February 6, 2016


When Alexis Deville was a student at Emory University she began attending pro wrestling and kickboxing workouts as a way to stay fit. But soon she fell in love with the idea of physical hand-to-hand combat and after graduating from college with a B.A. in sociology, she decided to forego grad school, and instead enrolled in the Kentucky Valley Pro Wrestling Academy. But don’t get it twisted – professional wrasslin’ may be scripted, but there was nothing fake about Alexis. Along with training to “take bumps” and learning how to choreograph an athletic competition while conveying a compelling story to whomever is watching, Alexis took kick-boxing courses and worked with MMA fighters. She also enrolled in judo classes and attended self-defense seminars whenever she had a free moment.


Birth Name

Alexis Deville


Girl Six; The Instant Classic


Hyper-human; female

Birth Details

Cleveland, OH, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st Century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Alexis has the ability to multiply herself six times. She’s trained in several fighting disciplines, including wrestling, kick-boxing, karate and a multitude of other MMA techniques. Each clone is autonomous, yet psychically linked to one another.

The Story

She pretty much trained non-stop for two years, as she attempted to turn herself into both a fake badass AND a real badass. And by and large she was succeeding! She soon joined a small-time wrestling company, Ohio Extreme Wrestling, and immediately made an impact. She became one of OEW’s top attractions as she developed an intense rivalry with the other top female performer in the company, Heidi Leigh, a.k.a. “Mania!”. The two of them were headlining events all over the midwest, and before long other small wrestling companies were asking to borrow the ladies for their own shows. OEW’s promoter, Paul Diavari was beginning to turn a profit for the first time in years.

Then, during one of their matches, Mania! injured her knee and needed surgery – she would be sidelined for at least six months. She asked Alexis to also sit out for a while so that the two of them could make a dual comeback and continue their fiery rivalry. But Alexis just couldn’t fight the urge to get back in the ring and after a week of trying to stick to the deal, she was out in front of the crowds again. This did not sit well with Heidi. She grew very angry at Alexis and soon she began to accuse Ms. Deville of injuring her in the ring on purpose. Alexis tried to make amends, but Heidi just wasn’t hearing it.

So the “Instant Classic” turned her focus back to her own career. She joined up with her real-life boyfriend, Ronnie “Torpedo” Jones, and the two of them formed a crew with a group of other up-and-coming grapplers. They called themselves the “Plat City Roughnecks.” The storyline was that they had come from the big city to show these small-time chumps how things were done. They proceeded to run roughshod over the rest of the roster. Alexis was already the Women’s Champion; Torpedo Jones became the OEW World Heavyweight Champion; their top protege, Charles “The Assassin” Braxton, became the Intercontinental Champion; and in a stunning turn of events, Alexis and Torpedo teamed up to defeat the Devil Dogs for the OEW Tag Team Championship belts. The Plat City Roughnecks had all the titles.

Their dominance only served to make Alexis more popular and more sought after. And just four months after the injury to her top rival, Ms Deville was being recruited by the biggest and most lucrative Professional Wrestling Company in the world. Her dream was about to come true! And not only that, but she was also planning her wedding, as Ronnie had proposed to her and she had accepted!

The weekend before her wedding she hopped a plane and traveled to Vegas for her bachelorette party with her five closest friends from college. She met up with fellow sorority sisters Crystal, Ja’Nique, Rivcah and Tiffany at the hottest spot on the Vegas Strip, the Carnival de’ Carnel Casino and Hotel. They were able to secure an amazing room and all the perks of VIPs because their sixth friend, Kharma Lucky, was the hostess and lead dancer for the Casino’s world-renowned performance troupe. Kharma also happened to be dating the owner of the Carnival, Ray Carnel.

Once the ‘Sista Clique’ (a name they had used during their time as a dance troupe in college) was back together they partied like crazy, and Alexis had the best bachelorette party she could have ever hoped for. Around 3 AM the ladies headed up to their suite and toasted one more bottle of champagne before all falling asleep. And that’s when things got strange.

Alexis awoke to the sound of one of her friends screaming in agony! She turned to see Crystal crawling on the floor in immense pain as parts of her body were morphing and transforming into cybernetic components. Alexis looked around the room and saw that her other four friends were going through “changes” as well.

Alexis stood to her feet and tried to help her friends, only to find herself suddenly surrounded by five clones… of herself! Before she could process what was happening, Ray Carnel and his associates, Reina Valencia and Simon Charles busted down the door with a squad of armed security guards. They fired tranquilizers and put the women to sleep.

When Alexis awoke, she found herself confined to a wall by energy shackles. Her five friends were also trapped. Ray proceeded to tell them that they had accidentally ingested a hyper-serum that had been “stolen” from him by his brother, Vic Carnel. He informed them that they had been successful test subjects of the new formula and that they were now all hyper-beings.

Alexis couldn’t believe her ears. She also couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw a group of scientists operating on her friend Crystal, discarding damaged organs and outfitting her with more cybernetic components. Alexis watched as Ray and Kharma – now former lovers, obviously – argued angrily with one another. Then she listened as Ray explained that the six of them would be his new hyper-powered bodyguards and would also assist with the annihilation of a pesky group of vigilante superheroes who were causing trouble for one of his business associates, Mr. Edgar Lockhart, in Platinum City.

They tried to deny they would ever help the villainous madman, but Reina had provided Ray with a way to ensure their cooperation. She pulled out six small devices called “Smart Buds” and placed one in the left ear of each hyper-powered woman. Now they were under mind control.

Ray commanded them to display their powers by destroying the security goons who helped to apprehend them. The six ladies immediately went to work, and in a matter of minutes they had completed the task. It was a massacre.

Crystal (aka Cybernetica), Ja’Nique, Rivcah, Tiffany and Kharma all awaited their next command. Alexis, however, was not so compliant. It would soon become very evident that when she multiplied into her clones, the effects of the mind control became diluted. Before anyone could realize what was happening, she (and her clones) jumped into action and, utilizing her wide variety of fighting techniques and grappling skills, was able to rip the mind control pieces from her friends’ ears.

This was the birth of Girl Six.

Ray and Reina were now surrounded by a group of hyper-powered superchicks. Things were about to get real ugly for the business moguls, when suddenly one of the ladies turned and attacked her sisters…