January 16, 2016


Julius was always the guy who preferred to bully the bullies. Growing up, he was bigger and taller than most of his peers and he’d often come to the aid of less confrontational classmates. In middle school, when he’d heard that “Big” Brandon Hammer had taken little Clip Wilson’s lunch money, he threatened to nail Hammer with a few fists to the gut. Klip got his 10 dollars back… and he got some of Brandon’s money, too. In high school, when Frederica and her friends poured strawberry milk all over Georgadine’s books, Julius managed to dump Frederica’s backpack into a vat of chocolate milk. It was just what he did. He stood up for people, so it only made sense that he became a police officer. There was just one problem, no police academy wanted to accept him… because he was a hyper-human being.


Birth Name

Julius Thorne




Hyper-human; male

Birth Details

The Bronx, NY; USA, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st Century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Brolic possesses super strength he gained through a diamond-like substance that fell from space.

The Story

Julius developed hyper strength one night during his senior year. He was asleep when a severe hailstorm began raining rocks – some the size of baseballs – down on the Bronx and the surrounding areas. The rocks came down with such unprecedented ferocity that they penetrated the rooftops of the buildings in Julius’s neighborhood. His family lived on the top floor of a 26-story high-rise, so a large portion of their apartment was devastated by the hail storm. But nothing was seemingly more devastating than the rock that pierced the ceiling of Julius’s bedroom and impaled him in the chest!

His parents heard him scream and rushed into his room. They found him holding his chest – which looked to be sizzling – and wheezing heavily. They tried to grab at the stone, but it was too hot. They tried to hug and comfort their son, but his body was seizing uncontrollably. They were forced to just watch as their son went through the harrowing ordeal they thought was killing him. However, they soon learned that it wasn’t killing him at all. This ordeal was transforming him. In fact, the object that had impaled his chest was not a hailstone – it was some sort of mystical diamond. And after a few more moments the seizing stopped and his body came to a complete rest. His parents called 911.

But by the time the EMTs arrived, Julius had woken up and claimed to be feeling just fine. As a matter of fact, he was more than fine; he was… super! His strength had increased greatly and it was soon determined that the diamond in his chest had somehow imbued him with this brand new power. The doctors wanted to do surgery and remove the precious stone, but he refused, instead opting to keep it and enjoy his new life as a hyper-being. This turned out to be extra cool, because his best friend Lincoln – aka “Ox” – had been born with a hyper ability of his own. Now the two of them had even more in common.

Julius’ new enhanced physical prowess made him even more effective against thugs and hooligans. For the rest of his senior year, nobody at North Bronx Tech fell victim to bullying. He earned the nickname “Brolic” (pronounced “Bra-lick” not “Bro-lick”), a street slang term that’s used to describe a strong and/or muscular guy. He loved it.

After high school, Ox and Brolic attended college together and then attempted to enroll in the New York Police Academy. That’s when they found out a surprising truth: that the NYPD, nor any other police force in the country, would accept them into their training programs – as the idea of “super cops” was generally frowned upon. Brolic still wanted to help so he committed himself to vigilante hero work and encouraged Ox to join him. But Ox hated the idea of working outside of the law. The moral struggle became untenable so eventually they quit. They soon ended up in Platinum City and to their surprise and elation, they found that the Platinum City Police Force wanted to take a chance on recruiting, training and deploying the very first super cops. Ox and Brolic would finally get to shine.

And shine they did! After breezing through the academy, they quickly became the top cops in Platinum City. But many of their colleagues didn’t appreciate the unconventional yet stellar work done by the two hyper-beings. Brolic further infuriated his colleagues when the notorious ‘hood legend Spliff was arrested and brought in for questioning in relation to an incident in which two of his cohorts had destroyed the house of a vigilante superhero in the upper-class suburb of Summercrest. Ox and the other officers wanted to throw him in a cell. But Brolic had another idea…

Just weeks earlier, on the 100th Anniversary of the Great Quake of 2016, a sweeping epidemic of bank robberies ravaged Platinum City. Nearly every bank in town was robbed simultaneously by dozens of small groups of petty criminals. Spliff had found out the supervillain Hysteria and her crew, The Disturbed, were the ones who orchestrated the entire incident. Brolic offered to drop all charges against Spliff if he agreed to help them catch Hysteria, Kray Kray and Deleria. The ghetto genius agreed to the terms.

The next night, Spliff and Brolic tracked The Disturbed to an underground hideout. The villains were ready and they came at the intruders with their giant purple tank. The battle ensued, but together, the hyper-human super cop and the prince of the projects were able to neutralize and defeat the villainous trio. Brolic arrested the pretty perpetrators, but when he turned to thank Spliff, he was already gone.