems to have been a wild night full of partying, dancing and playing casino games at the Carnival de’ Carnel Casino and Hotel, NuYork, and the other five ladies she shared a hotel suite with, woke up on the morning of Saturday the 13th with super-abilities.

Eyewitness reports suggest that horrifying screams could be heard coming from the Executive Suite on the 14th floor of the hotel just minutes before a number of armed security officers showed up with what looked to be customized tranquilizer rifles.

“It was loud and I was very afraid,” said Nidia Manchester, a hotel housekeeper who was present when casino CEO Ray Carnel led members of his security team through the hallways and into the room. “They kicked the door down and went inside. I was working in the room across the hall. When I looked, I saw that all the women were having changes. Their bodies were doing strange things. One woman was turning into a robot. Another woman was multiplying!“

Manchester said the women were shot with the tranquilizers and put to sleep. “It is a good thing Mr. Carnel was there. One woman I saw, her whole body was on fire. She could have burned the whole building down. But Mr. Carnel’s security guards were able to put her fire out with the special darts.”

Reports have now confirmed that the woman on fire was indeed Ja’Nique NuYork of the Powerhouse Network. One reliable source in Vegas has informed us that Ms. NuYork now has the ability to produce a fire-water coating over the entirety of her body, giving her a number of hyper capabilities.

Hotel owner, Ray Carnel, and head of security, Simon Charles, could not be reached for comment. But sources close to the situation have told us that the women were taken to a facility underneath the hotel and held there until the proper authorities could be contacted.

At approximately 7:37 PM however, a power outage was reported and in the ensuing chaos the women escaped. Among the escapees was Ms. NuYork. According to several eyewitnesses, a battle between hyper-humans happened just minutes after the power outage was reported. NuYork was said to be involved in the scuffle.

“She was on fire! But she wasn’t burning, “said Quiveria Kooper of Dayton, OH, who had been visiting Las Vegas for the weekend and was on hand during the battle. “I mean all of them were doing some freaky stuff – there was a girl with giant muscles and two other girls who were zinging around all fast and stuff. But the one girl was shooting fire from her hands! I couldn’t believe it! And she was flying and blowing stuff up. It was like something you usually see on Powerhouse TV,” Kooper said.

Police were called to the scene, but before they could arrive, NuYork and the other hyper-human women had escaped.

The Powerhouse Network PR department released the following statement: “We have confirmed that Powerhouse Nightly anchor Ja’Nique NuYork was in Las Vegas last weekend and was involved in an altercation on the Vegas Strip. We have also confirmed that Ms. NuYork may have gained hyper abilities through the accidental ingestion of a hyper-serum. We have had limited contact with Ja’Nique, who initially informed us that she would need to take a few more days off in order to ‘handle some business,’ however, at this point, we are unaware of what that business entails. We are fully committed to supporting Ja’Nique through this extremely difficult time and we are cooperating with the authorities.”

At approximately 3:45 PM on Thursday the 18th, another altercation was reported involving the “Girl on Fire.” This incident took place on a strip of highway north of Las Vegas. “An 18-wheeler was nearly run off the road by a hyper-human female on a specialized motorcycle,” said California State Trooper, Glenda Robinson. “The occupants of the truck, however, were also hyper-humans, and several of them, including the Girl on Fire, fit the descriptions of the women who were involved in the Vegas Incident. At this time, both incidents are still under investigation.”

Ja’Nique NuYork attended Emory University, where she graduated with a B.A. in Journalism. She began her career in Atlanta local television before signing on with The Powerhouse Network, based out of Platinum City. She has hosted a number of programs and specials, and serves as lead anchor and producer of Powerhouse Nightly. To see more information about the Powerhouse Network and Ja’Nique NuYork, visit www.thepowerhousenightly.com (currently down for repairs).