July 20, 2016


Lydia was an only child growing up in Dublin when her father, Liam, was assigned to move to the extremely remote area of Connemara, Ireland. He was a scientist working for a pharmaceutical company, and they were in search of rare materials to help produce hyper-serums. So, they built him a cabin in Connemara and he moved his daughter and wife there. For years, he searched the barrier of Lough Comb, navigated the many mazes of inlets, peninsulas, and even searched the small islands. Liam was able to uncover some rare substances, but all of his initial discoveries did not get his company any closer to the completion of their hyper-serum formula. He had to continue searching.

During this time, young Lydia would often venture out into the wild to do some exploring of her own, after her home schooling was completed for the day. She would climb trees, swim in lakes and rivers, watch animals, and collect rocks. She would make smalls trinkets using twigs and twine she found in the forests. It was not long before Lydia became a little girl of the wild. Then, as she grew older, she would begin accompanying her father on his adventures into the remote Connemara wilderness.


Birth Name

Lydia McManus




Hyper-human; female

Birth Details

Connemara, Ireland, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Lydia is a hyper-cog with telekinetic and psionic abilities. She is also an expert with a javelin in combat.

The Story

Together they would continue to discover many great things native to the isolated wilderness they inhabited. It became a great bonding time for the two, as Liam taught her many things about how to survive in the wild. When they hunted together, Lydia would use a javelin she fashioned out of wood. Her father made a hardening substance he concocted using a particular native algae and sap from a native tree to Connemara, and Lydia applied it to her perfectly made weapon. This made the javelin virtually unbreakable, and with the ends being incredibly sharp, the substance ensured the tips would never dull. This made for much success bringing down deer. Lydia and Liam would track them together; her father would flush them out, where she would bring them down with her javelin. As a result of this dynamic hunting duo, dinners became plentiful, much to the delight of the McManus family.

Everything was going great for Lydia. The life her family led was simple, but it was theirs. They got to live how they wanted, mostly undisturbed by the outside world. Lydia continued to explore by herself and find peace amongst the wild. Liam continued to discover needed substances, and rare ones as well, all of which his company could use. He was also able to produce some new formulas that proved to be very useful. It is usually amidst the happiest of times that people are tested, though, and that was certainly the case for Lydia and her father.

One day while exploring the wilderness with Lydia, Liam was climbing up a cliff. The rocks were slick, as the finicky weather had switched from being very hot to rainy in a flash, and the water was coming down hard. One misstep saw him slip and begin to fall. As his body passed Lydia, who was climbing up below, she screamed. Liam was dropping directly towards jagged rocks, and the impact was sure to kill him. However, in Lydia’s desperation as she screamed, a power was unlocked that neither she, nor her family even knew she had.

Her body emitted a bright blue ray of light which shot down towards Liam, engulfing him. He was frozen in the air, and as he floated, he realized his life had been saved. Yet, he was still in shock, as he looked up and saw energy pouring from Lydia. She was shocked as well. Lydia had no idea what was going on, but the moment of extreme stress had unlocked both her telekinetic and psionic abilities.

Liam, realizing his daughter was scared and did not know what to do, calmly spoke to her and encouraged her to concentrate and move him to the ground. So Lydia focused and shifted his body down onto a soft patch of grass and dirt on the riverbed beneath them. Then, she climbed down slowly and joined him. As the two sat next to each other, they were both at a loss for words. All they could do was stare at each other, thinking about the tragedy they narrowly avoided. Then, when the reality set in that Liam was safe because of hyper-abilities emerging in Lydia, the two began laughing and hugging each other. It was a great test that they were presented with, and they emerged victorious.

From that day forth, Liam called his special daughter “Eirim”, which means having mental abilities in Irish Gaelic, and he helped Lydia master her abilities. They were able to segment the telekinetic and psionic powers, helping her master each individually, as well as in conjunction with one another. She could move objects with her mind and produce psionic shields on demand. She was also able to move the objects, once they were enclosed in a psionic shield. After a number of years, Lydia was in full control of her abilities and able to do wondrous things. She was able to help Liam explore areas of Connemara that were previously not accessible. She engulfed him in a shield, and moved him throughout caves and coves. She lifted enormous boulders and opened paths that were closed off to him before. Alas, Liam continued to make great discoveries, including a key substance that could be used to help his company finish their hyper-serum formula.

The next day after the discovery, Liam told Lydia he wanted her to come with him back to Dublin. He was to return with the key substance, but he also wanted to show his daughter where she was born. It had been almost 20 years since they moved to Connemara, and Liam believed it would be a nice vacation for them to take together. So, they set out on another adventure. When they arrived in Dublin, it was unlike anything she had seen before. The hustling-bustling city was incredible. Liam felt at home, too. The sweet feelings were short-lived, though, as what was to follow was turmoil and chaos.

The powerful hyper-being known as London Omega arrived in Dublin a day after Lydia and Liam. She had tried to blend in and navigate her way through the city unnoticed, but that was becoming more and more difficult, with her picture being plastered all over every news program and newspaper across the globe. She was the number one target of all law enforcement agencies and governments internationally, and there was an enormous award out for any information leading to her capture. Thus, once she was spotted on the streets of Dublin, some people tried to take her down, while others called for the police. As a result, all hell broke lose.

London first attempted to flee the authorities, who gave chase in high-powered hover vehicles and hyper-bikes. She, in turn, began crumbling buildings on her pursuers, and used her incredible telepathic abilities to liquefy the brains of anyone who managed to get close enough to put their hands on her. She influenced the minds of those with guns and weapons, and made them attack each other. The scene was horrifying, and it was taking place right outside of Lydia and Liam’s hotel. The father told his daughter to gather her things so they could flee back to Connemara, but something inside Lydia told her she needed to help. So, instead of packing, she grabbed her javelin, jumped out of the window, engulfed herself in a psionic shield, and floated herself into the middle of the violence.

Lydia quickly began projecting her psionic energy, and covered as many of the innocent bystanders as possible. Then, she used her telekinesis to move them out of harm’s way. She did this until everyone who was not involved in trying to bring down London Omega was safe. Then, she started catching the falling buildings and objects as Omega destroyed them, preventing the police and soldiers from getting crushed. London quickly witnessed Lydia’s heroic acts, and realized crushing the buildings was no longer an option, as a powerful hyper-being was also present. Omega smiled a wicked grin as she caught Lydia’s gaze, then sent a massive telepathic wave, exploding the brains of every police officer and soldier present. Lydia was horrified at the sight, and she began to become terrified of the immense power she faced. Nevertheless, Lydia did not back down, as her own psionic abilities provided a degree of protection the soldiers did not have.

As the two faced off in the middle of the street, Lydia grabbed her javelin and hurled it at London with great accuracy. The weapon would have pierced Omega’s heart, had she not waved her hand using her own telekinetic powers to deflect it. However, as the javelin spun towards the sidelines, Lydia used her telekinetic powers to call the javelin back to her. London was impressed, but she was also irritated. The longer the two fought, the more time reinforcements had to arrive. She also knew the Alpha Initiative was on her tail, along with her brother, Edgar Lockhart, Ramses Hondo, and their troops. So, London decided to end their encounter right then and there.

Omega charged up and blasted a beam of psionic energy towards Lydia. In a fit of desperation, Lydia channeled all of her own psionic energy towards London. When the two forces met, a huge explosion occurred, the waves it produced crumbling more buildings. The two continued to push all their energy beams at one another, pushing Lydia to the limit. She was surprising herself, though, as she was unlocking levels of power within herself she did not know she had. Nevertheless, after a few more moments of psionic sparring, she proved to be no match for Omega. London’s power was quickly engulfing that of Lydia’s, pushing the new hero back into a corner. The immense pressure was surrounding Lydia, and it was only a matter of seconds before Omega’s beam of psionic energy crushed her. That was when the hero saw her father emerge behind London.

Liam had picked up a gun and fired it at the distracted mega-villain. The bullets raced towards Omega, but the barrier of psionic energy around her disintegrated them. Then, London turned towards Liam. She ceased her assault on Lydia, and was now focused on killing her father. She raised her hand, but before she could unleash her telepathic powers, Lydia had recovered and surrounded Liam with a psionic shield. Thus, when Omega waved her hand, the force of the blast did not melt his brain. It did, however, hit Liam with a concussive blow which rendered him unconscious. Omega was shocked by how quick and effective Lydia was, and knew she had to take her out. However, before she could do so, a huge fleet of jets descended upon the area. Then, a new group of adversaries appeared before her – it was the Alpha Initiative! Encore had teleported them right into the middle of the action.

Recognizing who they were, Lydia immediately fired off a collection of psionic barriers to shield their minds from London’s psionic powers. But just because she couldn’t melt their brains, it didn’t mean she could not engage the heroes with concussive mental blasts. After a few moments, however, London realized she had little chance of defeating the combined and coordinated attack of Lt. Rashard Bonds and his team, especially with the help of Eirim. She decided to teleport away from Dublin, opting instead to fight another day.

As some of the soldiers cheered the victory, Lydia looked around at the devastation that had befallen her hometown. She was glad her father had survived, but grieved all the other lives that had been lost. She then turned to Lou, Liberty Star, and the other members of the Alpha Initiative, and thanked them, before telling them that if ever they needed her, just call and she’ll be there to help.