January 21, 2016


Desmond “Dezzie” Wallace was born and raised in one of the most impoverished areas of Platinum City. He was orphaned at the young age of 8 when his parents succumbed to drug overdoses, leaving him to be raised by the streets. It wasn’t long before a number of criminal organizations sought to take him in, as they saw a great deal of potential to use him to their own advantages. He started out running with different gangs before eventually becoming an enforcer for notorious crime lord, Chuck Ellis. His large frame, aptitude for hurting people and penchant for fighting made him extremely effective in his duties. Word quickly spread across Platinum City that there was a new tough guy in town – his name is Dezzie, and you better not cross his employer because you will receive a visit from him and it will be a very painful one. However, roughing people up was not enough to satisfy Dezzie’s inner savage. There was something growing inside of him that he did not understand, and soon the only way for Dezzie to appease this unsettling development was to graduate to killing.


Birth Name

Desmond Wallace




Hyper-human; male

Birth Details

Platinum City, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st Century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Dezzie is ex-special forces and an ex-marine with precise sharpshooting capabilities. He also has a metaphysical ability that causes his strength, speed and mental capacity to increase when he is in the heat of battle and particularly when he’s using physical aggression. His primary weapons of choice are a pair of customized Desert Eagle 5.0 handguns.

The Story

He was still just a teenager when he began taking on freelance hitman-for-hire gigs. In just a few short years, he completed hundreds of jobs. No job was too big or too small. He hit everything from senators to local bullies. The money didn’t even matter – he just wanted to hurt people. His rampage, however, came to a halt at the age of 18, when he performed a hit that would forever live in infamy.

One cold, Platinum City night, Dezzie paid a visit to the hideout of a rival of his employer. After working his way inside the compound, he brutally attacked, smashing through dozens of gang members and drug dealers in an insane fit of bloody rage. It was during that incident that Dezzie discovered he had a metaphysical hyper-ability: the more he fed his rage with ruthless violence, the more his physical and mental capacities increased. This hyper-human trait enabled him to become super elite in the heat of battle. It had lingering effects though, as he would remain in a rage even after the battle was over. This became nightmarishly evident that night, for after he cleared the hideout, he got it in his head to go to the homes of his victims and take out their families, too. It was a slaughter that rang across Platinum City, inciting fear throughout the underworld. It also caused Dezzie to fear himself, for he did not know how to control this new ability.

Over the next month, stories of the giant who brandished two modified Desert Eagle 5.0 handguns was the talk of the criminal world. The huge pistols were Dezzie’s calling card: the modifications made to the guns enabled them to fire larger than normal caliber shells and thus left massive wounds in his victims. Normally, the Platinum City Police Force turned a blind eye to bad guys hurting other bad guys, but Dezzie’s actions against women and children during the night of the massacre were just unacceptable.

It jumpstarted an intense investigation and it wasn’t long before the PCPF launched an aggressive manhunt for Dezzie. He was forced to go into hiding. He couldn’t trust anyone, for there had been a large reward put out for any tips leading to his capture and a bounty put out for anyone who could manage to take him down. The only person he could trust was Chuck Ellis. Dezzie had done a lot to contribute to the wealth and status of Chuck’s criminal faction, and Chuck felt he owed much, if not everything to Dezzie’s work. He decided to help his enforcer and get him out of the city. He created a fake identity for Dezzie and used some of his connections to get the gunman into the Marines, a place where his skills and talents could potentially be used to great effect.

The transition was rough at first, as he was not keen on someone telling him what to do and when to do it. This often caused him to get into trouble with his commanding officers. One particularly ornery sergeant eventually got on Dezzie’s last nerve which led to a brutal altercation that ended with Dezzie standing over his beaten and bloodied opponent. The former gangster was recommended for dishonorable discharge. Fortunately, the tribunal decided his actions in that particular situation did not warrant dismissal, however, he was officially on thin ice. Dezzie quickly realized he needed to shape up, as going back to Platinum City was not an option and going anywhere else in the world would also leave him exposed to those who wanted to capture him or exact revenge. So he got his rebellious nature under control, and with the help of a lieutenant who saw the great potential in him, Dezzie learned to control his hyper-human rage and eventually turned his life around. He was focused and dedicated to the corps and his country. He quickly rose through the ranks in the years to follow, and was eventually recruited to be a member of an elite black ops unit within the special forces. For years, they handled some of the most dangerous covert missions. Their work served the betterment of the entire world as they eliminated several of the most villainous terrorists to ever rise to prominence. For the first time in his life, Dezzie felt like he was actually doing something meaningful.

After a decade of service though, his former employer, Mr. Ellis, reached out to him. It seemed that Chuck had become indebted to the infamous and powerful Edgar Lockhart, and the price to be paid was his life if he did not make amends. Dezzie was torn. He had left his old ways behind, but he could not let the man responsible for once saving his life be killed. Therefore, Dezzie retired from the military and went back to Platinum City to help protect his former employer.

When he arrived, he accompanied Mr. Ellis to a sit-down with Mr. Lockhart. At the meeting, Edgar used his own telepathic hyper-ability to read Dezzie’s mind and learned all about his life story from his boyhood in the streets to his time as a violent killing machine and up to his eventual transformation into a war hero. Edgar immediately realized Dezzie would make a phenomenal addition to his elite team of assassins and gunmen called the Lockhart Force. That is when he made an offer to Mr. Ellis: the outstanding debt would be completely forgiven if Dezzie joined his team. Dezzie accepted, knowing that it was the only way to save the man who once saved him. The deal was struck and Dezzie was officially bound to Edgar for at least the rest of Chuck’s life. Mr. Lockhart was ecstatic as he had acquired a hulking figure with supreme training and all-around combat abilities, knowledge of the Platinum City underworld, and the ability to unleash ruthless aggression at the drop of a dime. It was not long before Dezzie became a leader among the talented members of the Lockhart Force. Thus, he was sent on many of the most important missions.

One such mission involved the assassination of a Platinum City council member. Edgar was in the process of making a series of power moves that would greatly increase his influence in Platinum City. But although he had the Mayor, Gemini DeLisi, in his pocket, there were still city council members that opposed the zoning exception proposals that would allow Mr. Lockhart’s interests, as well as the interests of his mysterious partner, to expand exponentially. Dezzie was called in to eliminate one of the opposing council members, a man by the name of Doug Abernathy.

He set out under the cover of night with his signature pistols in hand. He located Mr. Abernathy’s home and did some recon to develop a plan. But just as he moved to break into the home and kill his target, the vigilante heroine Night Bird saw him from the sky. She had been out searching for thieves who had taken part in the Smash and Grab robberies and spotted Dezzie lurking outside Mr. Abernathy’s house. When she saw that he was brandishing two large firearms she swooped in to confront him. At first she assumed he was a civilian who was still under the influence of the mind-manipulation powers of the villainous Hysteria, who had originally organized the Smash and Grab robberies. But after engaging him, Night Bird quickly discovered he was no ordinary civilian. Dezzie immediately unleashed massive bullets from his modified pistols with lethal accuracy. Night Bird was caught off guard at first, and was forced to utilize a multitude of evasive maneuvers. She waited for Dezzie to run out of bullets so she could strike. However, Dezzie’s unparalleled combat experience and modified tech (provided by Edgar Lockhart) enabled him to reload within the blink of an eye. Thus there was no easy angle of approach. She readjusted her flight pattern and reengaged the gunman. The ensuing battle was insane! They rumbled throughout the neighborhood, eventually finding themselves on the roof a community center.

By then, everyone in the neighborhood had been awakened by the action. People peered out their windows to the sight of a winged woman flying under a full moon at top speeds and returning fire towards an enormous man holding what looked like two cannons firing missiles. Dezzie, however, did not have unlimited ammo and he did eventually run out of bullets. He was forced to take a defensive posture, evading Night Bird’s laser shots as she pressed forward. The hero eventually found an opening, swooped in and grabbed him by his combat vest with the intention of tossing him off the building. The vigilante hero, however, did not know that Dezzie’s physical abilities had been increasing from the moment she engaged him, and by that point his hyper-strength had reached an incredible level. He grabbed the heroine by the wing, grounded her, then swung her into a metal column. She shook off the blow just in time to see Dezzie ferociously rushing towards her brandishing a massive combat knife.

Igniting her engines, she swiftly jetted out of the way. The two exchanged hand-to-hand strikes, but Dezzie quickly overpowered Night Bird with his superior strength and speed. She was forced to go for the air again, but this time she found an opening, disarmed her opponent of his blade and lifted him into the sky. Night Bird set a course for the nearest precinct and was well on the way of taking Dezzie into the waiting arms of the Platinum City Police Force when Dezzie used his strength to wreck her flight pattern, forcing her to crash another building’s rooftop. With his guns out of ammo, his knife lost to the city streets and his injuries affecting his ability to breathe, Dezzie disengaged and retreated. Night Bird attempted to give chase again, firing laser shots in his direction, but she, too, was suffering from a plethora of injuries and thus was forced to stand down. Their battle was over… for now.

Night Bird ran a quick diagnostic on her systems and though her tech was damaged, it was still functional. She breathed a sigh of relief and then began putting things together. She ran the address of the home Dezzie was about to break into and discovered it was for Doug Abernathy, a city council member. She would need more time to figure out what exactly was going on, but what she did know was that several other council members lived in the vicinity. Night Bird immediately called her partners Black Jag and Metro to let them know of her battle with a hyper-human and warned them there may be others in the area targeting other city officials. They soon joined her and the three of them coordinated a plan to patrol the area.

Dezzie returned to Edgar Lockhart, who was initially angry the hit on Abernathy had failed. But once he heard that the noble and skilled Platinum City Knights were on the scene, he realized Dezzie had to employ every bit of grit and skill to avoid being captured. He immediately contacted another member of his Lockhart Force who was preparing to engage another city council target by the name of Babette Johnson. He warned his operative of the heroic threat to the operation. Seconds later, he heard back from Rosalinda “Rosko” Kortellini, who vowed to take down any and every hero who stood in the way of her objective…