February 12, 2016


Ariana Sheridan took the idea of “secret service” to a whole new level. She was so secret that not even the two presidents she served knew she existed. And that’s because she was invisible. That’s right, Ariana was born with the hyper-ability to disappear and reappear at will. She is also able to phase-shift through most solid materials.


Birth Name

Ariana Sheridan




Hyper-human; female

Birth Details

Rochester, NY, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st Century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Blindspot can make herself invisibile and possesses the ability to phase-shift through most solid materials. She is also trained in a number of tactical abilities and is an espionage and recon expert.

The Story

She entered the FBI with the intention of being a surveillance analyst, but after a couple of years on the job one of her supervisors discovered her ability and introduced her to the head of the Secret Service. She was secretly given weapons, combat and tactical training. And once she had been turned into a living weapon, she was secretly assigned to stay by the president’s side at all times. She stopped more than a dozen assassination attempts that, to this day, no one other than her handler knows anything about. She was given the codename “Blindspot.”

Ariana had been dating a college professor by the name of Franklin Carosiello, but their respective busy careers had put an enormous strain on their relationship which eventually led to a terrible break up. There were several instances where Frank attempted to reach out to her, but Ariana feared any reconciliation would eventually have a similar heart-breaking result so she kept her distance. Or so it seemed. She still had feelings of love and admiration for him, and so she would visit his home on several occasions and watch him from behind an invisible veil.

She would watch him eat and watch him sleep. She would watch as he read and studied and she would watch him as he watched TV. She would watch as he wrote emails to her, then watch as he deleted them before ever hitting send. She would watch as he scrolled through their text message chain – that was something he never deleted. But she never said anything. She never appeared to him. And she never let him know that she still had feelings.

Eventually, Franklin moved on. He met a nice woman, married her and had a child. Then the fateful day came… she watched as he finally, after 18 months of marriage, deleted the text messages the two of them had exchanged. At that point Ariana knew that stage of her life was over. After that, she never returned to his home.

Not more than a week later, there was another attempt on the president’s life – it was a bombing! Ariana was able to save the president, but she was not able to stop the explosion! KA-BOOM! She attempted to phase-shift through the fallout, but this explosion was the result of a particle bomb – Ariana was severely injured with particle burns on more than 40 percent of her body.

She would no longer be able to serve on the Secret Service, and the doctors she was taken to believed she would never live a normal life again. But then a man by the name of Dr. Demarco Scienza came to see her in the hospital. He took her back to the company he worked for, Universal Intelligence and informed his boss, cutthroat businesswoman Reina Valencia, that he had found the perfect subject for a new project they were working on.

Dr. Scienza and his team repaired and rebuilt Ariana’s body, then outfitted her with a prototype of a super suit that was imbued with artificial intelligence (in which U.I. specialized). To the public Reina’s company was the foremost leader in the integration of A.I., but behind the scenes, certain members of her team were dealing in hyper-human trafficking, unsanctioned biomolecular experimentation and other clandestine undertakings. A new, improved and more powerful Blindspot was the latest result of this secret division. But she wouldn’t be the last.

In fact, Arianna would soon become Reina’s top operative when it came to hunting down and kidnapping hyper-beings who could be potentially used in experiments. Her latest assignment was Kharma Lucky, a powerful hyper-cog who had recently gained her powers and formed a super squad of ladies called the Sister Clique with her friends, codenamed: Girl Six, Cybernetica, Madam Deadhead and Ember Brook.

Ariana hopped on her specialized sonic-cycle and headed out to do what she was being paid to do. It didn’t take long, however, for her to meet up with the Sista Clique as they just happened to be on their way to Universal Intelligence to confront Reina and her associate, casino owner, Ray Carnel (who was also Kharma’s former boss and ex-boyfriend).

The Sista Clique had transformed an 18-wheeler into a mobile command center and were charging up the road from Vegas to Northern California when Blindspot suddenly attacked. She phase-shifted through the engine block and triggered a number of explosions in the diesel, then proceeded to phase-shift in and out of the truck with the intent of nabbing Kharma, while destroying the other members of the crew. She was making life for the Clique a living hell, for despite their myriad of powers and hyper-abilities they just could not figure out how to fend off Blindspot!

Finally, the five ladies discovered a way to use their powers in tandem with one another, and in a glorious display of teamwork, destroyed Blindspot’s sonic-cycle, leaving her temporarily stranded in the middle of the highway. She, of course, stole a car and continued her pursuit, but without her bike she knew she’d be no match for them. So she called ahead to UI and informed them to be ready because the Sista Clique was on their way!