July 17, 2016


Amidst all the chaos taking place in the world, the United Nations called an emergency meeting with all of the representatives. A plan of action needed to be decided upon, in order to try and stabilize the unrest in the US, as well as bring the global threats of London Omega, Edgar Lockhart and Ramses Hondo to justice. Since their initial battle with The Alpha Initiative, aboard a space station that had previously held London Lockhart prisoner, nobody had been able to pinpoint the hyper-villains’ locations, or decipher what their next move would be. It was imperative the entire world was on the same page, and a solidified plan of action was put in place. Thus, the UN meeting was called for just those reasons.

To open the meeting, the floor was given to Alak Goswami, the representative for India. His speech was as follows:


Birth Name

Alak Goswami




Human; male

Birth Details

Mumbai, India, Earth (Core Reality); Mid-21st century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Alak is a passionate and intelligent United Nations representative.

The Story

“Today, we are faced with a threat that is unlike any we have faced before. People with incredible powers have continued to emerge, and our global community has been thrust into uncharted waters. As such, it is now more apparent than ever that the world needs all of its leaders to be in one accord, which is why this meeting here today is so important.”

“For years, we have dealt with the emergence of villains with hyper-abilities by allowing other seemingly benevolent beings with special powers and extraordinary tools handle the threats. Our traditional means of law enforcement and military resolutions have become secondary to these heroes. That is the natural order of things now, which is how it should be. And to illustrate why, allow me to tell you my story.”

“I grew up in one of the poorest sections of Mumbai, India. I was the fifth of seven children, and my parents did not have much money. Regular meals and clean water were a rarity. That was, until we had a change of luck and our father ended up saving the life of a very wealthy man. From that day forth, he brought us onto his compound, and hired my parents to work for him. My mother helped in the kitchen, while my father worked on the landscaping and did odd jobs around the mansion. In return, we were allowed to live in one of his guest houses. The man also helped pay for the education of us, younger kids, while my older siblings received vocational training and went into different fields of employment. I was fortunate to benefit from my education, and ride the academic train all the way here to the UN. So you see, heroes greatly helped shape my life. My father was a hero to the very wealthy man, and that man was a hero to my family. Both were merely men, though, and their labels as heroes would soon lose definition.”

“The arrival of powered individuals changed everything. What we always knew as heroes – men and women of sound mind, bleeding hearts, and generous souls – were now simply being called good people. Alas, the definition of a hero was one who could fly, had super-strength, or was faster than the speed of light, and for good reason. We were not facing the old villains of poverty and hunger anymore. We were facing people who could control minds, and could disappear and reappear whenever or wherever they wanted. Those were the new real threats, and those threats have only intensified to this day. Luckily for us, so has the ability of heroes to protect us. People like Captain Noble, Lt. Rashard Bonds, The Big Five, and many others have stepped up to claim the title of hero. We are blessed to have them do so.”

“What does that mean for the rest of the world, though? Does it mean we should rely on heroes to solve all of our problems for us? Absolutely not. Local law enforcement and military protection are still imperative for each country, to ensure the security of its neighborhoods and their nation. They must work in tandem with our local and global heroes. The tyranny of evil will not subside due to the mere presence of heroes, and heroes will not always be present to save us. Thus, we need our police officers and armies. However, when it comes to the massive global threats, like the ones we face in the form of London Omega, Edgar Lockhart and Ramses “The Pharaoh” Hondo, the job of bringing them to justice is best left to those who are capable. Especially in a time when the leading global economy is in great peril, and the possible ripple effects of their recession could spell disaster for other nations across the country. The Alpha Initiative are the capable hands to which we should leave the massive threats to. Meanwhile, the turmoil in the United States is where we, the United Nations should be focusing.”

“President Remington has effectively run the country into the ground, and now there is political unrest unlike ever before. Not only is her poor leadership tangentially – if not directly – responsible for the global threat of Edgar Lockhart, his sister, London Omega, and Ramses Hondo, but now it is suspected she has been engaging in terrorist acts against her own people, in an attempt to retain her office. Their stock market has been plummeting as a result of Edgar Lockhart’s enterprises being exposed as fronts for illegal activity. Many of his international corporations have been dissolved, leaving many of our countries hurting as well. In smaller countries where Edgar’s businesses were the majority of the economic infrastructure, they have fallen into a complete economic depression. If we stand idly by and do not lend a helping hand in getting the US back on track, we will continue to see the decrease in economies across the world.”

“I strongly suggest the UN move to create a plan to help stabilize the government of the United States, by removing President Remington from office, and offering financial aid to immediately get their economy back on track, in the form of creating new companies to replace the ones Edgar Lockhart used for illegal activity. From there, we can help to extend their economic influence back to the smaller countries across the world that relied so heavily on their trade and enterprise partnerships with the United States. This, in turn, we will help the rest of the global economies affected by the chaos taking place in the US return to normal, and become stable once more.”

“I understand that London Omega, Edgar Lockhart and Ramses Hondo are threats unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Their powers and abilities are beyond scary. They wield international influence, and command the largest network of terrorist groups and mercenaries ever established. Their technology and weaponry is beyond comprehension. Yet, this is not a matter for the UN. In that realm, the realm of hyper-villains and superheroes, all we can hope to be are good people. Where we can become heroes is in the realm of politics, economics and finance. We can become heroes to all those suffering from the harsh times faced in smaller countries. We can become heroes to the Americans, who do not know if they can trust their government, or if they are the targets of domestic terrorism. We can become heroes to our fellow citizens in our native homes, where we were elected to represent their best needs.”

“In conclusion, let us focus our efforts in the areas we are equipped to handle, and let the real heroes of today – those with superpowers – handle the super-threats, that are roaming the world and creating havoc. This would be in the best interest of the UN, and in the best interest of the people. The Alpha Initiative was created to deal with London Omega, Edgar Lockhart and Ramses Hondo. We here are made to deal with the political and economic infrastructure problems that are present throughout the entire world. Thank you.”