January 18, 2016


Edgar Lockhart was born the twin brother of London Lockhart in southern Platinum City to lower class parents in an impoverished neighborhood. His father and mother both worked constantly, often leaving the twins to fend for themselves at home for day-to-day essentials. They looked after each other, were each other’s best friends, helped each other with school, taught each other how to fight, and made their own meals. As they reached the age of 9, the twins realized they were different than other kids though. They heard voices all the time, starting with the consciences of their parents. Eventually, they came to discover they had the power to hear all people’s thoughts. They were also able to speak to each other telepathically, but only to each other. They could not mentally communicate with any other person. This new ability set them on a new path.


Birth Name

Edgar Lockhart




Hyper-human; male

Birth Details

Platinum City, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st Century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Edgar possesses extreme intelligence and the ability to read minds. Though he can’t metaphysically influence the minds of others, his political and financial status make him a very persuasive man.

The Story

By the time they were 12, they had a very firm grasp of their powers and began hustling people on the street, bringing home money to help pay bills and put food on the table. They told their parents they had acquired random jobs such as helping people move furniture, take out trash, wash cars, etc. However, after the twins began bringing home thousands of dollars a week, their parents became suspicious. It wasn’t long before known crime bosses came asking about the twins. This terrified their parents, and not wanting to have anything to do with criminal activity, they forced the kids to go live with their grandparents on the north side of Platinum City.

Soon after moving Edgar decided he’d had enough of the rigid, strict lifestyle his grandparents made them live. So, he ran away and fended for himself on the streets of Platinum City. London stayed with her grandparents, eventually turning her life around and going on to attend Platinum City University. Edgar, however, began building his own empire. He hustled incessantly and amassed as much money as possible through crooked card games, complicated scams and other unscrupulous means. At 16 he landed himself an apartment to rent, eventually using it as a base to run a gambling ring with a few friends. Realizing hustling would only gain him limited earnings and possibly lead to a date with the wrong end of a mobster’s gun, he decided to flip his money into a legit business.

Edgar ended up finding a few successful local business owners who operated bars. Using his hyper-ability, he read their minds and learned their darkest secrets. A few of them were entangled with crime bosses, paying protection fees and allowing the mobs to use their storage rooms to transport drugs and stolen goods. Edgar called the police and pretended to be the bar owners as he snitched on the mobs. When the mobsters were arrested by the police and the bars were shut down, he purchased the buildings and reopened them as his own establishments: a chain of bars called Lockhart Taverns. He re-established relationships with several mob bosses and began to put his master plan in motion.

Using his abilities, he could manipulate his way deep into different criminal organizations through associates of his, empowering them with money and intelligence to gain power. By the time he was 19, Edgar had amassed an eight-figure bank account and a network which included local politicians, mobsters, gangsters and workers. He decided to invest in technology and manufacturing. His unique talents made him incredibly adept at corporate takeovers, blackmail and company acquisitions. Over the next couple of years, he acquired numerous small to mid-size technology and manufacturing companies.

By the time he was 21, Edgar was one of the wealthiest people in all of Platinum City. He had gained incredible power in politics, business, and the criminal underworld. His reputation was one of incredible persuasion, phenomenal intellect, and unparalleled business savvy. He was also known by the streets as a ruthless, heartless dictator who ruled the underbelly of his empire in the criminal world with an iron fist and an unforgiving demeanor. Edgar could and would do anything he wanted without repercussion. He owned everyone, it seemed. He was figuratively and literally untouchable.

To the common folk and the rest of the world though, he was respected on the same level as the world’s top monarchs, business moguls and political figures. However, he knew it would not be long before people began digging into his past to find secrets and use them or the people who had them as leverage against him. He realized any personal connection to his life prior to running away from his grandparents’s home had to be severed. Therefore, in a twisted act of mercy, he had his parents and grandparents killed before any of his potential enemies could get their hands on them.

His sister, London, was different though. She was his heart. He loved her more than anyone. They shared a bond beyond brother and sister. Their life experiences combined with their gift made London and Edgar two sides of the same coin. So, instead of having her killed, he devised a plan to kidnap her and keep her contained and hidden from the world forever. Once his weaknesses were eliminated, Edgar moved forward with his plans with full steam, eventually growing both his corporate and criminal empires to incredible levels. But every ascension to international domination has some bumps in the road, and this was especially true in the Platinum City political arena. Edgar would need to take some drastic measures to gain the solid footing needed to become truly dominant, and it was during the 100th Anniversary of the Great Quake of 2016 that he made his presence felt in a major way.

The mayor of Platinum City, Gemini DeLisi, was set to give a groundbreaking speech, when the city suddenly devolved into a massive game of cops and robbers as members of the police force were forced to chase down dozens of gangs of bank robbers. At the same time, an assassination attempt was made on Mayor DeLisi. He was shielded and rushed into a waiting limousine by his bodyguards.

But as the limousine sped off, Gemini realized he was not alone in the backseat – Edgar Lockhart was sitting across from him. Nobody knew that one of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful men had been backing the mayor in an effort to further his own agenda, so when DeLisi saw Edgar he lost his cool. He ranted about the great risk of them being seen together, especially after he was just shot at. That’s when Edgar informed DeLisi that the assassination attempt was actually his doing. This of course confused and infuriated DeLisi further. However, amidst his huffing and puffing, the mayor quickly discovered he was no longer in the limousine with Edgar the businessman, but rather with Mr. Lockhart, the lord of the Platinum City criminal underworld.

Edgar suddenly and aggressively chastised DeLisi, telling him he could no longer accept the mayor’s failure to achieve his political objectives. He reminded him of how none of the proposals Edgar needed approved in the Platinum City Chamber of Commerce and City Council had been pushed through as he was promised. Edgar gritted his teeth as he spoke about how none of the import-export laws had been loosened which he greatly needed, and all the property zoning exceptions he required to expand his manufacturing empire had been stuck in the review process for ages. DeLisi was also reminded that one of the main reasons he was even in office was because of Edgar’s contributions and influence, and that while he sat at the helm of the greatest city in the world, Edgar in fact RAN the greatest city in the world, and it was a fact the mayor should never forget.

DeLisi sat silent, contrite and subservient as Edgar turned on the TV and tossed the remote in the lap of the mayor. On the news was mass coverage of the assassination attempt on his life, and how the whole world was responding with love and concern for the Platinum City mayor; how they respected him for taking a stand to end the divide in the USA and hoped that he would continue strong in the face of adversity because he now had more support than ever. DeLisi was shocked. A few moments later, the limo came to a stop in the underground garage of Lockhart Tower.

As the door opened, Edgar remarked how the only way for his objectives to be achieved was for DeLisi to regain his grip over the political system in Platinum City, and to do that DeLisi needed to have the adoration of the world. He said people love nothing more than a survivor and hero. However, Edgar also told the mayor to make sure he worked harder to obtain the political victories needed, otherwise the bullet just might hit its mark next time.

As Edgar exited the limousine and the door slammed shut, Mayor Gemini DeLisi knew his chance to prove his worth was the upcoming decision on the property zoning exceptions in the City Council. His life would literally depend on that vote…