December 6, 2016

340. PAI

Sometime in the middle of the 22nd century, a powerful alien race called the Tromokratesians invaded Earth with extreme force. From every corner of the planet, battles were being engaged in and the fate of the world was at hand. This saw humans from across the world, heroes, villains, and all sorts of hyper-beings, along with a the interstellar army known as theGalaxias Kyklos Force, coming together to fight the intergalactic terrorists. The greatest battle in the history of the star system had been initiated.


Birth Name





Terrestrial; male

Birth Details

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Pai is the spiritual father of the Brazilian rainforest. He has the ability to control all nature and animals within the borders of his native land.

The Story

Utter destruction and chaos was rampant. In every major city, buildings and monuments were crumbling or being blown to bits. The skies were filled with fighter jets as every Air Force in the world had deployed all of their planes to combat the starships patrolling their airspace. Every neighborhood had transformed into warzones, with the world’s militaries and Earth’s defenders unleashing every bit of artillery they had against the Tromokratesians who were wielding weapons with superior technology. The aliens numbered in the hundreds of thousands and were larger, stronger, and faster than the vast majority of earthlings. It was a nightmare that had become true.

In Brazil the fighting was particularly intense. The military in Rio de Janeiro was hard-pressed to make any headway against the alien invaders. Innocent people were being killed in droves, and the soldiers were, too. Every strategic vantage point had been overrun, and anyone with a hyper-ability who was involved in the fighting was beginning to be overwhelmed by the advanced Tromokratesian warriors dispatched specifically to handle hypers. Things did not look good for the city or its inhabitants.

The military had even begun contemplating dropping bombs on the city. Yes, it would have killed many Tromokratesians, but it would also have killed any surviving citizens. There did not appear to be any choice, though. Therefore, the Brazilian military leaders began making preparations to wipe the city off the map. But as they activated all of their missile systems, something miraculous happened. The land they had called home for so long came to life!

Emerging from the ground was a giant creature made up of grass and soil. It was the ancient father spirit of the Amazon, Pai! He instantly began targeting the Tromokratesians. Using vines he generated from his body, he wrapped up enemies by the dozen, and squeezed them until every bone in their body was broken. Pai also created branches which he used to impale other alien invaders. The enemy immediately began focusing all of their fire on Pai, lighting him up with hundreds of laser beams. Pai’s body continued to replenish itself, though, with more grass and Earth. This allowed him to run through the projectiles and continue to take down enemies. Now, the planet was fighting back against the alien invaders as well!

Military personnel on the ground could not believe their eyes. Pai was always thought to be a myth passed down from generation to generation to teach the lesson as to why humans needed to take care of the environment. Never in their wildest dreams did they think it was actually true. Nevertheless, there was no denying what they were seeing. The father spirit of the Amazon was demolishing the alien invaders. So, they called in to the command center and told them to cease the missile launch, and then provided video confirmation of their reports. The military leaders, though flabbergasted at what they were seeing, cancelled the launch.

After a while of Pai running rampant all over the Tromokratesians, the aliens sent in a contingent of advanced warriors with the specific purpose of destroying him. However, they were no more effective than the lesser soldiers. Pai was crushing them as well. He would transform his arms into tree trunks and smash the enemies with great force. He also used his vines to ensnare starships and crash them into the ground. As a result, the Tromokratesians sent in a fleet of heavy artillery starships to surround Pai. All of the alien invaders on the ground fled, and the small fleet launched a massive onslaught of missiles and laser blasts. Pai began to wither under the explosions and constant barrage of firepower being inflicted upon him. The military retaliated by firing anti-aircraft missiles at the starships, but the Tromokratesian energy shields were too strong and could not be penetrated. It appeared the rainforest god was finished.

Before long, fire, debris and smoke engulfed the giant, leaving no sign of him. The military felt a sinking feeling in their stomachs, and the Tromokratesians cheered in victory. That was when Pai suddenly emerged from the ashes! He had formed a hardened exterior of stone and transformed into a rock creature. The enemies were stunned, and the military were now the ones cheering. Pai unleashed a mighty roar, and the entire planet around them began to come to life! The trees were moving about, water was shooting through the ground, massive winds swooped in, and lightning barreled down from the sky. All of nature’s ferocity was being directed at the Tromokratesians. They did not stand a chance, and as they were bombarded by the elements, Pai continued to press forward and fight the Tromokratesians. The battle had been leveled again…