March 7, 2016


My name is Captain Noble. I am a superhero, working for the US Government. This is an excerpt from my journal.

YEAR 11, DAY 28-29

As I accelerated into hyperspeed, I flew past all the Platinum City police officers in pursuit of the perpetrator. While doing so, I noticed the Platinum City Knights (Black Jag, Night Bird and Metro) were giving chase as well, helping redirect the criminal as he attempted to flee. The man was evasive, ducking in and out of tunnels and swinging down to the rail systems below the elevated city blocks where the police could not go, but I could. Each time I would gain ground on the criminal, however, he always seemed to find another hidden passage to slip away into.


Birth Name





Human; male

Birth Details

Unknown, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st Century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Fiasco has no natural hyper-abilities, but he is a mastermind criminal. He has essentially booby-trapped the world, rigging up hundreds of explosives and other traps all over the world, making it easy for him to cause havoc at a moment’s notice or escape sticky situations. He wears a device on his wrist that reveals the location of each trap and controls them as well.

The Story

Eventually protocol gave way to my frustration and I simply started smashing buildings and walls to make the pursuit easier. Yes, I caused millions of dollars in damages. That’s a small tab for the US government to pay as I was not about to let another target get away. Eventually, my demolition tactics paid off as I was able to snatch up the criminal. I was surprised to see it was the conniving and treacherous Fiasco.

According to intel, Fiasco is notorious around the world for his genius level expertise in explosives. He is hired at top dollar by the biggest global terrorist factions and mercenary regimes to help lay traps everywhere, ranging from battlefields to individual buildings for assassinations. His greatest pride, though, comes from creating completely random acts of terror, causing utter chaos wherever he can. The more populated and developed the area, the better, as it means the potential for endless amounts of destruction.

It is not known for sure, but reports link Fiasco to a highly exclusive terrorist faction whose origins date back to hundreds of years ago. Over the centuries, one individual alone made up this faction and traveled the world, using bombs and traps on paid jobs and missions they saw fit to execute for personal reasons. Then, when the time came for that individual to retire, they would pass on all their knowledge of explosives, arson and trap-making to a chosen individual who could carry on the legacy of the mysterious faction. Also passed down to the next generation are all the details of every secret trap that has been set over hundreds of years across the globe.

The faction is said to have rigged an innumerable amount of buildings, bridges, monuments, rail systems, highways, etc., and each person representing the faction continues to add to the list. A source has even suggested the Great Quake of 2016 was caused by a massive chain of bombs placed deep in the earth by Fiasco’s predecessor. Whatever the case is, we do know Fiasco has certainly been active over the years, and no doubt has been adding to the collection of secret traps. It is thought these traps will be used eventually as leverage for global domination, or as a means to watch the destruction of civilization at a designated point and time. Which it is, we do not know. But, it is obvious as to why we want to apprehend him. Being able to disable thousands of traps set worldwide would make the world a much safer place.

As I grabbed Fiasco, I planned on flying him high up away from any more potential traps, and then disabling any mechanisms or controls he possessed. However, with the press of a button, a bomb went off above us, collapsing the building we stood by. I raised my hands up and caught an enormous chunk of concrete before it crushed me. This, however, also allowed Fiasco to escape. I threw the building wall to the side and continued after him.

Alas, Fiasco did not plan on being caught again. He led me through his intricate web of traps, already placed in advance of the earthquake. It became evident he planned an escape route and laced it with deadly surprises for anyone that followed. I was not deterred, though. I relentlessly gave chase as he unleashed dozens of explosions. Bricks and glass were blasting into me from every direction. Fiasco remained untouched, as he memorized the exact angles each explosion would shoot fire and debris. He effortlessly ducked and slid out of harm’s way as I punched and charged through the path of chaos.

Suddenly a plethora of gun stations began firing bullets by the dozens at me. As I evaded those, acid bombs went off, spraying toxic liquids all over my gear. I was forced to take off my cape and shirt so I wouldn’t be burned. Gashes and bruises covered my body from being pummeled by the traps. Nevertheless, I continued after Fiasco, and just as I was about to catch him again, his most dangerous trap was revealed. Before me were a mother and her son. They were tied up on a wooden post above the Platinum City River in the opposite direction of where Fiasco was fleeing. I was forced to choose once again as a small explosion went off, cracking the wooden post in half and dropping them in the river to their watery graves. I immediately went and dove into the river. After bringing the mother and son out of the water, I gave them CPR and restored their breathing. However, when I looked up, Fiasco was long gone.

I concluded my business in Platinum City shortly after. The next day, I debriefed at the Pentagon with my mission commanders. While explaining to them the numerous times I failed to apprehend the targets, I made sure to emphasize how having a team of heroes with me would’ve helped ensure success. A couple of people could have helped me prevent Ramses from escaping, stop Askari, or capture Fiasco. They did not see it that way, though. Once again, the government refused to acknowledge my sound argument. They refused to sanction what they call “vigilante justice”. I argued that the actions taken by these heroes are in perfect compliance with the law, and if they were sworn in, they would be doing nothing different than myself, any officer or agent.

Yet again, my pleas were dismissed. This time it was to the tune of there being more pressing matters. Since Ramses would certainly be going into deep hiding, the CIA planned to work on generating leads of The Pharaoh’s whereabouts while I investigated another case. They informed me multiple people in a far western Canadian province have been mysteriously disappearing. There are reports of an unknown creature there as well. I’m hardly the one to be hunting down Sasquatch, but I really have no say in the matter. So, it’s off to Canada I go.