April 15, 2016


Carina is a member of the elite warrior collective, the Denizen Supreme. Not much is known about the Denizen Supreme, for they mostly keep a very low profile, and only rear their heads for extremely specific endeavors. But make no mistake about it, they are one of the true dangers in the galaxy – a fact that is often difficult to corroborate, because the D.S. never have a reason to take prisoners – and they never have the desire to leave survivors.

In order to be accepted into the Denizen Supreme , a warrior must endure a rigorous set of physical tests and brutal battles. The vast majority of hyper-beings to begin the tests will fail and ultimately meet their demise, but those who do make it through can easily be considered some of the most elite warriors in the galaxy. There are no minions or underlings or foot-soldiers or weak-links; only strong links and stronger links.


Birth Name





Hyper-being (exact species unknown); female

Birth Details

CR7 Galaxy (Core Reality); time unknown

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Carina possesses super strength and enhanced speed. She is also a master tactician. Her armor is made from the bones of her fallen foes and her shield can unleash incredibly powerful concussive energy blasts.

The Story

Carina is one of the strongest. It is rumored that she is from a planet deep in a galaxy that has often been referred to as “CR7.” It’s not an area that many travel to, and The Galaxias Kyklos, an intergalactic governing body, has advised against venturing into the region until it can be more thoroughly explored. It is also rumored that Carina uses the bones of those she defeats in battle to augment her armor. And the shield she carries is rumored to have immense destructive capabilities.

Well, the second two rumors were confirmed when Carina encountered the hero squad known as the Diamond Alliance, led by the mighty Magnifica. The alien warrior had traveled to Nederia’s star system in one of the Denizen Supreme’s flagship vessels, The Ares Seven, a massive mobile Planetary Fortress. And she had used the multitude of energy canons to launch her attack. The Diamond Alliance, however, showed up just in time to confront her.

Carina and the Denizen Supreme had chosen to destroy Nederia for a very specific reason – its demise would allow them to literally rewrite history, and recreate the universe as they saw fit. You see, Carina had discovered this hidden world and learned that many of its inhabitants belonged to a race of time- and light-benders called “The Continuum.” Each member of the Continuum metaphysically represents a period in history. Most of them represent a day or a week, but some represent the space years, or even decades.

The problem with destroying a member of the Continuum is that the time period that member represents is also wiped out of existence, which ultimately alters history, and consequently alters the present and future. That’s the reason Nederia has been designated a Sub-Shadow One Class planet, meaning its presence in the galaxy is known by very few people.

It’s also the reason the Denizen Supreme wanted to destroy it. Carina had discovered a temporal anomaly, that would cause her and her warrior clan to not be affected by the changes to the timeline that would occur, as a result of Nederia’s destruction. To that end, they could wipe out the entire history of existence, and begin with a literal clean slate.

It is fortunate that King Ka’Desh, a member of the Diamond Alliance, was one of the few people in the galaxy who knew of the Continuum and its importance. The leaders of Nederia contacted him, and he, Magnifica, and the other members of the D.A. showed up in time to fend off the initial onslaught from Carina’s Planetary Fortress. However, they would not be able to fend off Carina herself.

King Ka’Desh, Magnifica and the other members of the Diamond Alliance – Utopia, Twinstar, Thundersnow and Mr. Amazing – battled Carina valiantly, but she was clearly too powerful, and it would only be a matter of time before she broke through them and destroyed Nederia. King Ka’Desh put a call out to Apestalmenos, an emissary of the Galaxias, and when she arrived she decided the only reasonable course of action was to evacuate the planet.

Apestalmenos used Galxias teleportation technology to beam the vast majority of Nederians off the planet. However, several Nederians were trapped in the battle zone. King Ka’Desh would have to use his mystic spear to create vortexes and manually evacuate the others. He and Apestalmenos went to work, while the other members of the Diamond Alliance engaged Carina.

At this point the commander of the Planetary Fortress showed the full power of her shield, and unleashed a series of massive concussive energy blasts against the heroes. Not only that, but her speed, strength and tactical skills were absolutely off the charts. Every time the Alliance thought they were gaining ground, she would adjust her strategy and put them back on the defensive. In fact, it wasn’t long before the heroes realized they would have to make the ultimate sacrifice if the Nederians were to be saved.

Mr. Amazing was the first to fall. His ability to adapt his dark matter exodermis to match any material or substance it came in contact with was initially a problem for Cariina, but she eventually hit him with a blow to the chest that left him prone, then melted him with an energy blast from her shield.

Twinstar’s dual stars also proved to be useless against Carina, as her shield easily deflected them. She eventually caught up with the young starlet and ended her existence with another fatal blast.

Thundersnow was the next to meet her demise, as a hand-to-hand brawl ended with the frosty heroine lifeless at the feet of the brutal female warlord.

Utopia and Magnifica were now the only ones standing in her way. They would need to hold the line for just a few more moments to allow King Ka’Desh and Apestalmenos to evacuate the remaining Nederians. Carina was not about to give them that time – she unleashed a barrage of attacks, and caused an incredible explosion which destroyed Utopia, and subsequently sent the mystic diamonds that served as the source of the senior citizen superhero’s powers scattered in all directions throughout the galaxy.

Carina then turned her attention to the leader of the Diamond Alliance, and unleashed another succession of blasts from her shield. Additionally, she reactivated the Planetary Fortress, and commanded a barrage of energy missiles to rain down on Nederia. Magnifica produced the most powerful force-field she’d ever created, and began to absorb the firepower! The force of the attacks, however, were killing her.

She just needed to hold on for a few more seconds… then King Ka’Desh signaled to her that all was clear. He created a vortex, allowing Apestalmenos to jump through. He screamed for Magnifica to disengage and retreat with them, but the mighty commander of the Diamond Alliance knew she would have to hold off the attack until the vortex was closed, or else Carina might follow them through. She expressed this to King Ka’Desh who reluctantly agreed to leave her behind.

She watched as the vortex closed, just in time to feel her force field break. Carina quickly unleashed another battery of concussive projectiles. And this time, Magnifica had nothing left to defend herself. She had accepted her fate and she was seconds away from meeting her end, when suddenly she noticed that one Nederian had been left behind. But it was too late..