July 17, 2016


Mike Stamper was a quiet soul. As a kid, he had friends but was always the least talkative one in the group. He rarely spoke, but when he did, his words carried weight. For some reason, everyone listened any time he opened his mouth. However, his words’ gravitas did not always carry over to other groups of kids. So, they would try to pick on him for being weird or too shy. They would taunt and mock him, and call him all sorts of names. His friends would always come to his defense, though, even fighting the other kids at times. They did not mind it, either, for they loved and respected Mike a great deal. Then one day, it was Mike who stood up for his friends.

While in high school, his group of friends were defending him against some bullies who did not particularly like the fact Mike would never stand up for himself. They called him a punk and a joke; he was a boy who needed others to do his fighting for him. Then, when Mike’s friends began scrapping with the bullies, Mike saw that they were being overwhelmed. His friends were outmatched. These particular bullies were able to back up their words when most weren’t. So, Mike dropped his backpack, tied his shoes tight, and jumped into action.


Birth Name

Mike Stamper


The Right Hand Man; The Stamp


Human; male

Birth Details

Washington D.C., USA, Earth (Core Reality); Mid-21st century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Mike Stamper is military trained in a number of combat techniques and weaponry, as well as covert operations and counter-terrorism.

The Story

Mike began firing punches and kicks with the speed and force of lightning. Every strike connected, knocking the bullies onto the ground and into lockers. His friends watched in amazement as their quiet friend, who had not fought once in his entire life alongside them, was now mopping the hallway floors with this group of bullies who could actually fight well. The mean kids tried to fight back, but Mike was simply too skilled and too lethal. Then, one of the bullies pulled out a knife. His friends yelled out, but Mike was already ahead of them and clocked the knife from a mile away. He disarmed the bully, breaking his arm in the process, then threw the knife at the last bully standing who was rushing in. The knife struck him in the shoulder, sending him crashing to the floor. Mike stood there in the center of all the beaten and battered bullies, looking cool, calm and collected. Meanwhile, the mean kids were all screaming in pain. By then, an entire crowd of students had formed around the scene. All of their peers were in awe. The faculty came in and began sorting out the mess soon after, and all the kids were taken to the principal’s office.

While they sat waiting to be called in, Mike’s friends all asked where the hell all of that came from. What they did not know was that Mike had been training in martial arts since he was a little kid, and his masters had told him a condition of his training was that he must never fight. So, he never did, until that day when his friends were in serious trouble of getting pummeled. They were astounded, yet amazed, and excited at the same time. Their friend was an official badass, and they loved it.

After graduating high school, Mike enlisted in the US Army. From there, he became one of the best Rangers in the entire military. His track record of successful missions was only rivaled by that of the vaunted Lt. Rashard Bonds. He then moved over to handling black ops for covert government missions, where he quickly earned the reputation of being the perfect asset. He always remained incredibly discreet – even when he wasn’t on duty, he was extremely low-key, never socializing with anyone. He could also resist any form of interrogation, no matter how grueling it was. Mike Stamper was a machine in the eyes of the military.

However, he’d be forced out of the international field when sloppy work by his handler, Swish Tanner, led to this cover being blown. He was too great a weapon to retire, though, so the CIA and FBI hired him as a consultant. It was there he met President Enid Remington, and the two of them became close. Mike realized there was no better person to work for, so he offered his services to the POTUS, in case she ever had situations where she found herself needing certain “resolutions” no upstanding politician could implement. Thus, Enid now had a “mystery man” to handle all of her problems off the books.

Over the years, Mike more than earned his weight in gold. He made a fortune, handling the most top secret tasks for the POTUS. Soon, she began calling him “The Right Hand”, as a few key moments in her career all were contingent upon the success of things being handled illegally and discretely, and the only person she could trust to get the job done was Mike. Therefore, when President Remington’s most controversial initiative, Project INTEL began experiencing some hiccups in the road to completion, the POTUS sent Mike into action to help Knox Hyde, the project’s director, see things through to the end.

Mike used strong-arm tactics, blackmail and coercion to force several individuals into lending their minds and expertise to the project. He kidnapped others; and helped get rid of Universal Intelligence employee Dr. Logan Hunt, whose refusal to serve the production needs of Project INTEL nearly led to its demise. Mike’s activity allowed Knox the free reign to conduct illegal experimentation on imprisoned citizens, as he perfected the intellicap technology which would be the crux of Project INTEL.

Mike’s methods were flawless, efficient, and had an impeccable success rate. But as good as he was at helping put the puzzle pieces in place to make the program a potential success, he would have to be even better when it came to cleaning up the mess that was left, after Knox’s illegal activities were discovered by the Alpha Initiative, in conjunction with Knox’s former boss, Bridgette Day, and exposed to the world during a live interview with President Enid Remington on the most popular talk show in the world, Nightingale at Night with Laquacia Nightingale. The President was in a rapid downward spiral, and needed the kind of damage control that a press secretary could not provide. She would have to initiate a full revamp of Project INTEL, while getting rid of anyone who could further implicate her in the crimes Knox Hyde had committed under her administration. So, she called in The Right Hand Man to take care of business.

The first person to mysteriously disappear was Knox Hyde himself. After that, Robert Gaines, the POTUS’s Press Secretary was disposed of. Other members of her Cabinet with intimate knowledge of Project INTEL’s questionable procedures and processes were taken out as well. And the most aggressive members of the press, who vigorously campaigned in the media for President Remington’s impeachment, received strong-worded and very real threats, detailing what would happen to them, their families and their employers if they did not back down. Mike even paid a visit to Laquacia Nightingale, with whom he was able to reach an agreement.

Next, Mike went to work on Universal Intelligence. COO Barbara York, who’d headed up production of the intellicaps while making a number of side deals with Knox, was the first to be clipped, followed by select members of her team. Mike then tried to take out UI CEO, Reina Valencia as well, but she had already moved to an undisclosed location while handling the investigation of her company. Reina made sure to protect UI as soon as Project INTEL was exposed, by destroying or hiding any and all evidence that was released in the documents regarding their involvement. The telepathic subjects they had experimented on were also moved to an undisclosed location, along with key staff, and all of their files and tech were scrubbed clean.

Barbara ended up being the scapegoat. She was painted by Reina as a rogue within the company, obtaining false signatures and approvals for the program, and secretly allocating company resources to further her own agenda. Once again, it appeared Universal Intelligence was going to escape any legal punishment, as the US government and law officials had absolutely nothing concrete to pin on them. Alas, Mike knew better than to press his luck by stretching himself thin to find Reina, and he let her go. Besides, as long as Universal Intelligence had a clean reputation, the government still had a vested interest in its continued success. And lots of that success was because of Reina’s work.

As all of these disappearances were occurring, many people began backing off their pursuit of President Remington’s downfall. Most of those who were standing up against her were now sitting down. The press got the message behind the scenes, and began toning down their rhetoric regarding the impeachment of the POTUS. Her political enemies cowered away, too. Well, all but one, actually.

One man refused to be intimidated or silenced. While everyone else could only speculate that the POTUS was pulling strings behind the scenes to make these people disappear in an attempt to avoid impeachment, one man pressed on, saying the POTUS was corrupt. He was a powerful politician with an ever-increasing following. The public was warming up to him, and the media loved him. The United Nations seemed to favor him as well, and threw their international support behind him as a presidential candidate to oppose Enid Remington. That man was John Pathkiller of the Native American Cherokee Tribe.

John was a descendant of the great Cherokee Chief Pathkiller, and he had a long history of making amazing strides in the world of politics for people in a number of areas. Mike was of the mind to take out John as well, but Enid knew if that were to happen, people would rally against her stronger than ever. She knew she had to beat John in the election the old-fashioned way: in the polls. So, she instructed Mike to stand down, and told him when she needed his services again, she would certainly call upon him.