July 18, 2016


Amidst all the chaos taking place in the world, the United Nations called an emergency meeting with all of the representatives. A plan of action needed to be decided upon, in order to try and stabilize the unrest in the US, as well as bring the global threats of London Omega, Edgar Lockhart and Ramses Hondo to justice. Since their initial battle with the Alpha Initiative, aboard a space station that had previously held London Lockhart prisoner, nobody had been able to pinpoint the hyper-villains’ locations, or decipher what their next move would be. It was imperative the entire world was on the same page, and a solidified plan of action was put in place. Thus, the UN meeting was called for just those reasons.

Following the representative of India, Alak Goswami, Teuila Maivia had the floor to speak. She was the representative of Samoa, and she had a very different message to share with the United Nations. Her speech was as follows:


Birth Name

Teuila Maivia




Human; female

Birth Details

Apia, Somoa, Earth (Core Reality); Mid-21st century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Teuila is a passionate and intelligent United Nations representative.

The Story

”Hello, ladies and gentleman of the UN, and thank you to Representative Goswami for sharing your story and your thoughts. Some of what you said I do agree with. The global economies have been suffering since Edgar Lockhart has been exposed as the mega criminal that he is. The United States are in a state of political unrest right now. And yes, the heroes of today are different than the heroes of yesteryear. However, the mistake is to think that the world of superheroes and hyper-villains is NOT our world, because it is.”

“Whether these new times are because of evolution or because of scientific advancements, the changes have only separated us on an ability level. We are not separated on a responsibility level, on an accountability level, or on the level of the human experience. We all still have a responsibility to do what is right, to protect those who cannot protect themselves, to lead our people into a safer and better tomorrow, as well as to work together, to ensure a brighter future. We are all still accountable for our own actions and inactivity; we must act when the times call upon us to, and we must answer the sound of judgement’s gavel when we do not answer that call. Most importantly, though, we must all remember that we all share the same world, and the same experience on this planet. Thus, we cannot simply remove ourselves from the equation in the face of the greatest threat the world has faced since World War II. London Omega, Edgar Lockhart and Ramses Hondo are OUR responsibility, as a global community. We are accountable to act on making sure they are brought to justice. We are all at risk with these three individuals on the loose, and that is our reality.”

“The Alpha Initiative is not a security blanket for us to wrap ourselves in whenever danger is at our doorstep. They are not the standard. The Alpha Initiative is a grand luxury we have been afforded by fate, God, the Universe, or whatever greater power you subscribe to. As individuals, they have been willing to take up the mantle and fight against tyranny and villainy, without any reward. As a unit, they were the ones who answered the call and took the responsibility on themselves to go after Edgar Lockhart directly, when the world governments and militaries were not able to. And they are the only ones who seem to be willing to continue the pursuit of these villains, now that they are more dangerous than ever before. For us to sit back and do nothing is simply unacceptable.”

“I propose that we all come together, and combine our forces to aid the Alpha Initiative in capturing London Omega, Edgar Lockhart and Ramses Hondo. If all of us answer the call, we can make an enormous impact on this endeavor. Sure, some nations have more to offer than others, and the call for them to step up to the plate will be greater than for others. However, that does not mean they are risking more, or face to lose more. I ask of you all, is it a greater loss for a nation of 100,000,000 to lose 100,000, or for a nation of 1,000 to lose 100? We all have much to lose by getting involved in bringing these global threats to justice. We stand to lose soldiers, resources, money, and much more. However, if that is the cost we must pay, then we must pay it.”

“Now, I understand that it is easy for me to stand here and say what other men and women should and shouldn’t do. Many of you may view me now as someone in an ivory tower, pushing figurines on a map, trying to dictate the lives of those we represent. But I, too, have lost much in the wake of the new age tyranny.”

“My grandfather was a police officer, as was my father, uncle, and both of my brothers. All of them lost their lives in the line of duty, and my brothers were killed at the hands of hyper-beings. So, trust me when I say that I do not speak the words I do lightly. I know, just as much as anyone else, the cost of what defending the innocent and fighting evil is: numerous funerals, numerous heartaches, numerous voids left behind. I have consoled a heartbreaking number of widows and widowers, and I have been consoled by numerous loved ones myself. One thing I can tell you, though, after attending all those funerals, is that although the heroes of today are different than the heroes of the past, it does not mean that those without powers cannot still be heroes. My grandfather, father, uncles and brothers were all heroes. And we can be heroes as well.”

“The United States faces many tragic issues at the moment. Their government is at the center of numerous scandals. Their leader, President Remington, has lost the trust of the American people, and is at the core of serious allegations. The economy is on a downslide, and their leadership has been turned upside down. However, they are more than capable of righting the ship. They have a great leader on the rise in John Pathkiller, who has our support. The US is the home of great economic and technological centers, such as Platinum City, New York, Chicago, the Silicon Valley, and Seattle. They will turn things around, as a great nation tends to do. However, what will not correct itself is the situation with London Omega, Edgar Lockhart and Ramses Hondo. We MUST act now.”

“I call upon all of us here to take on the responsibility of doing our part. It is our duty to own our accountability in this situation, and get out ahead of any potential tragedy, by being proactive in offering our military and resources in support of the Alpha Initiative. Whether it is infantry, air support, navy support, special forces, ammunition, weapons; whatever we can offer to the cause is not only a great help, but it is the right thing to do. Focusing our efforts and our energies anywhere else right now would be a grave mistake. What good are booming economies, if our cities and nations are on the precipice of destruction at the hands of the Villainous Three? What good is political accord, if the fabrics of our governments are on the verge of being unraveled by wicked and vile terrorism? These are questions we all need to ask ourselves.”

“The answer does not lie in handling the bureaucracy of other nations, but in being the shield to protect our countries, and the people who live in them. It is time to be responsible, accountable, and to understand that the threat to the human experience at hand is greater than any political unrest or economic depression we may be facing.”