April 25, 2016


Marc is not exactly what you would call a booklover. He’s actually much more of a movie guy. And not just any movies, he’s a lover of classic cinema, from as far back as the silent era. Nothing gets him going like an old Charlie Chaplin or Buster Keaton selection. Fortunately his boss, Sir Vellichor, who is the ruler of a vast mystical library, allows him to keep his sizeable collection on hand.


Birth Name

Mark Donovan




Hyper-human; male

Birth Details

Las Vegas, NV, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st Century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Bookmarc was born with hyper strength and is an extremely proficient brawler. He often uses a pair of brass knuckles that have been fashioned to look like the binding of a book.

The Story

He came to be part of Sir Vellichor’s band of literary mercenaries in a rather unexpected way. Marc was born with hyper strength and after spending some time as a security guard at a number of casinos on the Vegas Strip, he opened up his own private security firm called Noir Security. For several years he made great money through the firm, while also doing a little side work as a vigilante hero for hire. One day, the mysterious book ninja Cliché appeared in his office and offered him the job of driving her boss around Vegas for a few days. She knew about his hyper-strength and revealed that both she and her boss were hyper-beings as well. He immediately took the gig.

That night he met Sir Vellichor for the first time. He spent 48 hours driving him around, and showing him all of Vegas’ biggest and brightest attractions. They took in a couple of shows together, and dined at several fine restaurants. They even played a few hands of Texas Hold’em. A good time was had by all. On the night Sir Vellichor was to leave, he told Marc all about his mystical library. He explained that the books of his library were special and that he had the power to transport people to the worlds of the books so they could live out the adventures. In turn, Sir Vellichor could sit back and read the stories as they unfolded in real time.

This information greatly intrigued Marc and he practically begged Sir Vellichor to take him for a visit. That’s when Cliché reappeared and teleported them to the Grand Library, which exists in an alternate dimension. Marc immediately met the other members of Sir Vellichor’s Bookclub – Binder, Lexicon, Lady Paige and the master’s beloved pet, Chuck Chapter. They gave him a tour and by the time it was over, his mind was totally blown!

It only made sense that Marc would ask to be transported inside of a book, so he could live out a story. Sir Vellichor warned him that in many cases people can get lost, and even lose their lives. Marc, however, was determined to take the chance, and so the master obliged. Marc chose a book about a prizefighter from the early 20th century, and from the very beginning it was one of the most thrilling stories Sir Vellichor had ever witnessed. In the finale, Marc went fifteen brutal rounds with the champ – and won.

He came out of the book, and immediately asked to go back into another one. After about a dozen more thrilling adventures, Sir Vellichor finally asked him to become a permanent member of the Book Club. He, of course, accepted. He took on the name “Bookmarc” and has been a part of the team ever since, getting involved in all kinds intriguing stories and exhilarating encounters.

One of his favorite episodes was with the Platinum City vigilante superheroes known as Night Bird and Metro. The two of them (who work as lawyers during the day) were in the middle of a number of important jobs, when Cliché showed up and teleported them to the Grand Library. They were working with super soldier Lt. Rashard Bonds to help a fellow soldier; and they had just come from a meeting with Tamara Bland, the wife of vigilante superhero Frequency, who had just been charged with committing atrocities while he was a zombie and under the influence of the mummy-terrorist Sarcophagus.

So needless to say, they didn’t have time for Sir Vellichor’s games. However, they were trapped and had no choice but to play. They were put into a courtroom drama where a man, Bookmarc, was on trial for causing the Great Quake of 2016, which eventually led to the creation of Platinum City. Night Bird and Metro had to prove him innocent in a court of law if they wanted to earn their freedom. Using their considerable intelligence, a slew of clever legal maneuvering and a whole lot of wit, they were able to prove, without a shadow of a doubt, that Bookmarc was indeed innocent!

The former Vegas security guard had the time of his life working with Night Bird and Metro, and Sir Vellichor was riveted by the story. Bookmarc thanked them profusely, but they, of course, were in a hurry to get back to Platinum City. So Cliché teleported them back and they were able to continue with their work. Meanwhile, Bookmarc and Sir Vellichor searched for and found another team of lawyers to defend him.

Bookmarc was disappointed to find out that no one was quite as good as NIght Bird and Metro. He was convicted several times over.