January 27, 2016


Iori Miyamoto was born and raised in Kyoto, Japan. He is a direct blood descendant of the famous Ashikaga samurai family, whose traditions have been passed on for centuries. Miyamoto displayed a warrior’s spirit at a young age, and immediately began training under the tutelage of his father. By day, he would be in school as his father worked in an investment firm. By night, they would train in the ways of the samurai, aka bushido. Then, at the age of 5, Miyamoto and his family moved to New Japan in Platinum City. There, Miyamoto’s father started a successful hedge fund business, growing it internationally and becoming a billionaire. This afforded Miyamoto a top-notch education, and combined with the continued advanced samurai training from his father, the boy grew into an exceptional young man. When he turned 18, his father began training him to increase the power of his chi in order to obtain hyper-human abilities, as he and all of their samurai ancestors had dating back to the feudal days of Japan when samurai warriors reigned. Miyamoto quickly surpassed his father, becoming incredibly powerful in body, mind and spirit.


Birth Name

Iori Miyamoto




Human; male

Birth Details

Kyoto, Japan, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st Century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

The heroic Musashi has trained in the ancient art of the samurai, which means he is proficient in a multitude of fighting disciplines and an expert with a variety of weapons, including the samurai sword, short kitana blades and the bow and arrow. Musashi has also harnessed his chi to an extreme extent, giving him enhanced speed, strength and agility. He also posseses a very high level of intelligence and tactical knowledge. He is a nightmare for his adversaries.

The Story

In addition to his growth as a samurai, Miyamoto also developed into a young genius. He obtained his BA from Platinum City University at the age of 17, followed by an MBA in Business Management at 19 and a PhD in Economics when he was 22. By the time he was 24, Miyamoto had risen through the ranks of his father’s billion-dollar business and earned the title of executive vice president. The two of them would now be working side by side.

Despite this great honor, however, he would come to realize the hedge fund business was just not his passion. The life of a warrior was all he yearned for as Miyamoto embodied his ancestral spirit more than the spirit of the times. It was not long before he outfitted himself with weaponry and armor and began fighting crime in New Japan and other areas of Platinum City. He became a hero! But not just any hero – he was a warrior of the highest order and in order to improve his skills and test the limits of his abilities he’d hunt down the most dangerous and highly skilled crooks and super villains. He was simply incredible!

Stories of the mysterious samurai superhero who protected people against all who sought to harm them spread throughout New Japan and within a few years Miyamoto’s reputation grew to legendary status. It was not long before he was given the alias “Musashi”, named after the most famous of all samurai warriors to ever have lived. However, despite all his success professionally and as a hero, tragedy eventually struck.

During a snowy, winter evening, Miyamoto received word that both his parents were killed in a terrible drunk driving car accident. He was stricken with immense grief and quickly became a recluse for many weeks. However, he could not stay in hiding for long as he was now left to run his father’s empire. Ultimately this meant there would be less time and opportunity to fight crime and protect the city.

In addition, with the absence of his father, Edgar Lockhart – the dastardly business mogul of Platinum City who was always looking for ways to acquire the Ando empire – began aggressively pressing for a corporate takeover. Miyamoto was consumed with protecting his father’s businesses, and after much politicking and strategizing, Miyamoto ended up fending off Edgar. However, the defense of the Ando empire literally filled Miyamoto’s every waking moment and forced a permanent hiatus from fighting crime, virtually placing him into retirement. He would still train vigorously on his own, though, in order to keep his skills razor sharp. But the hero known as Musashi would not return for a long time. That was until all hell broke loose in his city.

The Smash and Grab bank robberies sent the largest city in the world into a frenzy. Every police officer, fireman, private detective and security guard was dispatched as well as the National Guard to help in the pursuit and apprehension of hundreds of petty thieves who had simultaneously hit every bank in the city. Additionally, every vigilante hero, superhero-for-hire and government-funded hyper-human was asked to assist as well. While Miyamoto initially hesitated to help since he had been out of the hero business for so long, it did not take long before he donned the Musashi armor and weaponry again to fight crime. He took to the streets helping thwart many robberies in progress, capturing numerous thieves during their escapes, and helping put down any violent criminals. The people of New Japan were elated to see their hero return, cheering him on as he fought his way through their neighborhoods.

After the main chunk of robberies and arrests were resolved, Miyamoto continued to patrol the streets and help apprehend the criminals remaining at large. Then, when it appeared the other heroes and the Platinum City Police Force had everything under control, Miyamoto returned to running his business empire. Yet, he was not able to fully settle back into his life on top of the investment banking world. Something else was about to make Miyamoto become Musashi again: the Iga Clan.

Throughout history, the samurai and the ninja have been mortal enemies. Modern Japan saw both of their clans decrease greatly in number, with each becoming obsolete as the years have passed. Their traditions have been kept alive though, and with the resurgence of the Iga Clan in Platinum City through the work of supreme ninja master Danzo, it would not be long before fate would have the resurgence of the samurai through Miyamoto cross their path.

Miyamoto closely followed the news surrounding the disgraced city council member who was found to be having inappropriate relationships with a number of women, while secretly using taxpayer money to buy votes and have drug parties with escorts and other unscrupulous individuals. The information had been obtained and leaked to the public by one of Danzo’s top warriors, Kiri.

Everyone was enthralled by the events. However, Miyamoto was not interested in the scandal. More so, he was interested in the $250,000 donation to be made to the New Japan Cultural District. For a politician who was in the midst of misappropriating funds and had zero track record of supporting New Japan, it seemed quite odd to Miyamoto that he would suddenly donate a quarter of a million dollars to help restore “Land of the Sun Park”. This led him to take a closer look at the other recent activity involving city council members, namely the two deaths from days before. The reports of the city council member dying from an unknown poison was said to have no leads and no suspects at all. The details of the case only revealed the man’s heart stopped. There was no sign of forced entry and no struggle. The politician had no health problems, either…

The other death also showed no foul play. Investigators had determined that a faulty wall socket created the fire which burned down the home. Miyamoto decided to take a closer look himself. Sneaking into the homes of the deceased, he found two clues the police and investigators did not. The bedroom window of the poisoned politician had been repaired, but he discovered evidence that a small hole was carved in it. At the second home he also found some unknown residues that, after being analyzed by Miyamoto’s lab technicians, were found to have properties of fire accelerants. Miyamoto quickly determined these deaths were not without foul play, and realized they were assassinations made by much more skilled hitmen than the ones who first made attempts on the lives of the city council members. He pondered who it could have been that made the hits, and after mulling over the evidence it dawned on him -a poisoning from an unknown substance and a professional arson kill unlike any ever seen before in Platinum City. Two highly difficult jobs completed without a single eye witness or clue left, meant only one thing: his ancestors’ mortal enemies, the ninja, had returned.

Miyamoto knew it was time to resurrect Musashi, as only he could stop the Iga Clan.