July 1, 2016


Enid Remington is the 99th President of the United States of America in the Core Reality of The Creative Extreme Universe. She took office after a fairly easy election against incumbent Carson White, winning over 63 percent of the vote, in what was considered a landslide victory.

Enid was born on the Upper East Side of Manhattan to Aegus Remington, an investment banker, and Daria Remington, the co-founder and CEO of the debt counseling company Platinum City Debt Management. Despite her parents’ considerable wealth, Enid always attended public schools, as her parents believed it was the best way for her to get a truly polylithic education. While she was definitely able to take advantage of many of the privileges her parents’ status afforded her, pushing through a few obstacles and, albeit token, disadvantages did facilitate her development as an ambitious hard worker with definitive leadership potential.


Birth Name

Enid Remington




Para-human; female

Birth Details

Manhattan, NY, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Enid has no natural hyper-abilities. She possesses above average intelligence. She also secretly has a a ghost orphan living inside of her body and soul. The mysterious entity affords her a number of physical and mental enhancements. She can also astral project.

The Story

Before becoming president, she served as student class president at New York University, completed three terms as New York State Senator, headed up the Department of Justice as the Attorney General, and was phantom-fused with a ghost orphan. And that part of her life was the most important qualification for her rise to POTUS.

The specific lost soul that inhabits Enid Remington originally belonged to a woman by the name of Agatha, whose initial God-given body was cut down by a ghost-blade during the fall of the Roman Empire many centuries prior. Agatha spent the subsequent years inhabiting body after body, managing to avoid capture by the hunters of The Veil – currently led by Disa Philadelphia – and the hell spawns known as reapers, led by the malicious Alva Devine, each of which had been sent by Heaven or Hell, respectively, to bring the lost soul into the afterlife.

The possession and the presidency, however, were no coincidence for Enid, as Agatha had been phantom-fusing with every president, ever since the early 19th century. She is what is called a “sonic wraith”, which means she does not have to wait until the earthly death of her current host body before jumping to a new one, a metaphysical rule to which the vast majority of ghost orphans must adhere. Additionally, ghost orphans enhance the physical and mental capacities of theirs hosts, as well as their personality traits. In the case of sonic-wraiths, these enhancements are exponentially increased. Agatha’s presence within presidential candidates would all but ensure their eventual election, as their natural tendencies for being leaders, speakers, negotiators, strategists, and/or con-artists would be displayed in incredible ways, that could not be outclassed or outdone by their political and social opponents.

It was usually somewhat of a tenuous process, as Agatha would have to carefully vet each potential candidate before deciding to jump from her current body to the next; but with Enid Remington, from the very first time the ghost orphan saw the young lady speak on the Senate Floor, she knew Enid would eventually be sitting in the Oval Office. At the time, Enid was still a little young to seriously be considered, and so Agatha guided Carson White to a hard-fought win, and spent the next few years prepping the stage for Enid to swoop in, and take over.

And take over she did. Enid didn’t need Agatha’s enhancements to present a message that celebrated the rich history of the country, while simultaneously enumerating the advancements and promise the future held. She even used a political tactic that had not been seen in centuries, when she put a moratorium on viciously attacking her opponent, and instead spent a number of stump speeches talking about many of the great things Carson White had done during his first few years in office. How she truly respected and admired him, and felt he truly loved the country, despite some of their philosophical differences. She encouraged civilized discourse, and reiterated time and again that she hoped to continue many of the policies he had implemented, while slightly tweaking a few things and adding a couple of other caveats that would actually strengthen much of the foundation he had laid, in lieu of some of the disasters the administration before his own had left for him to clean up.

All conventional wisdom – and even many of her advisors – said it shouldn’t have worked, but not only did it work, it was an utter masterpiece of political strategy. Her opponent was dumbfounded, and simply could not figure out how to navigate her rhetoric. Whenever he attacked her, he came off as the less civilized and less presidential of the candidates; and whenever he attempted to enumerate her accomplishments, it would come off as an endorsement of why she should be president over him. Carson simply could not win. Enid’s poll numbers began high, and only got higher, up until Election Day, in which she mopped the floor with her opponent. Agatha had herself a new body and soul to ride with for the next four to eight years.

After being sworn into the presidency, Enid immediately went to work on much of what she had promised, especially the sentiments she had shared about moving into the future. She appointed committees to truly evaluate how technology could be maximized to solve some of the social and economic challenges faced by the country, such as poverty, hunger, social injustice, constitutional freedoms, terrorism, and more; she worked with prominent politicians from Platinum City, especially Mayor Gemini DeLisi, to institute programs and forums that would encourage the two sides of the political and the literal physical divide (caused by the Great Quake of 2016) the country was still trying to navigate, to come together and figure out solutions.

But while all of these issues were important, none were more talked about than the continued rise of hyper-beings in the country, and around the world. A number of previous administrations had often invoked a sense of weariness toward enhanced humans. And that sort of rhetoric had the expected results: tension between hypers and humans, discrimination toward people with powers, and fear that the powered beings would bring wave after wave of terror. These fears weren’t unfounded, as there had definitely been a number of crimes and attacks perpetrated by hyper-villains. But at the same time, there had been many incredible acts of valor carried out by men and women who had taken up the mantle of superheroes.

Additionally, most hyper-humans were actually everyday citizens just attempting to live a normal life, like most other Americans. It was this aspect that Carson White played on during his presidency, and that Enid Remington took to a whole knew level in hers. She instituted the Hyper-Human Work Engine, in which people with powers could work alongside civil engineers, medical professionals, scientists, social workers and agriculturalists, in order to find new, efficient ways to tackle some of the problems the country was facing. Within two years of her taking office, incredible progress had been made. Hyper-beings were being seamlessly integrated into a number of industries, and societal ills such as hunger, poverty and unemployment were getting better by the day.

But even with all the good that seemed to be happening, there were, of course, a number of evil businesses and criminal organizations that took advantage of hyper-human integration. None more than Lockhart Holdings, LLC, run by the ruthless entrepreneur and evil master hyper-villain, Edgar Lockhart. Enid – and the vast majority of American citizens, for that matter – had no idea he was one of the greatest villains to ever walk the planet, but they all eventually found out, thanks to an old man simply known as “Confidential“.

Confidential set in motion a wild chain of events, which led to the leaking of Lockhart Holdings’ private files to the media and the world. Edgar owned various companies in the fields of technology, communications, energy, transportation, trading, entertainment, and much, much more. And while most of these companies were running legally, some of them were funded through his involvement with arms-dealers, drug-runners, and hyper-villain mercenaries, as well as illegal hyper-serum production and hyper-human experimentation. Not to mention his culpability in assassinations and terrorist attacks, and quite possibly dealings with extra-terrestrial warlords.

Fortunately, Enid had approved the creation of the Alpha Initiative, an elite super hero squad led by Lt. Rashard Bonds, and comprising of Black Jag, Liberty Star, Brolic, Musashi, Interface, Orenda, Encore, and a contingent of specially trained Navy SEALs. As the world dealt with the fallout from the Lockhart Holdings info dump, the Alpha Initiative was sent to find Edgar, and bring him to justice. It was believed that Edgar’s sister, London Lockhart – who had been held captive and hidden away – was a major key to defeating him. But the Alpha Initiative’s mission to track her down and rescue her ended disastrously…

Enid Remington, along with Vice President Lawrence Mitchell, her Chief of Staff, her press secretary, and a few other VIPs, sat in the Presidential Meeting Room at the Dwight D. Eisenhower building, and debriefed with Lt. Rashard Bonds, Liberty Star , and General Hank Garrison (the Alpha Initiative’s handler). Platinum City super cop Brolic had been killed, along with more than a dozen Navy SEALs; Edgar Lockhart had not been apprehended; and not only had they failed to secure London, but they had grossly misread the situation surrounding her. Upon her release from her cell she had not proven to be cooperative in bringing down Edgar; she had gone maniacally mad, and in the process became an even greater threat than Edgar ever was, as numerous reports were coming in about a woman with incredible hyper-cognitive powers wreaking havoc all over the world.

The President had a full-blown worldwide crisis on her hands, and she knew it was going to take every bit of intelligence, savvy, strategic thinking, and energy she had within her to deal with it. Enid, however, was up for the challenge. And so was Agatha.