July 16, 2016


John Pathkiller comes from the legendary bloodline of Chief Pathkiller, who served as one of the leaders of the Cherokee Tribe during the late 1700s and early 1800s in the area of the United States that is now Tennessee. Chief Pathkiller was a great warrior and led his people during the Revolutionary War, as well as the Frontier Wars in which hordes of white men continually attacked their lands in an attempt to claim native resources as their own. Of course, the Cherokee and the other native people were eventually forced to cede control of North America to the colonists, but their bloodlines lived on.

By the time the 22nd century rolled around, much of the native bloodlines had become mixed with a number of other nationalities and races. John, however, had the unique fortune of being born from a 100% pure Cherokee bloodline. He grew up very proud of this fact, and very proud of his country. But he also learned from an early age that despite the multitude of socio-economic advances that had taken place in all sectors of the American society, it still seemed that many Native Americans received the short end of the stick.


Birth Name

John Pathkiller




Hyper-human; male

Birth Details

Tehlequah, OK, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

John Pathkiller can telekinetically control a variety of natural elements, including earth and water. He can also influence the movements and actions of a number of plants and animals. He is trained in a number of combat techniques and weapons. He is also extremely intelligent.

The Story

This was especially evident when numerous industrial corporations began to aggressively build structures on traditional native sites. For centuries these sites had been protected monuments, but in the recent years some of the Native leaders had become more concerned with money than with preserving the small pieces of land they could still lay legitimate claim to. And so, without the knowledge of the native peoples, these leaders made deals with corrupt business entities, and pretty much gave over control of their lands to the highest bidder.

As a young teenager, John helplessly watched while his kin were systematically forced from their homes and communities so that businesses, factories, plants and pipelines could be built. Traditional burial grounds were excavated, and sacred grounds that had stood for hundreds of years were destroyed. It was becoming too much for John to bare. He decided to take action – and since he just so happened to be a hyper-human, those actions were quite impactful.

John was born with a special meta-physical connection to his native land, allowing him to control a large array of natural elements, as long as they were part of, or birthed from the US continent – water, earth, animals, trees and more would bend and sway to his will. Usually working at night, he would put on a mask and attack construction sites, setting back their progress by weeks and months at a time. Because his powers were elemental, the damage he caused was usually thought to have come from sever weather or freak earthquakes. For years, several cooperations tried to push through the setbacks, but eventually many of them were forced to abandon some of the projects.

John had succeeded in preserving a great number of historical and sacred sites, however, he realized that his superhero work would only provide temporary resolutions. Besides, what would happen after he was gone? The corporations would simply come back and try again. The only way to see true lasting results was to change policy – and not just on a local level, but on a national, and even international level. John decided to hang up his superhero tights and enrolled in Platinum City University, where he earned degrees in public policy, business and law. He then worked his way into the US senate, and became a hard-nosed and popular spokesperson for his party – all the while couching native-centric policies in much broader legislation. Consequently, dozens of laws that protected native peoples and their lands were ratified. John was truly making a difference. But he wasn’t done yet. As his popularity rose, he decided to strike while the iron was hot, and throw his hat in the ring for his party’s presidential nomination.

After a grueling battle with over a dozen other potential candidates, John’s commanding rhetoric, spotless reputation and pure popularity helped him secure the nomination. And if he was being totally honest with himself, he definitely rode the idea that he would be “the First Native American to Run for President of the United States of America” as much as he could. It was actually a risky play, but in the end, it worked. Large portions of the the American public felt a great swell of pride that a man from one of the original bloodlines of their land was in position to potentially become the Commander and Chief.

It also helped that John Pathkiller was one of the most vocal critics of the current president, Enid Remington. For the first three years of her term, she had been one of the most successful and popular presidents of the past century. However, the reveal that massively successful businessman, Edgar Lockhart was actually a mega hyper-villain was a huge blow to Enid, as she had been a huge proponent of his work and success. Then, she exacerbated the American people’s distrust in her when she attempted to mitigate the rise of another Edgar Lockhart-style villain, by signing off on Project INTEL – a government program that would monitor hyper-intelligent individuals, and potentially inhibit their brain power if they showed signs of leaning toward villainy. While most people were on board with the general idea of Project INTEL, they were shocked to learn that the program’s director, Knox Hyde had used kidnapping, coercion and illegal hyper-human experimentation to get the program up and running.

When it came to light that Enid was most likely privy to Knox’s activities, she came under heavy fire from the media, the society, and her political opponents. Thanks to Enid’s mystery man, Mike Stamper, much of her most vocal critics were silenced. However, John Pathkiller did not succumb to threats, and thus, refused to be quiet. In fact, he became louder and more critical of her than ever before. A huge portion of the country was ready to throw their support behind him.

John and Enid went after each other aggressively for the next couple of months. They argued, they debated, they sponsored attack ads, and tried to uncover as much dirt about their opponent as possible. But for the most part, everything stayed somewhat civil. That was, until they finally agreed to meet one night in a secret location, to hash some things out in private. Enid suggested an abandoned building complex on the outskirts of Platinum City. John, however, offered a different location – an underground river near an old Cherokee burial ground in Tennessee. In a show of goodwill, Enid agreed.

They both arrived on time, and with their respective teams. After a cordial greeting the two of them ordered their people to stay outside, as they disappeared into the cave that led to the underground river. As they stood on its banks, Enid revealed to John that she knew something about him that no one else did – that he was a hyper-being with the power to control the elements. John was shocked that she knew, for he had never revealed this to anyone, not even his family. But Enid made it clear that she was not intimidated by his powers. Her lack of trepidation in turn was not a surprise to John, for he, too, knew something about her no one else knew: that she was a ghost-orphan, which meant she also had a number of physical enhancements, as well as some paraphysical abilities.

He had suspected as much when the president’s motorcade was attacked by the reaper Jezabella a few months back, during a visit to Platinum City University. No one else in the world, not even Disa Philadelphia and the other Veil hunters (who specialize in hunting ghost-orphans) had realized what was actually happening during what looked like a run-of-the-mill assassination attempt. But after Veil hunter Caesar Laodicea, and Platinum City mayor Gemini DeLisi announced the existence of ghost-orphans, John had begun to do some research, and through his findings landed on some pretty definitive evidence.

Enid smiled deliciously as Agatha, the ghost-orphan spirit inside of her began to outwardly glow. Then, without warning, Enid unleashed a blast of astral energy at John! He leaped out of the way, then retaliated by pulling a few gallons of water from the river and sending it rushing at the president! She immediately put up an astral force-field, blocking the water-blast and causing a huge series of ricochets that shook the cave violently.

The ruckus caused the secret service teams to enter the cave, but John Pathkiller used his geokinesis to bring down an avalanche of rocks, cutting them off and blocking the two candidates in. This did not perturb Enid, as this was a fight in which she truly wanted to partake. And fight is exactly what they did! For the next several minutes, Enid matched her enhanced speed and agility, along with her astral projection, against Pathkiller’s tactical skill and elemental mastery! All policy and politeness was thrown out the window, as the two candidates levied massive attacks against one another. It soon became apparent that John and Enid were not only evenly matched in their political prowess, but also in their metaphysical prowess. After trading a few more blows, the battle finally ended in a stalemate.

Their professional attire was ripped and smudged, their hair was mussed, they both had a couple of bumps and bruises, and both were physically exhausted, but they were mostly unscathed. They took a few moments to pull themselves together, then John waved his hands, causing the rocks blocking the entrance to fall. Dozens of secret servicemen and women came rushing in, guns drawn and ready for action, but both candidates immediately commanded their respective details to stand down. They were all extremely puzzled, but complied with their bosses, who were now standing across from one another with knowing smirks on their lips.

John Pathkiller and Enid Remington stepped in, shook hands, thanked each other for a good and productive talk, then wished one another luck in the ensuing election, before gathering their teams and heading out.