February 21, 2016


As a young man, Robert Kilby was a top engineer for the Odyssey Camp, a startup tech firm that quickly grew into a major corporation after the release of the Apollo 1.5, an influential and revolutionary mobile phone model. Within months the Apollo phones were competing with all of the major cell phone companies and within a couple of years, the other companies were copying the Apollo operating system.

Kilby had been the man responsible for perfecting the integration of virtual-tech into a mobile interface and his discovery had almost literally turned the world upside down. The Odyssey Camp was thriving and Kilby was heralded as a genius. His reign on top, however, was about to come crashing down.


Birth Name

Robert Kilby




Human; male

Birth Details

Seattle, WA, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st Century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Dr. Kilby is incredibly intelligent and has access to an unlimited amount of psycho-tech. He specializes in the creation and integration of artificial intelligence – especially in weaponry. He has also used A.I. technology to imbue himself with limited telepathic and telekinetic abilities.

The Story

It was a series of events that began with the Smash and Grab Incident in Platinum City, which happened on the 100th anniversary of the Great Quake of 2016. The Mayor of Platinum City, Gemini DeLisi, was set to give a speech that many thought would bring the two socio-political (and physical) sides of the United States together again. The speech, however, never took place because right before DeLisi uttered his first word, every single bank in Platinum City was robbed at the same time. The following 24 hours were chaos as heroes like Black Jag, Night Bird and Liberty Star assisted in the pursuit and apprehension of dozens of the petty criminals who had carried out the robberies.

After a few days, most of the crooks were captured and it was discovered that the super-villain known as Hysteria used her mind-manipulation abilities to coordinate the incident. However, the authorities suspected that there was another mastermind lurking in the shadows. Platinum City supercops Ox and Brolic, along with the help of Street Legend Priceless “Spliff” Perrineau, were able to hunt down and arrest Hysteria, but because of her dangerous telepathic powers they were forced to sedate the Queen of the Disturbed. This meant that she could not be interrogated.

Hysteria, however, DID have an Apollo 2.5, and the authorities believed the cell phone could provide them with the clues they needed to uncover the mystery. But there was a problem. The phone was locked and the only woman who knew the passcode was in a deep coma. The Platinum City Police Force contacted the Odyssey Camp and asked them to bypass the lock and break into the phone, but the tech conglomerate informed them that it was impossible to bypass the lock. Robert Kilby had purposely created a 100% secure virtual operating system that could not be hacked. They would have to build and integrate a totally new supplemental operating system in order to get into Hysteria’s phone.

The Platinum City Police Force, and subsequently the FBI, made numerous requests to the Odyssey Camp, but they refused to comply because, they reasoned, creating such a program would compromise the security of all user cell phone data if it fell into the wrong hands. After a few weeks of futile back and forth, the FBI took a new approach. They contacted Kilby directly.

Through a series of strong-arm tactics and blackmail exploitation, Kilby was forced to build the Apollo Hack Program, and the authorities were able to successfully access the phone’s data. Hysteria’s device, however, was clean. No clues, no suspicious contacts, no mysterious calls, nothing!

Kilby was relieved. He deleted all evidence of the program and was ready to move on with his life. Then a week later, it happened: an underground society of hacktivists got their hands on the Apollo Hack Program and used it to pull information off of millions of phones, including those of corporate CEOs, bank executives, celebrities, military personnel, and of course, government officials. An insane amount of sensitive information was posted online for the public to see. Within days, the FBI’s cyber-crime unit began investigating the Odyssey Camp, and eventually Robert Kilby was arrested and charged with dozens of crimes.

The Odyssey Camp lost tens of millions of dollars and was forced to lay off a large portion of their workforce. Furthermore, cell phone companies in general were all caught in a downward spiral. People were actually resorting back to landlines.

It all happened so quickly. But not as quickly as Kilby’s conviction. He was found guilty on all charges and sentenced to life in prison. However, he would never serve a day of that sentence because during his transfer to the Platinum City Super Max Holding Facility, the armored vehicle carrying him was attacked! A trio of elite gunmen, codenames: Caliber, Dezzie and Rosko, hit the caravan of police vehicles with swift and violent force! The supercops Ox and Brolic were on hand, but after an intense battle with the hyper-human gunslingers, the officers could not stop Robert from being taken.

The next day, Mr. Kilby found himself in a meeting with ruthless businessman Edgar Lockhart. Edgar informed Kilby that he was the mastermind the authorities were looking for when they asked him to hack Hysteria’s phone. Furthermore, Edgar revealed that he was the one that pressured the FBI to ask for the Apollo Hack program. And finally, Edgar had funded the Hacktivist group that stole the program and released the sensitive information. Now the cellphone industry was in freefall and Lockhart Holdings, LLC was in position to become the new market leader, but they would need someone to run their cyber division.

Edgar offered the job to Kilby. He gladly accepted and began working in a secret tech-lab built underneath Universal Intelligence, a company owned by Edgar and run by sadistic businesswoman, Reina Valencia.

Over the next few months Kilby developed a brand new operating system. But this system was not virtual tech, it was based on psycho-tech, a dangerous and inhumane method in which the conscious minds of telepathic hyper-beings were harvested and then used to create an incredibly powerful artificial intelligence-based OS. The numerous breakthroughs Kilby’s team made led to the development of the Adonis Cell Phone System. It was marketed as the most secure operating system ever created, and upon its release, Universal Intelligence made billions.

Just a month later Kilby’s team was poised to release the next breakthrough, the Smart Bud: an advanced earpiece that would interface directly with its user’s mind and allow him or her to make calls, access apps, and much more, with merely a thought. However, one of Universal Intelligence’s top sales execs, Crystal Spears, was beginning to suspect the company was using psycho-tech. But before she could investigate, a series of crazy events led to her (and five of her friends) gaining hyper abilities.

Furthermore, the circumstances of the situation put Crystal (now known as Cybernetica) and her super-powered friends (now known collectively as The Sista Clique) in direct confrontation with Universal Intelligence. Her teammate Kharma Lucky had a powerful telepathic mind and UI wanted it for use in their psycho-tech lab. So the ladies were forced to battle against a plethora of super villains before eventually figuring out a way to take down the evil corporation once and for all.

The Sista Clique thought they had finally found a way to breach the defenses of the company’s headquarters, but upon arriving they were confronted by Robert Kilby. The evil genius revealed one of his latest inventions – an artificial intelligence-based energy field. Kharma, Cybernetica, Girl Six, Madam Deadhead and Ember Brook attacked, but the energy field adapted and counteracted all of their powers. Just like the security features on his cell phone operating system, this, too, was unbreakable.

Kilby had the Sista Clique on the ropes, but he knew true victory could only be achieved if he was able to capture Kharma Lucky. So he put out a call, and moments later the Blue Zone Killers arrived on the scene.

Kilby laughed diabolically as the ladies were surrounded and overwhelmed by the senior citizen super villains…