May 29, 2016


Walter Tubbs was a regular man. He was a retired accountant, who had raised three kids to adulthood with his wife. After his one true love died, he became filled with sorrow. He had been married for more than thirty years, and he not only lost his wife, but also his best friend. His children were unable to console him, and after the funeral, Walter fell into a deep depression. This moment of extreme weakness and vulnerability was all the ghost orphan Jonas Abraham needed to phantom-fuse with Walter’s body and soul. Jonas was a wandering spirit that had skirted by over the centuries, living a rather uneventful existence. He remained quiet, so as not to draw attention to himself. However, his anonymity would come to an end, once the Demon King of the North of Hell, named Egyn, sought the same opportunity of possession, and realizing he could control not only a man but a ghost orphan as well, Egyn did not waste time.

Soon after Egyn possessed Walter and began controlling Jonas Abraham, things took a turn for the worse. Walter became very reclusive. This caused his children to grow concerned. However, when they all came to check on him, Egyn began crippling their minds with horrific visions, tormenting them over their deepest, darkest secrets, and would suspend them in air, and fly them through Walter’s house, driving them into the walls and bringing about great injuries.


Birth Name

Walter Tubbs


Egyn the Demon King of the North; Jonas Abraham


Para-human; male

Birth Details

Platinum City, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Mid-21st century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Walter himself has no powers, but Egyn has knowledge of all time, and can see the future, has power over the dead, can conjure spirits, cause people to have visions, and can give people the power of flight. Walter also has a ghost orphan living inside of him, which increases his physical abilities (enhanced speed strength and durability).

The Story

His son and daughters did not know what to do after suffering through so much, but they knew they could not leave their father to be tormented and die alone. So, they reached out to their diocese’s bishop, who in turn took one look at Walter, and immediately called the Vatican for help. After recording the facts of the case, they sent out their exorcists to aid Walter. He only became worse, though, as Egyn grew more powerful. Simultaneously, three very similar cases of demonic possession arose in Platinum City as well. That was when the Vatican decided to send the supreme spiritual warrior, Seraph Solomon, to resolve the issue.

After learning that Walter had a demon AND a ghost orphan living inside of him, he journeyed to Platinum City University to connect with members of The Veil, specifically, Peter Philadelphia, and his sister, Valerie. Upon their arrival in his neighborhood, they noticed how desolate Walter’s entire block was. The neighborhood was shrouded by dark clouds in the sky, and the few people seen outside all looked ill. The effect of the demon king Egyn was evident. Peter and Valerie had never seen anything like it, and noticing their amazement, Solomon explained to them that before they entered Walter’s home, it was imperative they know that no matter what happened, they were to never speak to Walter. They were to avoid eye contact at all times, and would not repeat anything. Failure to follow the rules meant they could potentially be attacked by the demon. Peter and Valerie nodded in agreement, and walked forward with Solomon.

As they approached the front door, Walter’s kids greeted them outside. They looked disheveled, sickly, ashamed, embarrassed, broken and depressed. Egyn had withered them down to shells of their real selves. They told Solomon their father was in the living room, but they were too terrified to enter. Solomon told Walter’s children to remain outside, while they would handle everything. The family told Solomon and the Veil members they hoped they could do more than the person who was inside already. Confused, Solomon asked who was there, as the Vatican only sent him. Walter’s kids said a woman named Meredith Parker arrived about fifteen minutes before them, and said she was with the Vatican, too. She told them she was to set things up for the exorcist, and begin prepping Walter for the process. Solomon looked at Peter and Valerie, as they knew this Meredith Parker was an impostor, and they hurried into the home.

The air was freezing and stifling inside. The walls were rotting, as was the floor and ceiling. There was a pressure that pressed against their bodies from the demon’s presence. Valerie said she felt sick to her stomach, and Peter reported the onset of an excruciating migraine. They continued to navigate the hallway behind Solomon, though, and when they entered the living room, what they saw shocked them. Not only was the sight of Walter terrifying, but Meredith Parker turned out to be Virginia Ice!

Peter demanded to know what she was doing there. Virginia simply smiled, and introduced them to Walter. Valerie unsheathed her living-blade, but Peter stopped her, while waiting for Virginia to respond. The ghost orphan said they could relax, as she did not come to fight, but to speak with Walter. Peter asked what about, but Solomon quieted him immediately. He pointed out it was apparent by Virginia’s unaffected state that she was welcomed by the demon, and they were in partnership together. He also said he sensed an evil presence in the vaunted ghost orphan leader. Virginia recognized the immense power Solomon possessed, and seeing two top Veil hunters by his side, knew she should cut her snarky comments short, and leave. Alas, she was shielded by Walter as she exited the back door.

Alone with the possessed man, Solomon moved forward, while motioning to Peter and Valerie to stay back. He began saying scriptures, reciting the traditional exorcism passages to Walter. The demon simply laughed, and began flooding more evil energy of pain and torture into their surroundings. Peter and Valerie began falling to their knees as they grew weak. Instantly, Solomon realized he had to call upon the power of his ring. He raised it in the air and invoked its inscription, which had been engraved by God himself. Walter began to scream so loud the windows shattered, and the ceiling cracked above them. A white aura beamed from the ring and engulfed Solomon, as well as Peter and Valerie, instantly healing them.

Next, an intense exchange between Solomon and Walter transpired in ancient tongues. The walls burst into flames, and blood streamed from Walter’s orange possessed eyes. Peter and Valerie were dumbfounded by what they saw, and remained motionless within the white light. Solomon then shouted in English for the demon to identify itself. Weakened by the constant spiritual pounding Solomon’s enchantments were inflicting, Egyn had no choice but to reveal his identity, giving the seraph power over him.

Solomon pointed his ring toward the north, and commanded Egyn to release his hold over Walter, and leave him forever. He told the demon to return to the specific gate of Hell he resides over. Egyn resisted, which prompted Solomon to bring forth lesser demons he controlled to drag Egyn away, through a process which can best be described as demonic magnetism.

Suddenly the air in front of them split, and sulfur permeated throughout the house, causing Peter and Valerie to gag. A portal had opened, and agonizing screams emanated from within. Unbearable heat from bursting flames crashed against the white aura protecting them. Finally, Egyn was crippled enough by the holy power of Solomon, and from being ripped to Hell by the demons under the seraph’s control. Solomon yelled at Peter and Valerie to engage. Jonas Abraham, the ghost orphan Egyn was feeding off of to increase his own power, finally emerged in Walter. Valerie threw her sword at him, and it impaled his heart. However, it did not get rid of the ghost orphan as it should have. Peter then ran up, and beheaded Walter with his living-blade. This was the act that finally sent Jonas Abraham to Heaven, and with no more ghost orphan to feed from, Egyn was violently dragged back to Hell, causing Peter to fly back towards Valerie, and lose hold of his sword. The fight was finally over.

Standing in the aftermath, Peter and Valerie were drained, and visibly shaken. They had experienced some grueling battles, but nothing like what they endured in Walter’s living room. As the house was crumbling around them, the two realized they would never be the same. Solomon panted heavily but quickly gathered himself, and while Peter and Valerie were still reeling from the fight, he told them to gather their weapons as it was time to go. Thus, they paid their respects to Walter’s kids – who were crushed by losing their father, but happy he was no longer suffering – and headed north to the next possessed individual…