June 29, 2016


Hector Hechaverria IV was born into royalty. Long Beach gang royalty, that is. His father, Hector Hechaverria III, or “Tres”, as he preferred to be called, was the king of the largest, most dangerous, and most lucrative Mexican criminal operation in all of west and southwest USA. They were called Los Escogidos, or The Chosen Ones. The faction was originally an offshoot of a drug cartel in Mexico. After the cartel hit rough times, though, they looked to their California chapter to keep them afloat. Luckily for them, Tres was running the operation north of the border so well, that they were able to do just that. However, after years of supporting the entire organization with nothing to show in return, Tres pushed for a seat at the table of cartel bosses, to oversee how all his money and resources were actually being utilized in Mexico. When the bosses refused, Tres cut off support, which the bosses did not like.

Shortly after, the cartel leaders put a hit out on Tres. The assassination attempt failed, though, because just as the sniper was pulling the trigger, Hector Hechaverria IV – who was only two at the time – ran into Tres’s legs, calling for his daddy. This saved his father’s life, for as Tres bent over to pick up his son, the assassin’s bullet hit the gang leader in his shoulder, instead of his head. Tres fell down, but rolled over to protect his child. Meanwhile, the members of his gang tracked down the assassin, and brought him to Tres. That night he tortured the hitman for information, and when he confirmed it was the cartel bosses who ordered the hit, he formulated a plan to end things.


Birth Name

Hector Hechaverria IV




Human; male

Birth Details

Long Beach, CA, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Chopper has the ability to absorb vibrations, allowing for heightened durability and extreme accuracy using large automatic weapons. His weapons of choice are a pair of modified AK-47s with energy cartridges, which allow them to unleash nearly infinite rounds of ammo, without the need to reload.

The Story

Tres recruited an army of thugs and gang bangers, and took them down to Mexico, to wage war on the cartel bosses. He annihilated them with his superior artillery, forces, and strategy. Before long, all of his enemies, and their men, were dead, and Tres became the top boss of the cartel. However, instead of reigning from Mexico, the way it was always done, Tres formed a committee with rival cartel bosses, using his newly established position and intimidation tactics. The other cartel leaders knew they did not have the size of force, or money to contest Tres, so they happily agreed. The committee oversaw the operations of Tres’s newly formed mega-cartel from Mexico, which he called Los Escogidos, while he reigned supreme, and expanded in the US. As a result, everyone got richer, and everyone became more powerful. It was Tres, though, who became the biggest drug and crime lord in the west, and in Mexico.

Naturally, Tres declared that the sole reason he was able to become a god amongst his people and the criminal realm was because of his son. If Hector the IV had not run to him and made him bend over, Tres would’ve been killed. So, as Hector the IV grew up, he was treated as the prince of the empire. He was smart, he was fearless, and he was ruthless. He was also born with a special power. Hector the IV could absorb shock waves and vibrations. This made him incredibly durable. Additionally, his hyper ability helped to increase his strength and speed, making him one the roughest, toughest gangster in Los Escogidos, and all of Southern California. Stories were told about how Hector the IV had dominated their rivals, including the police and the Mexican federales, toting his two signature AK-47 machine guns. That is how he gained the nickname Chopper.

As most crime bosses figured out, there was a ceiling to how high you could rise as a boss in the underworld. The reason being was that just above that ceiling was the penthouse of the criminal world, and it only had room for one occupant. That person’s name was none other than Edgar Lockhart. Thus, when Tres’s empire grew to truly enormous levels, Edgar knew he had to have it. He set up a meeting with Tres and his right hand man and son, Chopper, in La Tierra de la Raza, the center of the Mexican-centric neighborhoods of Platinum City. Los Escogidos had established a solid foundation in PC, and was not willing to give it up. Tres vehemently refused to accept Edgar’s proposed deals, thus, the ruthless businessman and criminal warlord decided he would have to take Los Escogidos by cunning and force, instead of negotiation. And that is exactly what he did.

First, Edgar muscled all of the members of the Los Escogidos committee in Mexico, using brute power and terrorist tactics, and flipped them to his side. Then, without the support of his Mexican infrastructure, Tres was hit by unrelenting attacks from every criminal faction you could think of, including numerous rival Mexican gangs in California. Eventually, only the Los Escogidos stronghold in Platinum City remained. Edgar had his mercenaries and goons constantly hit the buildings and blocks controlled by Tres, and after a series of incredibly violent and bloody battles, Lockhart’s force’s won the war. Edgar, however, lost way more troops than he expected, and it was all because of Chopper.

During the fights, Chopper had flown into a berserker rage, and fought brilliantly without fear or hesitation. He took down whole groups of adversaries by himself, and as Edgar listened in to his troops’ comms systems from a building on the outskirts of the stronghold, all he kept hearing was Chopper’s name being uttered repeatedly. Alas, when they finally had the young hyper-being and his father, Tres cornered, Edgar knew he had to make an appearance himself.

When he walked into the room, Chopper fixed his AK-47s on him. However, Edgar told them he came to negotiate, and there was no reason for them to die. So, Chopper and Tres heard him out. The offer this time, though, was not as good as it was before, seeing how Edgar had all the leverage. Thus, he proposed that now, instead of Tres and Chopper still running all of Los Escogidos under Edgar, Tres could run the Platinum City portion of the business. Chopper, on the other hand, had to go work for Edgar as a member of his personal bodyguard unit, the Lockhart Force. The super-villain had become enamored by Chopper’s fearlessness and unique abilities. Naturally, both Tres and Chopper would be compensated handsomely as well. The alternative was death to them, and all of their family, resulting in their bloodline being completely erased from the history books. Though it angered them, Tres and Chopper had no choice, and became employees of Edgar Lockhart’s empire.

The hate Chopper held for his new boss was strong at first, but eventually it subsided, as he saw how much money he and his father were making as part of the Lockhart conglomerate. Plus, he was able to do what he did best: kill. Working for his father, Chopper was forced to learn the business and think politically. Both things he excelled at. But as a member of the Lockhart Force, Chopper’s only job was to take down Edgar’s enemies, and he LOVED it. While other members of the Lockhart Force, like Rosko and Caliber, were chosen for stealth missions, and Dezzie and Doc were often used for bodyguard duty, Chopper was the mayhem master. When the job called for complete and utter annihilation, Edgar dialed Chopper’s number. It was for this reason that during his third year of service, Chopper was chosen to accompany Edgar on an incredibly important mission to the Lockhart space station, to fend off an attack by the heroic Alpha Initiative hero squad, who were attempting to free Edgar’s sister, London Lockhart from captivity.

It was believed that London Lockhart was the key to bringing down Edgar, and so keeping her out of the hands of the heroes was a top priority. Along with Chopper, Edgar was also accompanied by several other associates and members of his super-villain collective, including Ramses Hondo, Askari Badru, Qadira Azizi, and fellow Lockhart Force sharpshooter, Doc. By the time they arrived, however, Lt. Rashard Bonds and his team had already hit the space station hard! A number of Edgar’s troops and guards had already been taken out, and Alpha Initiative member Brolic had already secured London and was on his way back their ship.

Initially, Doc and Chopper gave chase with Edgar after his sister, however, with reports of Lt Rashard Bonds, Musashi, and their squad of Navy SEALs gaining the upper hand against Ramses, and Edgar’s other associates, the criminal mastermind ordered his personal gunmen to return to the battle, and take charge of the situation. They happily complied, ran back down the corridor, and jumped back into the fray. Chopper pulled out his modified AK-47s and unleashed a hellstorm of bullets at the heroes. A number of SEALs were taken down, as the other members of the Alpha Initiative were forced to take cover. With no need to reload, Chopper was able to keep the vast majority of the heroes pinned down. Musashi activated his cloaking armor, and made a move toward Chopper, but Askari and Qadira detected his movements and intercepted the samurai, engaging him in battle. Lou was the next to make a move, but it was The Pharaoh, Ramses himself, who stood in the way of the super-soldier. The Navy SEALs kept Chopper and Doc occupied.

Eventually, Musashi unleashed a series of brutal combos, and took Qadira and Askari down. He then moved over to Alpha Initiative member Interface, who was still trying to recover from her injuries received throughout the previous stages of the mission. He picked her up and looked to Lou, who motioned for him to meet Brolic back at the ship. The SEALs laid down cover fire, as Musashi and Interface safely made it into the corridor and headed for the hangar. Lou, meanwhile went toe-to-toe with Ramses. Both had enhanced physical anatomy, and both refused to give an inch. They were evenly matched, with each thunderous strike hitting like a steel brick. Finally, Lou was able to gain the advantage, as a well-timed blow to Ramses’s arm caused the metallic tech coating his hand, wrist and forearm to malfunction. This allowed Lou to take control of the fight.

On the other hand, however, Chopper was tired of playing “shoot and hide” with the SEALs. So, he stood up and screamed like a madman, as he charged forward into the open. Doc, yelling at Chopper to get down, began laying rapid cover fire. However, Chopper kept walking forward, and did not seek cover. Therefore, the soldiers turned their focus to the prince of Los Escogidos, and took aim. But when they fired, Doc used his enhanced vision and accuracy to fire off a series of shots, which intercepted the SEALs’ bullets! This allowed Chopper to unleash another barrage from his AKs that, along with Doc’s additional kill shots, took out the vast majority of the SEALs, and forced the rest to fall back.

Simultaneously, Ramses ripped off the malfunctioning armor, allowing him to regain full use of his arm, and putting him in position to land a few crushing blows to Lou. The super-soldier was now on the defensive, and after performing an incredible backflip to avoid getting his head taken off, he noticed that the SEALs were having no such luck. Too many of them were indeed getting their heads taken off by Chopper and Doc – this battle was all but lost. He called for a full retreat, and ordered the remaining soldiers to get to the ship.

The Alpha Initiative commander displayed unparalleled skill as he fired off a series of cover fire shots, which allowed the SEALs the opportunity to escape. Finally, everyone was clear. Lou looked up to see Ramses, Qadira, Askari and Doc staring him down, and regrouping for their next attack. Then, Chopper pushed through the group, licked the barrel of the AK-47 in his right hand, then screamed with rage, and charged at Bonds. The super-soldier fired off a few shots, then turned and headed back down the corridor, and into the labyrinth that led back to the ship, the super villains hot on his trail…