January 30, 2016

030. NANA

Nanami “Nana” Sato was born into the Iga Clan as both of her parents were members. Like her best friend, Kiri, she was trained from the time she was just a toddler to perfect her ninja abilities. As a child her chi mastery for physical advancement and martial skills were at the level of most adult ninjas. Nana, however, was very defiant and extremely independent. And by the time she was 12, she would take it upon herself to sneak out of Danzo’s Temple to roam Platinum City. She was utterly entranced by the fast life of the criminal underground and as she got older, she began missing several days of training. Her fighting skills, however, did not dull; in fact, they were sharpened as Nana became entangled in the world of illegal underground street fighting.


Birth Name

Nanami Sato




Human; female

Birth Details

New Japan, Platinum CIty, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st Century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Nana has been trained in the art of ninjutsu. She has mastered her chi in a way that enables her to have enhanced speed, strength and agility. She is also well-versed in a variety of weapons and firearms, but her favorite weapon is the sai.

The Story

She used the skills she learned from master ninja during training with the clan, easily allowing her to dominate her competition in the street fights. She was so clearly and incredibly more talented and lethal that some of the retired legends of the street fighting circuit returned just for the opportunity to challenge her. She defeated them all… except for one. The massive and powerful hyper-being, Blunt, came out of retirement and had an epic showdown with Nana. The fight would end in a draw, but it cemented the young ninja’s status as a legend in her own right. Her popularity continued to grow among fighters, fans and gamblers and eventually her reputation and her success made her the target of several Platinum City Yakuza families.

They were beginning to lose large amounts of money, as their own fighters continued to fall to this mysterious young Japanese girl with a very distinct style. Hell-bent on finding out who this kid champion was, the Yakuza began scouring the streets for her. Luckily, during a recon mission to secure information on an assassination target, Kiri caught wind of the Yakuza families’ search for his best friend. Curious to know why they wanted to find her, Kiri secretly began following Nana on several of her outings into New Japan’s back alleys.

She arrived at the location of her scheduled street fight, and was surprised to find that the Yakuza families had set a trap for her. She was ambushed! However, the criminals did not anticipate facing two of the Iga Clan’s finest young warriors! Wielding his spear, Kiri jumped in and joined the fight. He also just happened to be carrying Nana’s favorite weapon – a pair of sai. Nana’s hands moved like lightning while brandishing the deadly tools, and together with Kiri and his spear, they dominated the Yakuza assailants.

Realizing the criminal underworld would eventually kill her, it became apparent to Nana her truest strength was not in her fighting abilities. It was in her clan. From that moment on, she dedicated herself solely to becoming the best ninja she could. Nana stayed in Danzo’s Temple and did not sneak out again and over the years, she made incredible progress. The supreme ninja master, Danzo knew of her street fighting and the Yakuza incident when they occurred, yet he refrained from intervening as he believed in allowing his ninja to follow their own paths, as long as it did not endanger the clan or their missions. And honestly, watching the progression of her fighting spirit transform from wild aggression to controlled power and passion for the Iga brought him great pride! She was quickly becoming a responsible, dedicated shinobi. She was at the age of 22 when Danzo rewarded her with an appointment as a ninja team leader.

She carried out many missions on the Clan’s behalf and fought relentlessly to squash anything or anybody who threatened her ninja brothers and sisters. So when the body of fellow team leader, Fuji was brought back to Danzo’s temple after a showdown with the samurai superhero Musashi, a spirit of revenge rose in Nana’s heart. She would have to keep it in check, however, for it was now her task to finish the assassination hit of a Platinum City council member that Musashi had ultimately stopped Fuji from carrying out. She executed her assignment flawlessly, hitting the city council member from a building top with a sniper rifle as the politician was jet skiing in the Gulf of Mexico while on vacation.

Nana returned to the Temple immediately after, and as she entered her abode in the tunnels, Kiri was waiting for her. He told her to come with him to a secret meeting where Enzo and Kai awaited. During the discussion, the men expressed their rage surrounding the rogue samurai murdering their brother. Nana, of course, shared their sentiments as well. However, she was soon to become more enraged with the news that followed. Kiri informed her that Danzo decreed there was to be absolutely no retaliation against Musashi. They begged for an explanation from their leader, but they received none. The order simply did not fly with some of the shinobi team leaders, and as the four conversed, all of them decided they had no intentions of adhering to the grandmaster’s plan. They would have their revenge, even if it meant disobeying Danzo for the first time by any ninja in Iga Clan history…