April 27, 2016


Hank Garrison was born to John Garrison, a coal miner, and Casey Garrison, an insurance sales woman, in Charleston, WV. At a very young age, his dad was killed in a mining accident. His mother Casey, however, was the quintessential southern belle: fierce, savvy, intelligent, charismatic and a true peach. She was a survivor. When life gave her lemons, she made the best lemonade you would ever taste. Thus, Hank grew up embodying the same characteristics, which was essential to his development since he was biracial and living in a still segregated region where whites and blacks did not always get along.

Casey, who was white, tried to shield him from the harsher side of the south as much as she could. She raised him to see everyone as equals. But alas, racism would frequently raise its ugly head. Many whites would say Hank was too dark to be one of their own, and blacks would say he was too light. Nevertheless, Hank would go on to forge a path of greatness through life, despite all the ignorance and obstacles he would face as a man coming from two worlds.


Birth Name

Hank Garrison




Human; male

Birth Details

Charleston, WV, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Mid 21st Century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

General Hank Garrison has no hyper abilities but he is highly intelligent and a master military strategist and tactician.

The Story

Hank was valedictorian of his high school graduating class, was nominated for acceptance into West Point Academy by the President of the United States where he once again finished above all his peers, and eventually became one of the greatest Army rangers the country had ever seen. For years, Hank commanded special missions with a 100% success rate. If an operation needed to be done, Hank was the man the Army called. Thus, it was only fitting when he finally became a four-star general.

As one of the top military minds and leaders in the world, Hank grew very influential within many branches and departments of the US government. He was godfather to the youngest child of the POTUS, the Supreme Court justices all had him on speed dial, and he was golf partners with both of the Senate Majority Leaders and the Speaker of the House. In other words, the general was connected. This is why he was the first person his protégé, Lt. Rashard Bonds, thought to call when a certain phone call needed to be made in the case of Frequency (Martin Bland) vs. Platinum City.

The hyper-being Frequency was being charged with the murder of three Platinum City police officers, however, he had done it while in a zombie-state brought on by the super-mummy Sarcophagus. His wife, Tamara Bland, had approached the lawyers at Greenwood, Archer and Pine and asked them to take on the case and defend him. Greenwood and Pine (who also moonlighted as vigilante heroes, Metro and Night Bird of the Platinum City Knights), heard her case and agreed to take it on.

That night, the two Plat City heroes traveled to their base of operations to link up with their partner Kwame Archer (aka Black Jag) who was attending to another situation that had recently arisen. Jag was working with the super-soldier Lt. Rashard Bonds and the psionic Nigerian teenager Chineke, to help ex-soldier Gary Allen – who had become “The Sentinel” after volunteering for an experimental procedure at Universal Intelligence, which transformed him into a remote-control super soldier. That control had been causing him to take some very violent actions, and now the heroes were attempting to use Chineke’s telepathic abilities to break hold.

Night Bird and Metro were a little late arriving at the base, for en route they had been kidnapped by the teleporting book ninja Cliché, and taken to the Grand Library of Sir Vellichor, who forced them to survive one of his magical books. They had successfully navigated the challenge, and were back in the real world just hours later, but Sir Vellichor’s actions were a violation of an agreement he had with the US government. Night Bird and Metro recounted this story to Lt. Rashard Bonds, who made a mental note to pay a visit to the Library, as soon as the opportunity presented itself.

As Chineke telepathically worked with a sedated Gary Allen, Night Bird and Metro also told Jag and Lou about their conversation with Tamara Bland. After hearing the charges against Frequency, Bonds immediately said he knew just what to do. So, he stepped away for a second and picked up the phone to call his mentor and father figure, General Hank Garrison.

The general spoke with Lou and learned all about the Knights, how they were really the lawyers of Greenwood, Archer & Pine, how Frequency saved lives during the zombie attacks, only to be murdered by the PCPF, was made undead by Sarcophagus and forced to kill the officers who shot him, and then brought back to life by Mictlan. He then said he would make some phone calls. First, he had to assess the situation, though, by gathering as much intel from his Platinum City connections in Mayor Gemini DeLisi‘s office, the PC Council and the District Attorney’s office as he could. Naturally, if things checked out, he would move to have the charges dropped and expunged off Frequency’s record immediately. Hank expressed how he was empathetic to the racial prejudice Frequency seemed to be facing, as he himself endured being discriminated against as a child, and then told Lou he would call him back.

The Knights inquired whom Lou spoke with, when he returned to them. He replied General Hank Garrison. The heroes were astonished to hear Lou had one of the world’s greatest leaders at his fingertips. Lou explained how growing up on the south side of Chicago without a dad left him subconsciously searching for a father figure. His sports coaches would temporarily be that for him, but it was not until he met the general that Lou said he finally found one. He explained how Hank took him under his wing early, recognizing greatness in him. He pushed Lou to be the best he could be, and imparted incredible wisdom in him. Hank helped guide Lou through the impossible black ops missions, just as the general had to do during his days of active duty. Lou and Hank had a special bond. One built around love, respect, greatness and duty. Then, as Lou was telling this to the Knights, Chineke exited the room Gary was in, and her expression was not one of good news.

The girl told told them that unfortunately she could not help Gary the same way she had helped Lou just a few years earlier. The Knights were upset, as they feared Gary would be at the whims of a telepathic maniac forever.

Chineke explained further, the reason why she couldn’t help Gary in the same fashion was because he would not survive the process of her psionic energy replacing the existing telepathic DNA in his nanocells, or the forming of a barrier around his brain. It was a miracle he survived the initial Universal Intelligence experiment in the first place. He would certainly die from Chineke’s procedure. Lou thought back to when she performed the process on him, and remembered the excruciating suffering he endured. He realized his specialized, polycarbonate reinforced muscular and skeletal systems were the difference. The material allowed his anatomy to be pushed to the limit. Gary, however, did not have the internal polycarbonate structures. Lou explained this to The Knights and they understood, but nevertheless, were still upset. Chineke expressed all hope actually was not lost, and that she could still help Gary.

Chineke told everyone she could manipulate her psionic energy to deconstruct the telepath DNA in the nanocells. The process would take a while, as it must be done delicately and slowly. After it was over, the nanocells would still be present in his bloodstream, but all traces of telepathy in his body would be eliminated. This would, of course, disconnect the telepathic connection between his brain and each individual cell. In other words, Gary Allen would become a normal human again. The Knights and Lou agreed that was the best course of action, so Chineke agreed to cure Gary and went back into the room to begin.

Black Jag, Night Bird and Metro thanked Lou for all of his help in saving their friend. Lou told them the best way to thank him was by making sure to pick up the phone when he called in need of their services. Black Jag confirmed his agreement to represent the Knights in a super group he was in the process of putting together, and Night Bird and Metro said they would gladly fill in for him if he were not able to make it when called upon.

That was when Lou’s phone rang. It was the general. Hank had secured Frequency’s freedom and cleared his record. He was being released from custody and heading home as they spoke. Hank also told Lou to inform his new friends, the Knights, that the DA of Platinum City was made well aware he was on thin ice for trying to prosecute such an absurd case, and the DA would be more than helpful to the law firm of Greenwood, Archer & Pine in the future. Lou thanked the general and coordinated when he would return to Washington for a full debriefing.

When Lou gave the Knights the good news, they were ecstatic. Night Bird immediately went to call Tamara, and Metro joked with Black Jag how easy their job was going to be, having the full cooperation of the District Attorney’s office. They thanked Lou again while conversing and passing time, waiting for Chineke to finish curing Gary Allen.