April 16, 2016


Lacy was moments away from becoming engaged, when an extraordinary event occurred! She and her boyfriend, Byron Jones, were having a picnic in a field under the stars, when suddenly one of those stars crash-landed right on top of them! At the time of the event Byron, a photographer, had been teaching Lacy how to write with light. It was a fun tech technique in which Byron would set up his camera on a tripod, point it at the open field, and open the shutter. Then he’d take a flashlight out into the field, and wave it around in front of the camera. Afterwards, he’d close the shutter and bring up the subsequent photo on the camera’s display screen. And amazingly enough, the capture would show all the streaks from the flashlight.

That night, Byron and Lacy spent hours light-writing, making shapes, spelling out words, and more. Then Byron set up his camera one last time, and wrote the words “Lacy, will you marry me?” Byron handed her the flashlight, and told her to light-write her answer. She grabbed the light, went out into the field, and began to write. But before she could finish, a star hit them! There was a flash of light, then darkness.


Birth Name

Lacy Meadows




Hyper-human; female

Birth Details

Northwest, OH, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st Century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Lightrider is made of pure light, and thus she can move at near the speed of light, manipulate and bend light, and use light energy to create concussive blasts.

The Story

When Lacy awoke, she found herself floating in outer space. Panic, of course, set in, as she could not comprehend what in the world was happening. Byron was nowhere to be found, she was surrounded by space and stars, and her body felt incredibly strange – and entirely different. However, it was those very alterations to her anatomy that allowed her to calm down, as she quickly realized that despite being in outer space, she was breathing just fine. Furthermore, she wasn’t freezing to death, and, after the moments of disorientation passed, she realized she could move freely. She wasn’t floating; she was flying!

Her new powers, however, did little to ease her confusion and fear. She spotted a planet and began to fly toward it. That was when she learned she could move at the speed of light! She landed on the planet and discovered that it was inhabited by a huge humanoid population. The planet was called Nederia, and coincidentally enough, a good portion of the Nederians spoke English.

Lacy would learn that some of the initial settlers of Nederia were indeed from Earth. However, she would also discover, to her great disappointment, that Earth was many, many light years away. But even if she was going to attempt a journey home, she would first have to figure out what in the world had happened to her body. Luckily the Nederians had some insights, for many members of their population were imbued with the ability to bend and manipulate light. Consequently, it was easy for them to identify that Lacy’s entire anatomy had somehow become pure light.

After the memories of her picnic with Byron returned, she surmised that the explosion that occurred as she was writing her answer to his proposal must have caused her transformation. The Nederians further speculated that her transformation must have taken place instantly at the time of the explosion, and that the shock of the event most probably caused her to inadvertently “jump out of harm’s way.” The problem was, when she jumped, she jumped a few million light years into space. The Nederians agreed to help her find a way home, and it became clear that her best shot at getting back to Earth was to master her new powers.

A Nederian called Vahze was tasked with training her. He taught her the secrets behind bending and manipulating light, which ultimately led to her being able to bend and manipulate herself. He assisted her in learning how to control and enhance her speed, and helped her to unlock the ability to emit light bursts from her hands.

Under Vahze’s tutelage, Lacy, who eventually took on the name “Lightrider”, was also given opportunities to do some hero work. Some of the Nederians belonged to a special group of beings called The Continuum – these people were metaphysical representations of periods in history’s timeline. If something were to happen to a Continuum member, everything in the past associated with him or her would be wiped away; in other words, the past and present would be altered. For this reason, Nederia was a Sub-Shadow Class One Planet. Every once in a while, however, an enemy would find that peace-loving world. Lightrider, who had grown fond of the Nederians, had also grown to be very powerful. She used her hyper-abilities to defend Nederia on many occasions.

One day, her mentor Vahze came to her, and asked for her assistance on a mission: she was to accompany a member of the Continuum to a the planet Q’tonia in another star system. This particular member of the Continuum represented the day Q’tonians gained independence from a race of dragon-like creatures that had dominated them for centuries. It was to be a celebration! Lightrider did what was asked of her, and went on the journey. She stayed on Q’tonia for a few days, then began her trip back.

However, when she returned to Nederia… it was gone! She could tell from the floating dust particles that it had been annihilated; but how, and by whom, she had no idea. She felt terrible that she had not been there to protect it, and she also began to fear that her current reality may have been altered due to the demise of Continuum members. She could not concern herself with that possibility. She had to work under the assumption that she still existed in the same timeline as before, and to that end, she began zooming throughout the galaxy, looking for any traces of the Nederians, and any clues to what had happened.

After almost a year of searching, she had found nothing. Then one day, she stumbled across a massive battleship in the vicinity of where Nederia used to be. The vessel was from the Galaxias Kyklos Force, the elite military branch of an interplanetary governing body that serves the galaxy in a number of capacities. She boarded the ship and encountered the renowned GKF emissary, Apestalmenos.

Apestalmenos explained to her that Nederia had been destroyed by a dangerous group of elite warriors called the Denizen Supreme. However, the Nederian population had been saved due to the heroic sacrifice of the mighty Magnifica and the Diamond Alliance hero squad. Apestalmenos gave Lightrider the location of Aperokea, a refugee planet to which the Nederians had been evacuated.

She traveled there, and was relieved to see her adopted people. She immediately found Vahze, and he recounted the epic battle that took place between the Diamond Alliance and the powerful Denizen Supreme representative, Carina. He explained that only one member of the Alliance had survived. His name was King Ka’Desh, and he was there on the refugee planet with them.

Lightrider wanted to thank him personally, and offer her condolences for his fallen comrades. She went to his secluded under-surface bunker (Aperokea is covered in water, but has an expansive series of habitats and bunkers deep beneath). Despite his downcast demeanor he welcomed her in, and they spoke. He told her that he was not only the final survivor of the Diamond Alliance, but also the sole survivor of Mederia (a sister planet of Nederia) that had also been destroyed by the Denizen Supreme. He had gone into hiding on a reclusive planet for some time, before the world was rocked by a huge battle between a pair of superheroes and a group of monsters, controlled by the treacherous villain, Fata Morgana.

Lightrider then recounted her own story to King Ka’Desh, explaining that she was born on Earth, and on the verge of being married, when an exploding star hit her and her fiance, Byron, and imbued her with hyper-abilities. When Ka’Desh heard the name “Byron,” he immediately recognized it. It was a name he had heard over and over again on a digital journal he’d recovered in the aftermath of that battle between monsters and heroes.

It was the journal of Captain Noble.

When she told Ka’desh her birth name was Lacy, he knew for sure this was definitely the woman Byron had referred to. He pulled out the journal, and together they listened. To her great relief, she learned that Byron had not only survived the star-explosion, but had also gained hyper-abilities himself; she was enthralled to hear that he’d taken on the name Shuttershock, and joined Captain Noble on a series of missions and wild adventures; she was shocked to hear that the two of them had received an ominous prophecy from a powerful entity called Hosho; and she was horrified to hear that Fata Morgana had trapped them in a maze of teleportation vortexes.

Lightrider now had a new mission: to find Captain Noble and Shuttershock and rescue them from the clutches of the evil witch. She asked King Ka’Desh, who also had the power to create teleportation vortexes, to join her, and the two of them left Aperokea. They spent the next several months traveling the galaxy, until finally, the found one of them on an abandoned planet in the Andromeda system. It was Shuttershock! He was locked in battle with Fata Morgana. Captain Noble, however, was nowhere to be found. She couldn’t believe her eyes.

Byron and Lacy would finally be reunited, but first, it seemed, Lightrider would have to save Shuttershock from the wicked witch of the wormhole!