April 26, 2016


Dr. Lucia Yañez (aka Mictecacihuatl) is a bruja – or a witch. She is a descendant of a secret, ancient bloodline of Aztecan brujas. Their gifts are passed on spiritually through generations to a chosen child within the family. Once it is recognized the child is the next coming, they are sent to the elder bruja to be trained in their ways. After the training is complete, the elder passes to the afterlife to be their successor’s spiritual guide. Such was the case with Lucia. After turning 19, her aunt transitioned and she took the reigns as the new bruja.

She had just graduated from high school and was considered one of the smartest kids in all of Mexico. She earned a full scholarship to the prestigious Platinum City University where she earned a double-major degree as an undergrad in History and Chemistry, as well as a PhD in Archaeology. Dr. Yañez quickly became one of the leaders in her field, discovering a plethora of never before known civilizations lost for millennia, along with their ancient artifacts. These discoveries also served her existence as a bruja very well, for any artifact that held spiritual or mystical powers became a part of her personal collection before the museums or university knew anything about them.


Birth Name

Lucia Yañez


Dr. Lucia Yañez; Mictecacihuatl (Mictlan)


Para-human; female

Birth Details

Tenochtitlan, Mexico, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st Century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

She is the most recent member of a secret, ancient bloodline of Aztec brujas (witches). She was born with psychic medium abilities, meaning she can see and communicate with the dead. She is a clairvoyant who can sense auras and other creatures’ emotions. She is also a master of ancient bruja spells, potions and magical objects – the latter of which can give her physical attributes a slight boost.

The Story

Dr. Yañez would often go on excursions alone as well, adventuring to remote parts of the world to obtain rare artifacts only thought to be lore in ancient mythologies. For years, she secretly perfected mastering these items so she could use their powers when needed. Such was the case with the Amulet of Life and Death she unearthed from an ancient Mesopotamian ruin.

It was during the zombie apocalypse brought to Platinum City by the super-mummy Sarcophagus that would provide her with the perfect opportunity to test the Amulet’s power. Dr. Yañez was sitting in her office at Platinum City University, when she first felt the presence of the undead disaster plaguing the streets. She could sense all of the trapped spirits inside of the zombie bodies. She heard their cries and she felt their pain. They were suffering incredible grief and misery, all the while their undead bodies were being forced by Sarcophagus to commit unthinkable atrocities. Dr. Yañez knew it was time she went into action as Mictlan, so she departed for her secret bruja temple located underneath her home, and began going to work.

After paying tribute to her ancestors, which is customary for any bruja before practicing their ancient arts of magic, Mictlan sorted through her inventory to create a very specific potion. She employed a combination of ancient techniques and her extensive knowledge of modern chemistry. Next, she proceeded to ingest the potion it in order to allow her earthly body to accept the essence of the magical realm. After this, she clutched the Amulet of Life and Death while chanting an ancient prayer to conjure the Spirit of Resurrection.

The temple shook as the massively powerful entity emerged from the afterlife and possessed Mictlan, imbuing her with enormous energy. The bruja then channeled the spirit’s power into the amulet for as long as she could before the potion’s effect wore off. Finally, when the concoction she ingested was fully expired, Mictlan ceased the ritual and the Spirit of Resurrection disappeared.

The amulet was radiating with life-giving power. It vibrated in Mictlan’s hand as it overflowed with energy. Unfortunately though, she only had enough magic to save one person. This was due to the fact the rare potion she drank had a high level of toxicity. To ingest any more of it in an attempt to store additional energy from the Spirit of Resurrection would kill her. It was a frustrating limitation. But instead of becoming upset she saw it as a sign. The universe wanted this moment to be about the saving of one individual.

Thus, Mictlan called upon her spirit guide. An apparition of her aunt appeared and said one of the undead was above the rest, for he enabled Sarcophagus to use an even greater power than the rest because of his hyper abilities. Mictlan asked her spirit guide to lead her to this particular zombie, and when she arrived on the scene, she stood face-to-face with Sarcophagus and Martin Bland, aka the Super Zombie, Frequency.

Mictlan had tracked them to a series of underground tunnels. A number of heroes, along with the PCPF and the National Guard, had managed to gain the upper hand against the undead army, and now the super mummy was attempting to get away before being apprehended. Mictlan confronted them and refused to let them pass. She stood firm in the power of her bruja bloodline, and Sarcophagus recognized her ancient lineage. In his ghastly voice, he called her a daughter of Tenochtitlan – the ancient capital of the Aztec Empire her predecessors hailed from – and told her she was not welcome in his presence. Mictlan replied she had come to put an end to him and his reign of terror on the living and the dead. Sarcophagus responded by demanding Zombie Frequency kill Mictlan!

The undead hero attacked. That was when the bruja revealed the Amulet of Life and Death and yelled out a magical incantation. The amulet began glowing and blasted a blinding beam of mystical energy into Zombie Frequency. He was engulfed by the power of the Spirit of Resurrection and instantly froze. His body levitated and he began shooting light from his eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Soon, light was firing through his entire body. Sarcophagus could feel the life-giving essence and became terrified. Alas, he had no choice but to flee or be destroyed himself.

When the amulet was drained of energy, the undead hyper-being before Mictlan had transformed back into a living, breathing, human Frequency. He was unconscious, so the bruja took him back to her temple to watch over him. After a few days he awoke and she explained who she was and what had happened. Frequency was both flabbergasted and amazed. He was forever indebted to Mictlan for bringing him back from the dead, and let her know that whenever she needed him for whatever reason, he would be there. Mictlan accepted his gratitude, and Frequency left to return home to his wife, Tamara.

Martin and Tamara Bland’s reunion, however, didn’t last long, as the Platinum City Police Force came to arrest him. He was subsequently charged with the crimes and atrocities he committed, while under the influence of Sarcophagus. With Martin in custody, Tamara went to the law firm of Greenwood, Archer and Pine. She was able to meet with Jamel Greenwood and Keisha Pine, and after telling them her tale she expected them to scoff at her. They did not. In fact, they believed every word of her story. What Tamara did not know was that Jamel and Keisha also worked as the vigilante superheroes Metro and Night Bird. They had been on the frontlines during the zombie apocalypse, and they had seen many other seemingly unbelievable things during their time as heroes.

Needless to say, Tamara was stunned by their willingness to believe her story, but she did not want to look a gift horse in the mouth. Their understanding and unwavering support was a huge godsend. Night Bird and Metro had a few other matters to attend to in the immediate future, however, they promised to take on Frequency’s case and assured Tamara that they would do everything in their power to see that justice was served. She was so thankful she could hardly contain herself.

She left their office with a sense of optimism, then set out to find and thank the woman who had literally given her husband a second chance at life, Mictlan.