March 19, 2016


My name is Captain Noble. I am a superhero, working for the US Government. This is an excerpt from my journal.

YEAR 11, DAY 43

Qadira Azizi stood before me. The orange-tinted illumination from the street lights outside peered through the hole behind her. I was short of breath, because her kick made me feel as if my lungs had collapsed. She looked down at the felled Jamad, then took a combat stance and focused in on me. Luckily, she did not immediately advance, as I needed a second to recover. We both took the opportunity to size each other up before eventually exchanging pleasantries. I said her name in recognition of her presence as a formidable opponent, and she said mine, acknowledging the same. Certainly, the battle at hand had been taken up a notch to an entirely different level.


Birth Name

Qadira Azizi




Human with Alien DNA; female

Birth Details

Luxor, Egypt, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st Century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Alien DNA splicing has given Qadira super strength in her legs, allowing her to display super speed and unleash powerful kicks.

The Story

Qadira’s CIA file states she hails from Luxor, Egypt. As an orphan child, she made a living as a thief and errand girl. Her speed made her very adept at her jobs, as she was able to get her hands on things and outrun anyone. She was also very nimble and shifty, being able to switch directions in a flash. As she grew older, her speed and agility did not change. She remained incredibly fast. Thus, when she enlisted in the military in order to finally get off the streets and start her life over, she was a prime candidate for their secret programs which sought to create super soldiers.

The programs, however, were a failure. None of the procedures resulted in soldiers obtaining special powers. Qadira was disappointed, as she had desired to elevate herself beyond the basic training she had already mastered. Thus, she took it upon herself to push her own physical limitations, in an effort to become a supreme warrior. She mastered a multitude of weapons, along with numerous martial arts forms, mainly Tae Kwon Do. It became her specialty since kicks are its main form of attack and it utilizes her most powerful asset, her legs.

As she rose through the ranks, Ramses Hondo invited her to defend, with the promise he could fulfill her desire to become the elite of all soldiers through the alien technology he possessed. Qadira could not resist his offer and quickly joined The Pharaoh’s team. Soon after, when Ramses returned from his space travels, she underwent alien DNA splicing and gained super speed and super strength in her legs. Ramses also weaponized her lower extremities by giving her wraps to wear, made of an alien metallic substance. It is extremely lightweight yet virtually indestructible, unlike any substance known to man. That is why in that moment where we faced off, I knew I could not survive many more of Qadira’s kicks.

I gathered myself and charged in towards my new adversary. However, I had no intention of engaging her. I needed to learn her style, moves, and gauge her speed. So, when I reached her, I feinted to bait a strike. Sure enough, Qadira launched a kick at me. This was followed by a succession of six more lightning-quick strikes from her legs. I blocked each of them, before putting space between us. I shook my forearms which were ringing in pain. Blocking her kicks felt like getting hit by a car. Qadira smirked and attacked again, unleashing a relentless wave of rhythmic kicks. Her feet went flying past my head as I ducked and leaned out of her way. The blows, I couldn’t avoid, I blocked again, much to the dismay of the bones in my arms. Qadira began switching up her fight cadence, using fakes and feints of her own to throw me off balance. Leg strikes slipped my guard, pounding me in my ribs and legs, destabilizing my core and base. Thus, when her foot finally blasted against my temple, I flipped around in a circle before crashing into the rubble beneath us. Qadira showed me no quarter, immediately attempting to stomp my skull in. I threw my hands up and caught the bottom of her foot. The pressure was immense, as my grip was in a deadlock with her metal sole while she leaned all of her weight and power downward upon me. In a fit of desperation, I summoned all of my strength and was able to push her far back. She landed next to a still struggling Jamad. Qadira was not phased, though, and she shot right back up, ready for action.

I rose to my feet as well and was quickly coming to the realization that I simply was not fast enough to evade her strikes. It had also become apparent that after blocking a blow, I did not have enough time to return a counter-attack. Therefore I’d have to switch up my own technique and employ a strategy that would allow me to block and counter simultaneously. I grabbed two pieces of metal pillars and quickly wrapped them around my forearms. This afforded me the ability to intercept her attacks without being hurt. As Qadira sent her devastating kicks my way, the metal on my arms acted as padding. Then, once I mastered the cadence of her technique and timing, I began parrying with one arm, and striking at the same time with another.

My counters were precise and fast. I struck Qadira a number of times within seconds. She fell to the floor, clearly injured, but instantly jumped back up to retaliate with more ferocity. Her kicks were denting my metal wraps, erasing the cushion they provided. I continued to counter when I was able, smashing Qadira in her body and finally in her chin, flattening her beside me! She was defeated!

I picked my assailant up, but before I could end her, Jamad hit me with a powerful ice blast, freezing me in mid-air! The ice shell around me shattered when I hit the wall. Water and blood dripped from my face and body. I staggered to my feet, beaten and bruised, and saw Jamad helping Qadira off the ground. I knew there was a good chance I would not be able to beat them both together. I had to think quickly. So, I turned to the remaining metal beams at my side that were holding up the building, and I punched them in half, bringing down the roof!

Huge chunks of concrete and brick fell towards our heads. Qadira used her agility to kick the boulders away from her. Jamad blasted them out of his way. It was while they were both occupied that I gathered all the strength I could possibly muster and launched myself at them. They did not see me coming. My plan had worked perfectly!

I was able to punch each one in their abdomen and thrust them through the front wall of the building. As we exited outside, I halted myself. Their bodies continued to fly through the air and crashed into the building across the street. The sound of their backs smashing against the bricks rang through the air. I knew there was no way they were going to be able to continue fighting after that, and I was correct. I crossed the street and walked up to the building to see them both rolling in rubble while writhing in pain. I spat a glob of crimson saliva in anger, and paused to catch my breath.

Finally, I walked forward to detain the two villains. However, before I could get near them someone dropped down on a zip line and quickly attached Jamad and Qadira to two other ropes. It was Shefali Chisisi. Her gaze froze me in my tracks, and as I stood, paralyzed, she tossed an explosive in my direction. It was the same alien hybrid bomb Askari used to escape me in Platinum City! Shefali turned her attention back on her partners, and thus her spell over me was broken, allowing me to fly out of harm’s way. Moments later the bomb exploded!

When the dust and debris finally cleared, Shefali, Jamad and Qadira safely ascended to a jet hovering above. Qadira smiled at me deviously, as the jet’s hatch closed and the craft zipped away at an incredible speed. It’s true that I could have given chase, but the condition I was in would have made my efforts fruitless. So, I could merely watch as they retreated into the night sky.