December 7, 2016

341. MAE

In the mid-22nd century an alien race called the Tromokratesians invaded Earth with extreme force. From every corner of the planet, battles were raging and the fate of the world was at hand. This saw humans from across the world, heroes, villains, and all sorts of hyper-beings, along with a the interstellar army known as the Galaxias Kyklos Force, coming together to fight the intergalactic terrorists. The greatest battle in the history of the star system had been initiated.


Birth Name





Terrestrial; female

Birth Details


Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Mãe is the spiritual mother of the Brazilian rainforest. She has the ability to control all nature and animals within the borders of her native land.

The Story

Utter destruction and chaos was rampant. In every major city, buildings and monuments were crumbling or being blown to bits. The skies were filled with fighter jets as every Air Force in the world had deployed all of their planes to combat the starships patrolling their airspace. Every neighborhood had transformed into warzones, with the world’s militaries and Earth’s defenders unleashing every bit of artillery they had against the Tromokratesians who were wielding weapons with superior technology. The aliens numbered in the hundreds of thousands and were larger, stronger, and faster than the vast majority of earthlings. It was a nightmare that had become true.

In São Paulo, the Tromokratesians were demolishing everything in sight, as they were in Rio de Janeiro. Civilians were being massacred and buildings were being destroyed. The military was fighting back alongside a bunch of hyper-beings and meta-beings, both heroes and villains alike, as well as the police. Their combined forces made for a formidable defense. The alien invaders were simply dominating, though.

Tromokratesians were everywhere. As far as the eyes could see, massive black aliens with white hair were destroying and pillaging everything in sight. Their alien weapons were blasting through people and the starships were bombing Earth’s defenses left and right. And whenever it seemed like the humans and the GKF were making some headway, more Tromokratesian forces would descend from the sky to replenish their numbers. If a person with powers was beginning to overrun the alien invaders, special Tromokratesian warriors were deployed to counter the success of what they deemed an “anomaly”. No matter what Earth’s defenders tried to do, it just seemed they could not gain any momentum. That was, until Mãe showed up!

She was the mother spirit of the Amazon, and she had arrived in São Paulo to help defend the planet. As Pai in Rio De Janeiro did, Mãe emerged from the ground and immediately began attacking the Tromokratesians. Her vine and branch strikes were critical, causing the death of numerous alien invaders. Everyone looked on in awe, as they never thought the stories passed down from generation to generation about taking care of the planet in honor of the mother and father spirits were true. Yet, there she was in all of her glory, defending her home. There was no denying that terrestrials – the spirits of the land – were real.

Special advanced Tromokratesian warriors were sent to face Mãe, but she dealt with them easily, too. Therefore, they moved in the heavy artillery starships, and when in position, they rained down hellfire on the mother spirit of the Amazon. The bombardment stopped her dead in her tracks, but as Pai did, in defense she formed a rock exterior to shield herself from the blasts. Instead of calling forth the elements, though, Mãe used a different tactic. She brought in the creatures of the land to help defend the planet!

Jaguars ran onto the battlefield by the dozens, tackling and mauling the Tromokratesian warriors. This caught them off-guard, so at first they were disoriented and did not know what was happening. Then, they fired their weapons in all directions as the large cats continued to take them down. Bullet ants also swarmed the alien invaders by the thousands. Their entire bodies were crawling with the tiny insects, and every single one was biting with extreme prejudice. The bodies of the alien invaders began going into shock from the immense pain the insects caused, allowing Brazilian soldiers and hyper-beings to easily kill the alien invaders. Brazilian wandering spiders joined the party as well, and their bites left the Tromokratesians reeling from the super venom they injected. Alien invaders dropped left and right because of the eight-legged attackers. South American rattle snakes slithered into combat, too, biting and wrapping up numerous alien invaders, causing their deaths. In addition, anacondas came to fight. The giant snakes tracked down Tromokratesian warriors and constricted them, breaking every bone in their bodies and stopping their hearts.

The people were flabbergasted at the sight of the most deadly animals in their lands all coming together to defend the planet. Some were disgusted by the swarming droves of ants and spiders, while others were shaken to the core by seeing so many pit vipers and enormous snakes attacking with fury, but for the most part the military, powered-beings and police were overjoyed. The animals, along with the powerful mother spirit Mãe, had restored momentum to the people, and enabled them to continue battling!