January 29, 2016


Rick Flint, aka Anarchy, is an anti-natalist, which means he believes that life is a curse. He believes that being alive on this planet is bad for your health and that you would be much better off if you were gone. And to that end, he wants to help as many people as he possibly can. But he can’t just go around taking lives. After all, if he did that he would be just another common super villain; and he would also have the police and all the superheroes looking to take him down. He doesn’t want that kind of trouble, so instead he has come up with a way to alleviate people of this dreadful thing called life. A way that would keep him from being the target of heroes like Black Jag and Night Bird and Liberty Star and Brass Eagle – all of which he’s had run-ins with in the past for infractions such as hijacking trucks full of medical supplies and setting fire to a number of organic farms. He needed a way that would allow him to do his “noble” work while continuing to live a quiet life down in his dark, dank laboratory with his knives, stolen medical equipment and his comic books.


Birth Name

Rick Flint




Human; male

Birth Details

Platinum City, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st Century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Anarchy is a mad scientist with extreme intelligence. He uses this intelligence to mix poisons and other deadly substances. He has very faint telepathy which manifests as a strong intuition or “sixth” sense. He has a massive collection of knives and blades and employs a tough, hard-nosed and underhanded method of fighting during combat situations.

The Story

He began mixing designer poisons – what is a “designer” poison you ask? Well quite simply they are creative chemical mixes that react to certain unique aspects of each human’s physiology. In other words, he has developed a special poison just for you. And you. And you, too. This means that his underground Platinum City laboratory has to be the size of a little league baseball field to house all of his poison vials.

You’re probably wondering why he would commit to such a painstaking process. Well, that can be summed up in one word: dedication. He is totally and utterly dedicated to ending life on Earth and if he’s going to do it he can’t just dump a barrel of Chemical X into the reservoir. That would make it way too easy for heroes and their ilk to track him down and take him out. And he cannot have that. The designer poisons allow him to drop untraceable amounts of harmful substances into the water over extended periods of time without drawing attention to himself. Then he can just sit back and watch people pass away.

He first began with small towns all over the country. Particularly, he would travel to cities with large percentages of minorities and impoverished citizens, for he knew the authorities would not attribute the sicknesses and deaths to the evil plot of a super villain. Instead they would either blame the people themselves for “creating their own undesirable living conditions” or they would simply ignore it. After all, who cares if a couple of poor people in parts of southeast Louisiana or central Michigan cough up a lung or two?

But honestly, these poor small towns were easy targets, as some of them lacked even basic water-filtration systems. In some cities, Anarchy would take one look at the water and decide that the local government and utilities companies had already done his work for him. So he’d move along to the next location.

He continued in this manner for nearly 20 years and by his estimation he most likely racked up over 200,000 bodies. Not too bad for a couple of decades of super-villaining. And he really did love his work, for he believed he was doing the world and his victims a great service. But at the end of the day, he was getting a little bored with the minor league stuff and decided to move up to the majors. He began hitting neighborhoods in New York City and Los Angeles and Chicago and Houston and Sportstown USA (don’t worry, we’ll get there soon enough). And though it was much more difficult to do his work in those places, he did find quite a bit of success. It was now time, however, to shoot for the stars – the golden goose – the grandaddy of them all – his hometown: Platinum City!

Platinum City had the best and most complicated filtration system ever created. It also had the highest concentration of vigilante superheroes in the world. But Anarchy was not deterred. He worked meticulously around the clock and eventually figured out the methods he’d need to carry out his righteous plan of saving people from the world of the living. He distributed his poisons and watched as citizens began to fall sick. And for years, the only people that came close to finding his underground lab were the hyper-human supercops, Ox and Brolic.

That all changed, however, after the ruthless businessman Edgar Lockhart set in motion a series of events that would eventually lead to the assassinations of several Platinum City council members. The superhero samurai known as Musashi was the first to discover that a group of Iga Clan ninja warriors, led by the supreme ninja master, Danzo, were responsible for these deaths. But in his attempt to stop the ninja, Musashi had been overwhelmed by their numbers. He would need help.

He met with the heroic Black Jag, the leader of the Platinum City Knights, and Liberty Star, the noble commander of the City Watch hero squad, and together they began to investigate the Iga Clan activities. But the ninja had been extremely precise and, to that end, left little in the way of evidence. The only lead they had was a sample of the poison darts the ninja Enzo had used to take out the councilman he had been assigned. And at first, the poison yielded no solid clues. However, when officers Ox and Brolic heard about the heroes’ interest in the deadly substance, they went to them and suggested they speak to the resident anti-natalist, Anarchy.

Working together, the group of heroes were finally able to track down the villain’s massive underground lab. But Anarchy was ready! As Black Jag, Liberty Star, Musashi, Ox and Brolic prepared to pounce, the maniacal mad scientist triggered a device that filled the entire compound with deadly gas! It weakened and disoriented the heroes and left them as easy targets for Anarchy and his collection of blades! The squad of do-gooders were getting sliced and diced, while slowly choking to death. And they would have all met their demise if not for the arrival of Platinum City street legend Priceless “Spliff” Perrineau. He owed a favor to officers Ox and Brolic, so he jumped in and used his hyper-human ability to absorb and dissipate the toxic aerosol!

With the heroes now breathing fresh air, they were easily able to overwhelm and subdue Anarchy. They began questioning him about the poison used to kill the councilman. At first he would not cooperate. Then Liberty Star stepped up and used some “advanced interrogation tactics.” A collapsed lung and a few broken bones later, Anarchy spilled the beans. He described how the Iga Clan developed the drug and where they most likely kept their stash of chemicals and potions.

Ox and Brolic took Anarchy into custody – his anti-natalist activities would have to be put on hold for the time being. Spliff disappeared into the shadows before anyone remembered that he was indeed the most notorious drug dealer in Platinum City. And Musashi and the others prepared for war. The new information would surely lead them into a confrontation with the Iga Clan.

They set out to find the shrouded warriors. Little did they know they would not have to look far, for the the ninja were coming for them!