November 30, 2016


Growing up in Lagos, Nigeria was not easy for Nnemeka Achike. Initially,he was an orphan who frequented the streets, depending on charity for food and water. He never knew his mother and father, and the only other parental figures he knew had treated him as less than human in the orphanage. It was for this reason he ran away and joined a group of kids which ran the streets and took what they needed. They called themselves the Naija Boyz, patterning their name after the belief they were the new wave of Nigeria; the lost sons of a country that was transforming into a new land, but left them behind. This group of kids ultimately became Nnemeka’s family.

For years, he pick-pocketed and stole from vendors on the street. Nnemeka had more than he ever had before. Food, clothes, toys, technology, the Naija Boyz stole it all, and shared it amongst themselves. Their home was an abandoned warehouse in Lagos, near the Atlantic coast, which was formerly used to receive imports from other countries. They had everything young men could want, and the fast life always made things exciting. But life was even more extraordinary for Nnemeka, who developed the ability to turn his entire body invisible at the age of 10. This enabled him to steal just about anything, and soon he was running the Naija Boyz. That was, until an evil mercenary leader found their hideout.


Birth Name

Nnemeka Achike


Secretary General Nnemeka Achike; Doro Anya


Hyper-human; male

Birth Details

Lagos, Nigeria, Earth (Core Reality); Mid-21st century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Nnemeka can turn himself invisible. He has great intelligence and tactical skill. He is also trained in hand-to-hand combat and is proficient with his primary weapon, the Lance of Lagos, which can also become invisible.

The Story

When the soldiers came upon the Naija Boyz in their warehouse, they trapped all of Nnemeka’s friends, and began taking all of the items, equipment and essentials the boys had accumulated. Then, the soldiers’ leader came and told all the boys to line up. He was going to execute them, but Nnemeka jumped out from hiding and demanded they spare his friends. The sight of the young man emerging out of thin air shocked the soldiers’ leader, and realizing Nnemeka possessed the ability to turn invisible, the leader said he would spare theboys, if Nnemeka joined his army. The young man agreed, and with that, they left the warehouse. It was the last time the Naija Boyz would ever see their leader.

After that day, Nnemeka was trained to be a soldier. He was sent on numerous covert missions against rival mercenary groups and government agencies; forced to rob,steal, and assassinate on command. Nnemeka earned the name “Doro Anya”, which meant “clear” in Igbo, the language of the tribe he hailed from. His invisibility powers made it impossible for unsuspecting enemies to stop him, and his mission success rate was 100%. The times he was seen, Doro Anya was able to take out his opposition quickly and easily. And with each win, Nnemeka became more valued to his mercenary leader. He knew he would never be free regardless of how much he did, but he had no choice but to keep doing what he was told. This changed, when some heroes took down the outfit Nnemeka worked for.

The Big Five, Makeda and Chineke were some of Africa’s most powerful superheroes, and when they decided to help clean up their continent, they went on a rampage of justice. Along with local militaries, the heroes stormed mercenary and terrorist camps, bringing them down and arresting everyone who was connected to the villains. Thus, when they raided Nnemeka’s outfit, he was about to be arrested, too. However, he saw a chance to do what was right, turning on his surrogate family and helping the heroes overthrow his mercenary leader and the rest of the troops. It was this act that earned him the opportunity to explain himself after all the fighting was done.

Nnemeka told The Big Five, Makeda and Chineke that he was taken as a child in order to save the life of his friends, and over the years that followed he was forced to be Doro Anya and do missions against his will. However, when the heroes arrived, Nnemeka said he saw an opportunity to be on the right side of the law, and could not wait to take down his leader.
The heroes, using Chineke’s psionic powers, sensed no fallacy in Nnemeka’s words, and so they allowed him to travel back to Lagos with them. They needed to report in to the government officials they were working with as to the status of their missions, and they said it was the perfect time to make sure Nnemeka received immunity from punishment for the acts he performed while in the custody of the mercenary leader. Then, the heroes offered him a chance to fight side-by-side with them as they continued to fight for justice across the continent of Africa. Nnemeka declined, though, saying he had his fill of fighting, and did not desire to use his powers anymore. He had done terrible things with his abilities, and the nightmares he suffered from were enough to last any man multiple lifetimes. Instead, he wanted to focus on making a change on the other side of the coin: he wanted to get into politics.

Nnemeka went on to study political science, and eventually attended and graduated from Cambridge University in the UK on a full scholarship, as he proved to be an extremely capable student. From there, he went back to Lagos and began rising through the ranks of local politics. He was very effective in his roles, and was beloved by all his constituents. However, his rising stardom was not meant to be contained to Lagos alone, and before he knew it, he was the Nigerian representative in the United Nations. From there, he continued to climb the ladder, until he was in the top position as Secretary General of the UN.

It was this position that brought him into several high-level meetings when world-shaking circumstances arose. In the mid-22nd century, after proving to be a level-headed and resolute advisor on several potentially catastrophic events over the years, he was called to a meeting involving the leaders of the elite intergalactic military known as the Galaxias Kyklos Force – General Tixus, Lt. General Gryxus, Lt. General Creexus and Lt. General Nexus – as they had traveled to Earth, in response to an impending attack by ruthless warrior Emperor Kako and his massive armada of battleships.

The GKF leaders had also brought an armada of ships to Earth, but after consulting the galactic Leadership council and receiving a precognitive vision from Chari Marxia Elayzio, which suggested the heroes would not survive the upcoming battle against Kako and the Tromokratesians, General Tixus decided it was best to warn the world, and the most effective way to do that was through Nnemeka and the United Nations.

As General Tixus spoke on the floor of the UN, its members were dumbfounded at what they heard. They were familiar with the GKF and the larger Sympan Treaty of Galaxies from previous interactions with Emissary Archaios, but they had no idea that their impending doom was potentially at their doorstep. Immediately, Secretary General Nnemeka told all of the representatives to begin calling their home countries with instructions to make sure every faction of armed forces and any other organizations that were able to fight were prepared for the war of all wars. Then, he told General Tixus that whatever was needed, he would make sure the GKF had it. Tixus told Nnemeka the only thing they needed was for the people of Earth to prepare to defend their planet, and to make sure that anyone who was not fighting was seeking safety somewhere.

Secretary General Nnemeka walked Tixus and the rest of his warriors out of the UN back to their ship, and when they arrived outside, was when he realized the point of no return was upon them. Up in the sky, Tixus, Gryxus, Creexus, Nexus and Nnemeka could see explosions taking place. The Tromokratesian fleet had arrived, and Emperor Kako had undoubtedly blasted his way through the GKF blockade. Numerous Tromokratesian ships were flying towards the surface with great speed; for as far as the eyes could see, the invasion of the planet was beginning.

Tixus told Nnemeka to run and find safety with the other world leaders, because it would be up to them to rebuild their planet if there was anything left after the fighting was over. Nnemeka then told Tixus to call him Doro Anya, and he pulled out an invisible rod from his pocket, unleashing a high-tech lance weapon. Then, he told the GKF officers to go stop Emperor Kako from destroying the universe. Tixus looked surprised at first, but once he saw Nnemeka handle the lance with proficiency, he knew he was no longer in the presence of the UN Secretary General, but in front of a warrior taking up arms to defend his home world. Gryxus smiled at the sight as well, seeing the humans were not going to simply lie down or run and hide scared, but instead were going to stand against the Tromokratesians, as the Siopians did during their rebellion against the Tromokratesian slave masters. Then, Tixus wished Doro Anya good luck, and the Nigerian hero did the same, before becoming invisible.

The GKF squad then boarded their ship to fly off to Hollow Earth, where Emperor Kako would concentrate the brunt of his attack, in the hopes of obtaining the the special object his earthly cohorts had excavated from the planet’s core…