God Kako vs. Apocalypse

Written by Christopher Ikpoh | Illustration by Josh McMahon

“It is said you are god of all things. Yet, there can only be one, and here I stand with none above me,” an elder’s voice spoke.

The new deity found himself listening to this proclamation in an unfamiliar setting. He knew not where he was nor who was speaking to him. All he knew was the source of the overwhelming drive to commit the random sequence of acts which landed him there, before inexplicable, was seemingly being revealed.

“I have existed since the beginning of time, before the thought of you was even vaguely conceived by those who were responsible for your existence,” the elder continued.
Immediately, the new deity willed his divine powers into action. Yet, nothing occurred. He was confused. Thus, his strategic mind immediately resorted to its most primal form, which in this case amounted to that of the greatest and most developed warrior in all of existence.

The elder delighted in the unfolding of his scheme before his own eyes. Next, he told the new deity “Yes, young god. Your powers are no greater than that of your mortal-self in my presence, and though you once ruled an empire, you are no match for me.”

The young god glanced in all directions. He was cognizant of his existence but could not realize his physical form. He was omnipresent; simultaneously existing everywhere and only there. Power flowed ubiquitously throughout the surroundings. The sheer magnitude of the energy present would instantaneously crush everything in all the multiverses. Yet, the new deity existed unaffected with the exception of the loss of his divine abilities. Consequently, he knew he was beyond in power what the elder spoke to convince him of.

“I have survived every god that has followed my inception. Though many have been worshipped, the belief in them never surpassed me, for I am the god of all gods, both young and old.”

The new deity could feel the elder’s presence approaching. It began to engulf his own essence slowly but surely, absorbing his energy.

“You are fallacious. You are blasphemous. No longer shall those under your vigilance fear you, nor shall they worship you. They will come to know only me,” the old god proclaimed.

The new deity refused to be consumed. Before he was lured to his impending doom, he had finally achieved what no other living being had ever done. He obtained the cosmic knowledge to decipher Armonia’s wisdom. He had possessed and embodied the essence of the three most powerful creations in all the multiverses – the Triplos Asteri. He had become the living god from the prophecies dating back to the creation of all things, and he could not let that go. The new deity had finally unlocked the key to the salvation of his people from under the overwhelming oppression of the enemies that sought to quell and erase the tradition and ways of his kind; those people were still mortal, and they needed the living god – the one who, while mortal, sacrificed everything in the face of insurmountable odds and innumerable foes – to lead them in their uprising across the cosmos. The young god was their only hope. The elder, though, had no intention of allowing the new deity to rise.

Having read the mind of the young god as his consciousness processed the latter, the elder stated, “Armonia existed to amuse me. You gaining your divinity from her is tantamount to nature giving domain of the wild to a weakling. You have been destined to be consumed like those before you. I drank the life-giving blood of Yewah. I drained the life-giving energy from Ra. I am IMMORTALITY.”

The words of the old god only fueled the fight inside the new deity. His determination could not be defeated, and as he grew in resilience, he grew in power.

“Your attempts to resist me are for naught, for I am to you as the infinite is to the finite.” The elder then sent a massive pulse of energy to drain the new deity of his essence even faster. Yet, the young god continued to rise. This caused the elder to chuckle. “You amuse me!” he said as he blasted the young god once more. However, the new deity fiercely rose again, stronger and more powerful. The defiance now caused the elder to become agitated. “FOOL!” he exclaimed, “I am your god! You will succumb to my power!” A third gargantuan wave of debilitating energy washed over the new deity. Nevertheless, he stood steadfast. Finally, enraged, the elder god shouted, “You – will – DIE!” and the power of every universe descended upon the young deity, delivered with the utmost lethal intent.

The force of the old god’s attacks shook the heavens and everything beneath them. Countless universes were immediately destroyed from the fallout of the elder’s onslaught. Confident it was over, the old god snickered in his typical devious fashion. Soon, this grew to an omnipotent cackle which rang to every corner of the multiverses. However, it was then something caught his eye.

A light began to shine through the dissipating cosmic dust. Slowly, it increased in magnitude, which is when the elder instantly ceased his maniacal laughter. “Impossible…” the old god said as the light shone more intensely with each passing second. “This cannot be!” Yet, it was. The will of a true god cannot be broken, and the new deity drew on the love for his people and the knowledge they needed him for inspiration. Therefore, he was not only able to survive being decimated, but he successfully revived his divinity and regained every god ability he once had, rivaling those of the elder. And upon realizing this, the old god declared, “You shall not defeat me! I am Apocalypse!”

The young god, now overflowing with energy and power, stared at Apocalypse while holding his sword and defiantly replied, “I am God Kako, and there is none above ME!”