July 19, 2016


Amidst all the chaos taking place in the world, the United Nations called an emergency meeting with all of the representatives. A plan of action needed to be decided upon, in order to try and stabilize the unrest in the US, as well as bring the global threats of London Omega, Edgar Lockhart and Ramses Hondo to justice. Since their initial battle with the Alpha Initiative, aboard a space station that had previously held London Lockhart prisoner, nobody had been able to pinpoint the hyper-villains’ locations, or decipher what their next move would be. It was imperative the entire world was on the same page, and a solidified plan of action was put in place. Thus, the UN meeting was called for just those reasons.

Following the representative of India, Alak Goswami, and the Samoa representative, Teuila Maivia, a very special guest was next up to speak. She was an emissary from the galactic organization, the Galaxias Kyklos. What she was about to share with the world leaders was shocking news. Her message to the United Nations was as follows:


Birth Name



Emissary Archaios



Birth Details

Planet Rompot, Prochorimenos System (Core Reality); Mid-21st century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Archaios is telepathic and clairvoyant, which allows her to see some aspects of the future, while also being able to predict other future events with a great degree of accuracy.

The Story

“I am Archaios, and I am an emissary from the Galaxias Kyklos, which is the governing body established by a group of elite planetary societies countless ages ago, in order to form an alliance which allows for planets and star systems to engage in free trade, commerce, and political cooperation. Many of you do not know, but Earth has long been a part of the Unity, – the group of members within the Galaxias Kyklos – as was agreed upon long ago by a representative of your planet on behalf of its leaders. Over the millennia, our relationship together has been kept a secret, only known to very few select world leaders. However, recent events have caused the Galaxias Kyklos to decide it was time to further bring Earth into the Unity.

“The Galaxias Kyklos has been monitoring your planet’s recent activity, and the development of hyper-beings has finally brought humans from the evolutionary shadows into the modern times. Your species has long been physically and anatomically inferior. Your technology has been subpar, and your civilization has been considered primitive, in relation to those of other developed planets in the galaxy. However, now some among you have begun to evolve into superior beings. Additionally, you have improved your technology many times over, by developing biotechnology, and through apparent assimilation of existing alien technology. The latter is a topic of discussion for another time.”

“In the wake of technological enlightenment, humans have been venturing further and further into the galaxy. You have increased your footprint, and your influence has been felt. This has been a great thing for you, as you have been exposed to many of the wonders the universe has to offer beyond your own solar system. However, it has also spelled bad things for you, as you have been noticed by enemies of the Galaxias Kyklos. Alas, I have been sent here to not only bring you completely into the fold, but also to warn you of what you face now, and in the future.”

“I, myself, am a telepath and clairvoyant. For over 100 years I have used my powers in service of those in need across the galaxy. This is why my superiors chose me to come here today. I know more than any of you the threat you face from the likes of London Omega. She is unquestionably one of the strongest telepaths to emerge in the galaxy in a very long time. Her manipulation of not only the human mind and body, but the energy around us all, presents an enormous threat to you, and the rest of the universe. Edgar Lockhart, being her brother, also has the ability to evolve his powers to that of London Omega’s levels. When you combine these facts with the reality that they are running with an individual in Ramses Hondo, a person the Galaxias Kyklos has been investigating from afar for quite some time, you have a trio of villains who can legitimately bring about the end of your world as you know it. With that said, and with all due respect to Representative Goswami, I wholeheartedly agree with Representative Maivia in that all of your efforts should be focused on bringing down London, Edgar and Ramses.”

“In all my years of service with the Galaxias Kyklos, both as a soldier and an emissary, I have seen some incredible tragedies. Dozens of young planets and civilizations have fallen because of the unchecked threats that blossomed before them. When they finally reached the cusp of advancement, as you on Earth have, they mishandled their approach to transitioning into the new age. Powered beings, both internally and externally, brought their destruction.
On Planet Katastrofi, the emergence of the super-strong resulted in selfish visions. Nations began waging war on their neighbors, seeking to expand their own empires. We advised them against continuing their ways, but they did not listen. The strongest of them all emerged victorious, but so much damage was done that the Katastrofi eventually fell into ruin.”

“On Planet Apotychia, the emergence of the super-intelligent was a wonderful thing at first. They experienced an age of enlightenment, which saw them thrust to the forefront of technological and philosophical ingenuity. However, they proved the saying ‘Too smart for your own good’ to be true. Apotychia decided against our advisement that ultimately the best way to continue their evolution was to eliminate everything finite about their existence. They began converting every living being into a computer program powered by their sun. They were the epitome of computational intelligence: a unified consciousness, working together to continually increase their knowledge. What they did not anticipate was their star system experiencing a cataclysmic event that eliminated their sun, thus cutting off their power source, and causing their race to go extinct.”

“My last example, and the most fitting, happened on the planet of Enkefalos. The civilization there was going through an evolutionary event, which saw the vast majority of their people develop telepathic powers. Soon, telepathy replaced all forms of vocal speech. It was the rise of an ultra-powerful telepath called Jefarian Zatune that ended up being the cause of their destruction. Jefarian began inflicting terror on those he believed were not powerful enough to belong on the next level of evolution. We advised the people of Enkefalos – I personally did – that they needed to bring him to justice. They, however, chose to focus on the study of Jefarian’s evolutionary development, in an attempt replicate it. As a result, their desire to advance science, instead of ensuring the safety of their people, caused their destruction. In a rage over a small misunderstanding with the leadership of his world, Jefarian emitted an extinction-level telepathic blast, which incinerated the entire planet.”

“I strongly recommend you heed my words here today. If you mishandle how you deal with the rise of powered individuals, as the other planets I mentioned, you will fall. More specifically, do not repeat the mistakes of Enkefalos. London Omega has already proven to be as strong as Jefarian Zatune, and from what we can tell, she is only getting started. Edgar Lockhart has the potential to reach her level as well, and Ramses Hondo is far more than just an international gun-runner, as we have it on good authority that his anatomy may have been genetically enhanced to extreme levels.”

Follow Representative Maivia’s advice, and put every soldier and resource you can behind the Alpha Initiative. Help them take down your threat and eliminate it for good, and do it now. Your indecision has already resulted in catastrophes in Ireland and Australia. London has quickly graduated from being a menace to being a global threat. End her now. Capture Edgar Lockhart once and for all, and bring Ramses to justice.”