June 30, 2016


After years of being held captive and hidden by her brother, Edgar, London Lockhart had finally been freed. It was an incredibly risky mission, pulled off by the heroic Alpha Initiative hero squad led by Lt. Rashard Bonds. He, along with Musashi, Interface, Brolic, and a crew of Navy SEALs, had traveled to the space station where she was being held, and after encounters with dozens of guards and hyper-powered villains, the super cop Brolic had managed to secure London, and was on his way back to the ship through the labyrinth that surrounded her cell. Edgar, who had arrived on the space station with reinforcements, had managed to break away from the main battle and give chase.

Ramses “The Pharaoh” Hondo, Doc Holiday, Chopper, Qadira Azizi and Askari Badru were hot on their trails as well. Lou did his best to hold off the bad guys, as Brolic – with the sickly and groggy London tossed over his shoulder – coursed his way back through the labyrinth. Interface and Musashi, along with the surviving Navy SEALs were not far behind. As Brolic continued running, he passed all the carnage the Alpha Initiative had caused on their journey through the labyrinth. Dozens of dead monsters and mercenaries were laid about everywhere. There were a few random survivors who were still hanging on, but Brolic swiftly resolved that issue by stomping them out with his powerful legs, as he ran by. Then, Brolic began passing through the courtyard where Lt. Rashard Bonds and Musashi battled the Tromokratesian warrior, Masakh. The alien enemy’s body was blown to bits, and the remnants were plastered on the walls and ground. The two traveled through some more paths, and then they came across Amman‘s dead body. Finally, after navigating more labyrinth, Brolic ran through the first courtyard, where Haris laid dead. After that, the two were into the home stretch.


Birth Name

London Lockhart




Hyper-human; female

Birth Details

Platinum City, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

London Omega has a wide variety of telepathic and telekinetic hyper abilities. She can read the minds of, and control large amounts of intelligent beings simultaneously; move massive objects with her mind; boost, or mute the electrical synapses in the minds of others in extreme ways; and synthesize the energy and matter in her vicinity, which allows her to teleport and travel along the space-time continuum… just to name a few. She can also fly, and project large quantities of concussive psionic energy from her hands.

The Story

Brolic reached the corridor leading back to the hangar, where their ship was waiting. However, as a security measure, at the moment London was freed from her cell, a huge steel door had slammed shut, cutting them off from the hangar. Brolic gently placed London down, and began pounding the solid metal gate with his powerful fists. Little by little, the steel slab began to concave, and become jarred loose. Brolic’s fists were beginning to bleed, but he kept on punching. Edgar heard the booms of Brolic’s punching echoing throughout the labyrinth; he knew the hero was on the verge of escaping through the security door with his sister. Brolic kept punching, and the booming kept echoing. Musashi and Interface, who were a little ways behind Edgar, could hear it. Lou and the SEALs heard it. Ramses, Qadira, Askari, Doc and Chopper heard it as well. Everyone could feel the trembling from the massive strikes in the ground. And finally, London Lockhart heard it and felt the tremors, and thus began to wake out of her groggy, drugged state. It was this particular occurrence that would change everything.

After a few more moments, Brolic finally blasted the steel slab from the entrance way. Then, as he turned to pick up London, he saw Edgar run around the corner, with an alien-hybrid gun pointed at him. The super cop immediately crushed a boulder from the wall to use as a shield. However, before he could charge, and before Edgar could shoot, a voice emerged from the ground.

It was London.

The sound of her speaking froze the two adversaries, as she gently said Edgar’s name. The super villain paused for a moment, as his sister calling his name took him back to their younger years. A flood of memories entered his mind, rendering him motionless. Brolic could not believe what he was seeing. Nobody had ever seen Edgar vulnerable before. London was truly his one weakness in all the universe. All sentiment was erased with what transpired next, though.

As Brolic and Edgar looked at London gingerly rise to her feet, what they heard next was not the same sweet voice. London fixed her gaze upon her brother, a sight that caused the super villain to grow pale in his face, and she repeated his name in a sinister tone. Her voice carried immense hate and disdain. The wrath she harbored was palpable, as she stood near the man who imprisoned her for the first time in well over a decade. Her blood boiled with rage, and Edgar sensed it. He slowly took a step back, while calling out to his sister in a manner to say “have mercy”. London repeated Edgar’s name again, with even more vitriol. That was when Brolic sensed something.

A powerful force was rising in London, and as it grew more intense, London grew stronger. Right before his eyes, she began transforming into a different version of herself. Her frail body began getting healthier, stronger, and filled out. Her pale skin gained fresh color. Her hair grew flowingly long, and turned black. Then, her eyes glowed white, and she emanated an aura. All the years of London subconsciously honing her telepathic energy internally while in captivity, increased her gifts exponentially and created new ones; her powers were finally being unleashed. A completely new hyper-human was developing. Omega was born!

Edgar continued to backpedal while Omega walked towards him, seething with anger. He raised his hands to try and calm her, but this only infuriated her more. With his back pressed against the labyrinth wall and an expression of horror on his face, Omega approached closer. He stuttered, asking his sister what was happening. She did not answer him. She simply moved closer, and closer. Then, in an abrupt manner, Musashi and Interface rounded the corner, and stood down the path from Edgar and Omega. They froze at the sight of a terrified Edgar Lockhart. However, their arrival startled Omega, causing her to grow visibly angrier!

Brolic, Interface and Musashi stood perfectly still. Then, in the distance, they all heard Ramses yell out Edgar’s name. This triggered Omega, who now set her sights back on her brother. She repeated his name over and over again, before finally screaming it in a fit of rage. White light emanated from her entire being, blasting enormously powerful telepathic and telekinetic energy throughout the entire space station! The force of the occurrence caused everyone to fly backwards, felling them instantly. The labyrinth walls cracked, and began to slowly crumble around them all. Their heads were ringing with intense pain, and their brains felt as if they had just been electrocuted. Nobody was able to stand, or move at all, for that matter. Omega looked upon the results of exercising her new powers for the first time, and grinned wickedly.

While everyone else was writhing in pain, Lou was the first to get to his feet. The huge amount of telepathic energy coursing through his entire body because of the nano cells, as well as the telekinetic energy implanted around his brain from the young hyper-cog Chineke, allowed him to absorb most of the blast from Omega. However, her powers were far greater than the ones used to enhance the super-soldier’s anatomy, so he did feel some of the damage the blast caused. Nevertheless, he was able to gather his bearings enough to sprint to the door between the entrance of the labyrinth and the hangar. When he arrived, he helped Musashi and Interface to their feet. He then spotted Omega, who had turned and begun walking away.

Lou, along with the samurai and the ninja, followed closely behind. The super-soldier told Omega to wait, as the heroes paused nearby the unconscious body of Edgar. Omega ignored him, and continued walking. Brolic, who laid in the entrance, still in pain from the mental energy blast, reached out and grabbed Omega’s leg. It was a grave mistake.

Omega whipped her gaze down to the super cop as he murmured for her to stop. Fury brewed inside of her again. Lou saw it, and desperately yelled out that they were on the same side against Edgar. His words were too late, though, for as he said this, London had already began using her new powers against Brolic. She screamed, a noise that drowned out Lou’s pleas, and more white energy emanated from her being. She had tapped directly into Brolic’s brain, and was manipulating the synapses between the nerves where electrical pulses are transferred to allow the brain to communicate with the rest of the body. She was greatly increasing the electrical output at a rapid pace, causing the super cop’s mind to fly into overdrive. The electric activity continued to increase at an exponential rate, sending Brolic into violent convulsions. The heroes tried to rush forward, but Omega was able to freeze their bodies with her telekinesis. Musashi and Interface were powerless. Lou, however, was not completely effected and was able to push on, slowly walking closer to Omega to try and stop her.

In a matter of moments, the super cop’s eyes had rolled all the way back into his head, and he was foaming at the mouth. Crippling seizures took over him and his entire body shook intensely, as he began to bleed from his mouth and ears. Lou gritted his teeth and pressed even harder. Step by step, he willed himself closer. Omega took note of his fighting spirit, and smiled at the super-soldier, in a way that immediately began to haunt him. Nonetheless, he forged on with great determination, allowing him to get within an arm’s reach of Omega. He outstretched his fingers to try and grab her, extending his body with all his might! Ultimately, he was too late. Omega had her fill of torturing Brolic and the heroes, so she sent one final surge of telepathic and telekinetic energy into the super cop’s mind. The synapses exploded with massive electrical bursts, liquidating Brolic’s brain, and instantly killing him.

Lou, Musashi and Interface shouted, as they witnessed the death of their fellow Alpha Initiative member and friend. Then, Omega released the heroes from her grasp. They fell to the ground, feeling utterly defeated. A tear rolled down the face of Lou as he knelt next to Brolic’s dead body. Up close, the sight was soul-crushing. He blamed himself, for not having enough strength to prevent his comrade’s death.

Interface and Musashi both looked at one another, before jumping up and running forward. As they did, Lou outstretched his arm, impeding their progress. He knew they were no match for Omega. They had to let her go.
Omega knew they were no match for her, either. So, she simply stared at them with her evil smile, then began to glow again.

She had realized that since energy can neither be created, nor destroyed, and that she had the ability to decompose her physical structure into pure telekinetic energy, she could in turn use the energy around her to transport herself wherever she pleased. Moments later, there was a flash of light, and she was gone.

The heroes were left lost. They all huddled around Brolic, and stood motionless. Then, they heard gunshots in the distance, as their comms began relaying a message. Due to their alien-augmented DNA, Ramses, Qadira and Askari had managed to fully recover from the telepathic blast, and had descended on the remaining SEALs. They tried to fight back, but with the effects of the blast still ringing in their minds, and no hyper-abilities to help them heal, they were easily slaughtered by the super-villains.

This left Lt. Rashard Bonds, Musashi and Interface as the final three heroes. Interface made a move to sprint back down the corridor, grab Edgar’s prone body, and take him prisoner, however, a blast from Ramses’s weapon cut her off. Bonds fired off a few shots as cover, then gave the command to retreat. The three of them sprinted for the ship, loaded up, and blasted off toward Earth.

The mission had failed. Many good men and women had died. And the Era of London Omega had begun.