January 17, 2016


When his parents named him Gemini, it was simply because they liked the way the name sounded. Little did they know that it would literally define whom he’d be for the rest of his life.


Birth Name

Gemini DeLisi




Hyper-human; male

Birth Details

Platinum City, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st Century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Gemini DeLisi shares his mind with two other consciousnesses, which allows him to increase his intelligence exponentially.

The Story

Gemini actually had two additional spirits/personalities living inside of him. He had no idea where they came from, who they were or how they got there. But what he was very aware of was the fact that they often took control of his consciousness without him knowing and that control oscillated between the two of them (as each spirit needed to sleep from time to time). He was also aware of the fact that they often did not get along, and disagreed on almost everything, making the space between his ears quite a turbulent place. On rare occasions both spirits slept at the same time, giving Gemini temporary control of his own mind and actions. But these reprieves were often brief and sometimes paralyzing, as he knew that anything he did during these salient moments were nothing but fleeting illusions of a life that never truly belonged to him.

Surprisingly enough, however, his split personalities were not always such a curse. In fact, his condition contributed to his success in several ways. As a child, having two extra consciousnesses meant he had triple the capacity for learning and retaining information. Also, if one personality could not understand a certain concept or grasp a particular principle, chances were one of the others could. This led to Gemini easily becoming one of the most intelligent students throughout his schooling, from elementary all the way through Platinum City Law Institute.

His multiple personalities also helped him on an interpersonal level, as he was seemingly able to appeal to almost any group of people and get along with any individuals because the most suitable personality would take over in any given situation. Though the personalities disagreed on most ideas, the one idea they all agreed on was how important it was to be loved and respected by others. From a very young age, Gemini learned that charisma and, at the very least, the appearance of empathy and understanding could take him a long way. All of these charms came in handy when he decided to pursue a career in public office.

He began with small arenas, winning elections in local districts of Platinum City, but his gifts for being able to work with and cooperate with people from both sides of the political divide as well as all areas of the socioeconomic spectrum caused him to move up through the ranks rather quickly. His personalities, though torturous for him personally, were simply great for everyone else. When it came to policy and lawmaking, he had a measured and practical approach. He possessed an uncanny knack for finding the perfect compromise between polar political ideas and people with opposing viewpoints. And of course, he could also give a killer speech. He was elected as a junior senator at the age of 28 and people were already predicting that he’d one day be in position to run for the presidency.

But Gemini (and his personalities) had their eyes set on an office with much more power than that of POTUS; and that was the office of Mayor of Platinum City.

Ever since the chasm caused by the Great Quake of 2016 had physically and literally split the country in two, the United States had also been growing apart socially. People of certain ideals moved to one side of the country, while people of the opposing ideals moved to the other. With the rise of Platinum City – which was constructed across the chasm running the vertical width of the country – the push to reunite the United States was reignited. Platinum City was a beacon for those who were tired of radicals and extremists. It was a place for discussion, discourse and measured compromise. And it wasn’t long before the ideas of Platinum City began to influence the general attitudes of the entire country. It was easy to see that the individual who served as Platinum City’s top official would be able to wield an immense amount of social and political power. And on his 35th birthday, Gemini DeLisi became that individual.

The advantages his multiple personalities provided to him quickly made an impact as he could encourage an ideologically diverse group of officials and politicians to unite in a synergetic fashion that had never been seen before. The people of Platinum City thrived under Mayor Gemini DeLisi and the rest of America took notice.

DeLisi was determined to become the most powerful man in the country and he (and his personalities) agreed that bringing the country back together once and for all would solidify his status as such. He intensified his efforts to bridge the gap between the ideological differences of the two sides, while hiring a team of scientists and engineers to research ways to bridge the physical gap as well. With the 100th anniversary of the Great Quake of 2016 approaching, he felt the centennial event would be a great time to give a speech that  detailed his ideas and plans to the rest of the world. There was no doubt everyone would be watching.

The day of the speech came and Mayor DeLisi stepped to the podium at Platinum City Hall. But before he could utter his first word, all hell broke loose! Every bank in the city was being robbed simultaneously by crews of armed petty thieves. Furthermore, during the ensuing chaos, a sniper attempted to take Mayor DeLisi down. He was shielded by some of his bodyguards and rushed to safety, as Brass Eagle, Black Jag and other vigilante heroes joined the Platinum City Police Force in response to the citywide crisis.

Mayor Gemini DeLisi’s big event was ruined. It was easily the most terrible day of his life. But as he was shuffled into his bulletproof limousine, he quickly learned that things were about to go from bad to astronomically worse, for he found himself sitting across from a man by the name of Edgar Lockhart…