March 6, 2016


My name is Captain Noble. I am a superhero, working for the US Government. This is an excerpt from my journal.

Year 11, Day 28,

Part 3My time in Platinum City was far from over. Ramses, Edgar, Fahim and Ashtar pulled away in the distance. I knew if I waited any longer, they would surely get away and the trail would go cold once again, taking me back to square one. However, one person stood in my way. It was Askari Badru, Ramses’ bulldog and elite combat warrior. I knew immediately, chasing down Ramses was not going to be as easy as I hoped.


Birth Name

Askari Badru




Human with alien DNA; male

Birth Details

Giza, Egypt, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st Century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Through the use of alien gene splicing, Askari’s mind has been transformed into a combat simulator. He is also well-versed in a near infinite amount of fighting techniques and martial arts forms. This makes him a master tactician. He is also an expert marksman and uses a variety of firearms. He’s good with a knife as well. Additionally, Askari possesses enhanced strength.

The Story

According to CIA files, Askari was born in Giza, Egypt. As a child, he was taken from his family by a warlord and forced to become a child soldier. Since the age of five, he was mentally and physically conditioned for warfare. All emotion was removed from him, enabling him to operate without hesitation or second thought. He was trained in Krav Maga and numerous other brutal martial arts, mastering them fairly quickly. Askari also dedicated himself to weight lifting, pushing his human physique to the limit, gaining massive strength. Askari routinely beat and battered his enemies, preferring to get up close and personal to pound them into defeat. However, he was an expert marksman as well.

It is no mystery as to why Ramses recruited Askari to join his elite forces. Recognizing Ramses had something special to offer, Askari gladly joined the team. He also saw a chance to go after the Egyptian government, which was at the top of every mercenary’s list. Askari helped Ramses infiltrate the secret government base where The Pharaoh used the alien communication device before being teleported to the space headquarters of the extraterrestrials. Then, when Ramses returned, he underwent the same genetic enhancement Fahim and the other members of Ramses’ elite troops underwent, further increasing their physical abilities and giving them an additional super trait. With Fahim, it was increased intelligence and understanding of alien technology, which is otherwise incomprehensible to the vast majority of humans. For Askari, his brain was transformed into a combat simulator. His mind rivaled military supercomputers that calculated individual and full-scale combat situations, making him extremely difficult to beat. I knew I would have to figure out how to solve that puzzle, though, if I wanted to catch Ramses and his partners before they vanished again.

I took off in a flash and tried to fly past Askari. I should have known it would not have been so easy. He shot explosives in my projected path and the explosions threw me to the ground again. I jumped up and engaged Askari next. I threw punches rapidly, but my fists just went past his head as he dodged each blow. I sent kicks to his midsection next, followed by grappling attempts to toss him out of my way. Each kick was checked and every time I grabbed Askari, he rolled and ended up reversing my holds. His counters were sharp, too. If it were not for my advanced strength, he surely would have been able to break my limbs and submit me. But when he would move to fold me in half with a submission, I simply would thrust my body into him and knock him down. Then, I would try to fly away after Ramses. However, Askari would not let me escape. One time he grabbed my cape and yanked me to the ground, followed by powerful thrusts downward with his combat boots to stomp my skull in. Another time, he unleashed rapid fire with incredible precision from his alien hybrid weapon, which sent me flying into crates nearby. No matter what I did, Askari would not let me past him. Thus, I was forced to face the cold, hard reality: Ramses had escaped yet again.

Upon realizing this, I turned my full attention to Askari. I rushed in and we exchanged strikes and counters at a fast pace. I placed my entire strength behind each punch and kick this time, knocking Askari backwards. He shook his hands and forearms from the pain of blocking my attacks, as it began taking more time to recover. He knew he could not fight me hand-to-hand, so he resorted to his alien hybrid weapons. Askari furiously fired shots in my direction, but I used my flying speed to maneuver between them. I was getting hit, but I pushed through the pain in order to grab the gun and destroy it. Askari immediately kicked me in the chest and launched himself away to a safe distance. As I stood, breathing heavily and holding my body from being hit numerous times by the projectiles, Askari launched an alien hybrid explosive at me. I flew high into the air and floated above the massive explosion, but when the flames and smoke cleared, I saw Askari fleeing at high speeds on a motorcycle. Angered another target was escaping, I gave pursuit.

I reached Askari in a downtown area, knocking him off his bike and into some cars. This did not stop him, though. He jumped up and started running immediately. As I chased him down, something utterly unexpected happened. An earthquake began shaking the ground and tearing it apart! The buildings shook and glass was shattering all around us. I was able to fly and avoid being knocked over, but the innocent bystanders were not so lucky. Huge chunks of concrete were falling from the surrounding buildings, and people were being crushed!

I had to make the frustrating choice to let Askari go, in order to help save the people in danger. I carried people to safety as I flew over and under falling debris and tilted buildings. Meanwhile, I began noticing a few other heroes like Black Jag and Liberty Star  emerged and were aiding innocent people as well. We were working together to save everyone. Once again, I realized how much could be accomplished if I had a team of heroes to work with. Before long we were able to save almost everyone in the area. Then, when people were no longer in danger, I noticed a line of police cars chasing an unknown figure. It appeared to be a perpetrator, so I immediately went after him as well…