April 14, 2016


Apestalmenos (aka Menos) was born in the distant star system of Aktinovolia on the planet Sfygmos just over 400 years ago. Her home world is extremely unique, as the atmosphere constantly builds up with photonic energy that is slowly released from the planet’s living organic surface. The atmosphere then shoots pulses of energy down back into the planet, revitalizing it, as well as into the surrounding space near their planet. This reintroduction of energy makes her home world’s resources virtually endless.


Birth Name



GFK Emissary Menos; Menos


Sfygmosian; female

Birth Details

Planet of Sfygmos, The Aktinovolia System (Core Reality) Late 18th Century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Menos possesses enhanced strength, speed, agility and durability, as well as advanced combat and weapons training. She can also emit pulses of energy in short waves. It is rumored she has created pulses powerful enough to level mountains, though it has not been proven.

The Story

For millions of years, other alien races were not able to penetrate the Sfygmos atmosphere, since the photonic buildup wreaked havoc on foreign computer and navigational systems. However, as technology improved across the galaxy, outsiders were eventually able to photon-proof their ships’ tech systems, allowing them to penetrate the planet’s atmosphere and land on its surface. This brought on ages of warfare.

Menos’ species, however, has always been a race of energy manipulators. Her people developed the ability to absorb endless amounts of atomic power as a survival trait from the beginning of time. Thus, when enemies would invade their planet to try and steal their natural resources, the Sfygmosians were always able to use their ability to emit pulse waves of energy to defeat them.

Over time, her ancestors developed their planet into a leading, advanced civilization. This caught the attention of the galactic governing body, the Galaxias Kyklos. It was established by a group of elite planetary societies, in order to form an alliance that allowed for planets and star systems to engage in free trade, commerce and political cooperation. All are granted entrance into the Galaxias Kyklos – becoming a member of the “Unity” – as long as they abide by the governing laws. If those laws are broken, the planet and its species are exiled and isolated. The vast majority of planets and star systems in the galaxy joined. Those that did not, and those that were exiled eventually created numerous terrorist factions to rebel against the Galaxias Kyklos. Hence the formation of a singular, massive interplanetary militia called the Galaxias Kyklos Force (GKF), to help protect those in need from the enemies of the Unity.

The GKF began recruiting the best soldiers from all over the galaxy, and still do to this day. Menos was one of them, before retiring from active duty and becoming an emissary. She has always been skilled in politics, and after a successful career as a lieutenant, she used her talents to help strengthen relationships between Galaxias Kyklos members, and aid any place in need. She is incredibly respected across the galaxy as a master negotiator and crisis handler, which is why she was the one contacted when Galaxias was alerted of an impending attack on Nederia, a Unity planet that had been classified as “Sub-Shadow Class One.” In other words, because of a few extremely rare and incredibly important resources, no one, but a few individuals in the entire galaxy are supposed to know that Nederia and its inhabitants even existed.

King Ka’Desh, a member of the intergalactic hero squad, The Diamond Alliance, was one of those individuals and when he learned that a massive Planetary Fortress was heading toward Nederia, he and his five teammates immediately journeyed to the world to provide protection. Using a portal created by Ka’Desh’s mystic spear, the Diamond Alliance arrived right in time to intercept the massive spacecraft which actually resembled a weaponized solar system – nine death-star-like orbs revolving around a giant sphere at the center. Each orb was equipped with a multitude of cannons; all of which were pointed at Nederia. Within seconds of their arrival, the fortress attacked! The firepower unleashed by the vessel was absolutely insane! Magnifica, the leader of the Diamond Alliance produced a force-field, but was only able to block a portion of the blasts. Other team members – Twinstar, Thundersnow and Utopia – counterattacked the fortress, while King Ka’Desh and Mr. Amazing were commanded to help the people on the surface of Nederia find cover.

It wasn’t long, however, before the Diamond Alliance realized they could not stop this fortress, let alone defeat it. King Ka’Desh put in a call to Menos. Upon her arrival, she quickly assessed the direness of the situation – Magnifica and her team would not be able to stop Nederia from being destroyed. It was too late to call in reinforcements. So, Menos consulted with the Nederian leaders and orchestrated an immediate, mass exodus of everyone to the secret planet of Aperokea – a hidden planet completely covered in deep oceans – where the Galaxias Kyklos have thousands of refugee and military compounds, hidden far beneath the surface. Menos told everyone the Nederians would be safe there. The Galaxias Kyklos would be able to beam most of the inhabitants of Nederia to Aperokea, remotely. However, a large number of the planet’s inhabitants had been trapped beneath a number of collapsed structures and thus were out of range of the beam. The only way to evacuate them were through one of King Ka’Desh’s portals.

Menos gave King Ka’Desh the confidential coordinates of Aperokea, and the plan was set in motion. The majority of Nederians were beamed away, and the Diamond Alliance continued to fight against the flying fortress, as Ka’Desh and Menos systematically evacuated the others. Suddenly, a blast from one of the cannons clipped Magnifica, and she went careening toward the planet’s surface. Thinking fast, and moving even faster, Menos leaped up and caught the mighty warrior before she crashed into the ground. Magnifica gathered herself and was prepared to rejoin her teammates in battle, when she and Menos locked eyes.

Intrigued, Menos asked Magnifica where she was from. The hero replied she was from Earth – Lafayette, LA to be exact. Next, Menos asked Magnifica if she had a younger sister. The hero became very curious, as she had never met the emissary before, but she felt as if Menos knew exactly who she was. Magnifica answered yes, which caused Menos to smile. She said Magnifica looked just like “her”. The hero stepped closer to the emissary, and inquired who “her” was in reference to. Menos placed her hand on Magnifica’s shoulder and replied that she was talking about the hero’s mother, who had disappeared when she and her sister were just little girls.

It brought the emissary great joy to see Magnifica leading the life she was, defending those in need against the evils in the universe, just as her mother did, and she relayed these sentiments. The Leader of the Diamond Alliance was flabbergasted. Her whole life she and her sister, Francine, wondered what happened to their mother and was amazed to discover she was a member of the GKF, and that she had fought to protect the galaxy. Amidst the shocking moment was when something unexpected occurred. The blasts from the fortress stopped.

The battle, however, was far from over, as a hatch on one of the orbs opened and a powerful being arose from the darkness inside. Her name was Carina, and she was a member of the elite warrior collective known as the Denizen Supreme. She was not the first member of the D.S. the Diamond Alliance had encountered, as they had barely survived a battle against Eridanus about a year prior. She WAS, however, twice as powerful as her clanmate, which became apparent when she immediately gained the upper hand against the heroes!

Menos told Magnifica to rejoin her group and hold off the new enemy, while she and King Ka’Desh evacuated all the leftover Nederians through the portals. Once they were clear, the rest of the heroes could then hop in a portal and join them. Maginifica wanted to hear more about her mother, but of course, there were more pressing matters at hand. Menos promised to tell the leader of the Diamond Alliance everything on Aperokea, but first, they had to rescue the innocent people. Magnifica agreed and went to join Twinstar, Utopia, Thundersnow and Mr. Amazing.