January 28, 2016

028. FUJI

Fuji Mori was born and raised in New Japan, Platinum City. He had a great life early on. His father was a successful store owner and his mother was a nurse. Fuji had two brothers and a sister as well whom he was very close to. They had a nice house and lived comfortably, with Fuji receiving a great education and musical training on the piano and violin. However, tragedy fell over Fuji’s life when he was 10. He was on a boat trip with his family when they were caught in an unexpected storm. The ship capsized and he was the only survivor. After this, he moved in with his uncle back in New Japan. His uncle was poor, making ends meet by working in a sushi restaurant as a dishwasher and driving cabs in his spare time. Fuji would ride with him on many days and thus was able to learn the streets of Platinum CIty and New Japan. However, the shift in lifestyle from well-off to barely scraping by was just too difficult to Fuji. He became angry and hardened, and about a year after going to stay with his uncle, he ran away.


Birth Name

Fuji Mori




Human; male

Birth Details

New Japan, Platinum City, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st Century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Fuji is trained in the ancient art of ninjutsu and is well-versed in a variety of martial arts. He is an expert with blades and knives and his superior intelligence makes him an extremely dangerous adversary.

The Story

But it wasn’t just a random occurrence that led to this. It was actually a member of supreme ninja legend Danzo’s Iga Clan that approached the young man one day while he was wandering the streets. His uncle was working at the restaurant at the time, so he had no idea that Fuji was confiding in this stranger and telling him the hardships he had faced and continued to endure. The Iga Clan representative initally attempted to convince Fuji to move to Danzo’s Temple with his uncle, but the young man felt his uncle would never agree to that course of action, as some people in Platinum City believed the Clan was dealing in several unscrupulous dealings. But still he felt his uncle’s life would be a little easier if he did not have an extra mouth to feed. And so he wrote a goodbye note thanking his uncle and promising to return a better man, then left under the cover of night for Danzo’s Temple. His uncle searched for him and even filed a missing person’s report with the Platinum City Police Force, but he would never see his nephew again.

After joining the Iga Clan, Fuji diligently worked at perfecting his skills as a ninja. Physically and combat-wise, Fuji was only average. However, his superior intelligence allowed him to master the teachings of the clan, resulting in him improving many of their combat, alchemy and explosives theories. This caught the attention of Danzo, who tasked Fuji with transcribing a fully revamped Iga Clan doctrine, detailing the improved methods and incorporating new technological and scientific findings into their practices. Over the years, Fuji did so, working closely with all the different groups inside of the Iga Clan that were dedicated to these particular crafts. He trained the masters in each discipline so they could spread the knowledge amongst the other ninja trainees and active members. In return, the combat masters took him under their wing and worked with him night and day to help him advance his martial fighting and weapons skills. Over time, he improved them both, which led him to be appointed as a ninja team leader at the age of 24. He led numerous successful missions, proving his worth as a ninja. For this reason, Danzo tasked him with the mission of eliminating one of the city council members whom the Clan had been hired to kill.

After a series of major criminal and catastrophic events in Platinum City set up by ruthless businessman Edgar Lockhart had not yielded the results he was hoping for, Mr. Lockhart determined that his incredibly wealthy empire would not continue to grow if certain city council members were able to keep voting down his proposals. He would have to silence them. He hired the Iga Clan and within weeks, three of Danzo’s top operatives – Enzo, Kai and Kiri – had successfully dispatched of their targets. It was now Fuji’s turn.

As the other ninja leaders had done, Fuji’s team of shinobi went out and did recon on his target the days before he would set out to execute the hit. However, the Iga Clan failed to realize the supreme samurai superhero Musashi was now onto them. The activities of the first three ninja operatives had not been detected by the authorities, but Musashi’s keen senses had indeed led him to investigate the Iga and he soon learned everything they had done and were planning to do. And so when Fuji arrived at his target’s house, Musashi was waiting!

Fuji couldn’t believe his eyes, for he had heard rumors of the legendary hero, but had not ever seen him. Musashi informed Fuji that he knew all about the activities of the Iga Clan and expressed his disdain with their involvement with contract-assassinations and sabotage. Fuji retorted, claiming that the very existence of Musashi was a disgrace, for a ronin (a masterless samurai) was seen as the lowest of the low in all of samurai culture and feudal Japan. This struck a deep nerve with the legendary hero – he drew his sword and commanded the ninja to do the same.

They attacked each other with ferocity and engaged in a bloody and violent battle! But Musashi’s supreme skill, hyper strength and superior speed proved to be too much for the young ninja warrior, and in the end, the samurai superhero defeated Fuji. However, before Musashi could land the final blow, more than a dozen additional members of the Iga Clan descended on him. He attempted to fight them, but the numbers were too great and eventually he was forced to retreat.

The damage, however, had already been done – the assassination attempt had failed and worse yet, the injuries Fuji sustained during his battle with Musashi proved to be fatal. The young warrior died that night. The team carried his body back to Danzo’s Temple, and when the other team leaders, Enzo, Kai and Kiri saw their fallen brother, they swore to end Musashi’s life.