July 21, 2016

202. VISOR

Jannali was born into the Bundjalung Aboriginal community in New South Wales. They named her such, for they said her eyes glowed with light the night she came into the world, as the name Jannali means “Moon”. Her parents were coal miners, who worked hard to provide Jannali and her two brothers with everything they needed. Her upbringing was comfortable, as they not only had a solid family home, but they also lived in a tight-knit Bundjalung community. The ways of their ancestors had been passed down from generation to generation, including their Bandjalang language. Thus, Jannali was raised with great pride in her history and her people. This would greatly form who she would become in the future, as Jannali eventually began working as a historian and manager at the Bundjalung National Park.


Birth Name

Jannali Mundine




Hyper-human; female

Birth Details

New South Wales, Australia, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Visor can emit concussive energy blasts from her eyes.

The Story

Then, as one of her guides was giving a tour, a young child disappeared. All of the park workers, including Jannali, set out to help with the search. For 24 hours straight they searched, but nobody was able to find a trace of the young child. People began getting tired and were relieved by other park workers, but not Jannali. She knew the mountains better than anyone, for as a child she, too, became lost in them. Thus, she was able to find the kid and return them to the safety of their family. After she did, Jannali could not help but reminisce about all the time she spent living there, when the spirits of wounded Bundjalung warriors called to her.

As a kid, Jannali was often taken on tours of the Bundjalung lands to familiarize herself with the territories. One day, as they were going through the mountains, she became lost. Jannali was a young and curious child, so when she heard the whispering of voices off in the distance, her curiosity got the better of her. Thus, she followed the sound of the voices deep into the mountains. She did not find anyone, though, as she anticipated. No. What she found was much different. There, in the middle of the mountains, were the spirits of fallen warriors.

They had called Jannali to them because they sensed something in her. She was different than any other Bundjalung person around. Jannali, unbeknownst to her, was a hyper-being. Deep inside her was the dormant ability to shoot energy beams from her eyes. The powers had not yet come to show themselves, though. This was something the spirit warriors sought to change.

As they held Jannali captive in the mountains, she underwent a spiritual awakening. For the first few days her family and the rest of her village searched for her, but they could not find her. Little did they know the fallen warriors were using their powers to not only develop the special abilities of the little girl, but to also increase them. Then, after quite some time of rigorously infusing her with spiritual energy, she awakened to find that her powers were at full capacity. Alas, when she opened her eyes, she noticed they were glowing in bright blue and white colors. Even as she closed her eyelids, they still glowed. This was not all. Her eyes also emitted a strong energy blast!

Jannali was now a child of the warrior spirits, as her family and friends gave up hope she was alive, and stopped looking long ago. Therefore, while hidden deep within the mountains, she had nothing but time to be coached in how to master her powers. Over the next few years the spirits took care of her food and water needs, and she honed her skills to be able to use them on a minute scale – or on a massive one. When thunderstorms would come, Jannali had free reign to unleash the full brunt of her abilities into the sky. The Bundjalung always said that the thunderstorms were the sounds of the battles that the warrior spirits engaged in, and in a way Jannali was bringing truth to the tale. Her powers were massive, and the energy beams were strong enough to blast holes into the mountain and level the peaks. She had become a incredible force to be reckoned with.

Finally, when the warrior spirits believed Jannali was fully trained and capable of continuing to improve her abilities on her own, they released her to rejoin her family and the community. As you can imagine, when Jannali did return, everyone was completely shocked. Their minds were blown away, and her family was in utter disbelief. When they asked her where she was, she did not tell them, for the warrior spirits told her to keep her time there, and her powers, a secret until the definitive moment she knew beyond a shadow of a doubt to release them. So, Jannali never answered the question directly, and would deflect continuously. Eventually, her family did not care what happened during those years;. all they cared about was that their daughter had returned.

After reminiscing about her time in the mountains when she found the lost child, Jannali descended back down to the camp offices. She was greeted by her fellow camp workers and her family with roaring applause. Jannali was a hero, having saved the little child. Little did everyone know, though, that Jannali had yet to perform her greatest heroic feat, for it was at that moment when London Omega arrived.

The mega-villain had just decimated a part of Dublin, before being confronted by the fearless Lydia McManus, aka Eirim. Omega was poised to defeat Lydia, but the Alpha Initiative had shown up just in time to help save Lydia, her father Liam, and hundreds more, while teaming with the young Irish hyper-being to fend her off. So, London decided to teleport herself to the other side of the globe, to get as far away from the heroes as possible. Alas, she landed in New South Wales, by the mountains in the Bundjalung lands. After her arrival, she sought out somewhere to get some food and water. Her search brought her to the camp offices as it was the nearest establishment, and that was when all hell broke loose.

As in Dublin, London was immediately recognized as she approached the facility. A slight murmur overcame the crowd of employees and members of the Bundjalung community who were present, before some men moved into action. The park security officers drew their guns, and yelled for London to stop moving. She, however, continued walking. The officers yelled again, but again, she ignored them. That was when the officers fired their weapons. The bullets were frozen in mid-air, and then Omega sent them back with blinding speed at the officers. They ripped through their chests, instantly felling them. As a result, the people screamed and began to grow frantic. Death had shown up to their doorstep.

London instantly took control of the minds of everyone trying to flee, and made them run back towards the rest of the people. She herded them in a single group, and forced them into compliance. Many shook with fear and tears streamed down their faces, as they were powerless against Omega and saw the dead bodies of their fellow Bundjalung people lying on the ground. London stood directly in front of the crowd, reveling in the fear the people harbored in their hearts. However, London would not be celebrating herself for long, as an enormous blast of energy came from the background. It was Jannali!

The beam blasted into London and threw her backwards. However, Omega quickly surrounded herself with psionic energy and used her powers to float in place, while withstanding the continuous energy blast. Jannali emerged from behind the crowd, and when she did, the people looked at her in amazement. They had no clue she possessed the powers she did, and it would have stayed that way if Omega had never shown up. However, Jannali knew the moment the warrior spirits had told her about was finally at hand. So, she did not hesitate to use her powers to defend her people against the greatest threat the world has ever seen.

London stared at Jannali as the new hero’s eyes glowed in the night sky. Jannali yelled that she was the chosen one of the Bundjalung warrior spirits, and it was her destiny to protect her people and their lands. London laughed and said all that she desired was hers, and if she wanted she could kill them all in a flash. Jannali did not budge, and stood firmly in front of her people. Omega descended from the sky and approached Jannali. As she did, an incredible thunderstorm swept into the area. Lightning fell from the sky, and with it came the spirits of the warriors from the mountains. Witnessing the spiritual occurrence, Omega knew she had to separate Jannali from the ghosts of her ancestors, so she attacked.

London used her telekinetic powers to throw the entire group of people to the side. The warrior spirits used their powers to protect their descendants, and left to catch them before they crashed into the nearby rocks. Simultaneously, Omega blasted psionic energy at Jannali. She, in turn, returned fire with an energy blast from her eyes. Just as in Dublin, a standoff of powers was at hand. Jannali was performing well against London at first. That was, until Omega turned up the juice and began crushing the hero with her overwhelming power. The warrior spirits came to Jannali’s aid and infused their spiritual energy into her, increasing her energy blasts. This caught London off guard, and forced her to be stopped in her tracks – but only momentarily. It was not long before she continued to push forward, and even the warrior spirit reinforcements were not enough to help Jannali withstand the villain’s power. It seemed like the end was near.

Omega marched forward, laughing maniacally as victory was in her grasp. Then, suddenly she was paralyzed and could not move! Jannali’s energy blast burst through London’s fading psionic beam, and she believed she had obliterated her enemy. However, her glowing eyes spotted Omega floating in the sky. She was not flying on her own accord, though. She was being pulled into a massive aircraft above them. It was London’s brother, the maniacal hyper-villain Edgar Lockhart and his powerful and villainous ally, Ramses Hondo! They had tracked London to New South Wales, and were using a derivation of Ebb-cell technology in which the power to mute another’s hyper-abilities was concentrated into a tractor beam. London was frozen and powerless at the hands of her brother, and even though he did not intend to, he had saved Jannali and the Bundjalung people.

Once Omega was in the ship, the door closed and it took off in the blink of an eye. Jannali breathed a huge sigh of relief, as her people were safe. The warrior spirits also praised their pupil. She did as they instructed, not revealing her powers until that very moment they foresaw so many years ago, when Jannali was but a mere child. Her faith in their words and their training allowed destiny to manifest itself unaltered, and their people were ultimately saved because of it.