November 29, 2016


The planet of Giriatriki in the Defteros System was a plush, green world of jungles and wildlife on the surface. It was home to a vast variety of wild beasts, ranging from the tiniest to some of the largest creatures in the universe. The larger beasts were indomitable, and they were impossible to kill or take down for smaller creatures. Luckily, there were not too many of the larger beasts as they were hyper aggressive and fiercely competitive with one another, causing them to constantly fight. And when they fought, every fight was to the death. Thus, the lesser number of these monsters allowed for the smaller and weaker creatures to exist in much greater numbers.

One of these species was the Giriatrikians. Unlike the other creatures, they were humanoid and highly intelligent. This caused the early members of their species to go inside the mountains, caves, and underground to establish society. Over millions of years, the Giriatrikians continued to thrive, and eventually developed into a greatly advanced race of beings.


Birth Name

Marxia Elayzio


Chari Marxia Elayzio


Giriatrikian; female

Birth Details

Planet of Giriatriki, Defteros System (Core reality); Time Unknown

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Marxia has great intelligence and knowledge of the universe and a powerful extra-sensory perception ability, which allows her to see possible futures.

The Story

Their technology was on par with the most sophisticated in the universe, and their societies were fully formed. However, they never interfered with the surface ecosystem of their planet. They allowed the beasts and monsters to roam freely. This was because not only did they fear that destroying the natural order of their planet would offset the environment and cause an imbalance in their own existence, but the monsters, beasts, and thick jungles offered great protection against those who came to the planet uninvited. Over the millions of years, plenty of terrorists and conquerors traveled to Giriatriki, seeking to take over the planet, but the unforgiving wilderness and the monsters usually forced them to leave. Additionally, the Giriatrikians would use stealth warfare tactics and their advanced tech to strike and destroy the intruders who were too stubborn to take a hint from the harsh natural environment. One group of people the Giriatrikians did welcome, though, were the Palioans.

When Yeziol Tolisaria was looking to expand the Sympan Treaty of Galaxies, Giriatriki was one planet he wanted to bring into the fold. It was the one place that had no record of ever being conquered or even slightly tested out of numerous surrounding star systems in the area, making them a great ally if they could be won over.

So, Yeziol and his party of soldiers and other Leadership members set out to meet the Giriatrikians. From the moment they landed they were being watched. As they navigated the jungles of Giriatriki, the planet’s inhabitants were surprised to see them moving around safely. Yeziol and his companions knew which plants they could eat, and the location of the safest places to camp. Then, the Giriatrikians noticed Yeziol was making his way to one of their main entrances to the vast tunnels that led to the enormous underground living space of the planet, which housed dozens of continent-sized countries, filled with great cities and millions of inhabitants. They could not allow Yeziol and his people to enter, so they sent their supreme leader and her personal guard to greet them. She was called Marxia Elayzio.

Marxia was from the most heralded bloodline in all of Giriatriki. Her ancestors could be traced back to the original members of their species that helped lead the migration of the first people into the caves and underground. Over her life, she was afforded access to all of the greatest resources, having been considered royalty, and she made use of everything. Her mind was sharper than any other on her world, and she was highly skilled in combat. She was also a natural born leader, which was why she had been the queen of the planet for thousands of years. Thus, when she went to meet Yeziol and the STG contingency, she was prepared for anything that might transpire. Well, almost anything.

When Marxia met Yeziol, she could not have fathomed what he was about to tell her. The Palioan informed her about an intergalactic organization that was forming, and that they wanted Giriatriki to join. Part of the reason Marxia and her people had stayed so isolated, though, was all of their travels into the cosmos had been marred by the fact that they’d encountered so much war and strife across the galaxy. Yeziol informed her that the STG had helped her star system rid themselves of the terrorists and evil, contrary to her most recent reports. The chaos that plagued their galaxy for so long was finally over. He further explained that all the other planets in the system had joined the STG – all, except Giriatriki.

Marxia listened with great interest. However, she still did not think it was a good idea to expose her planet and her people to the outside galaxy. Plus, they were doing incredibly well without being in touch with anyone. She continually relayed this to Yeziol, but he did not take no for an answer, and explained that not only did he seek to have their planet join the Unity – the group of galaxies, star systems, planets and species in the STG – but also for Marxia to join him as a member of the Leadership, which oversaw the entire intergalactic organization.

Yeziol next explained how they had been monitoring Giriatriki for a while, and they had extracted information about them and their history by having doppleganger assets infiltrate their societies and cities. Yeziol continued by saying the Elayzio family history meant Marxia was a perfect fit to become a member of the Leadership. Her ancestors sought to move their people into a new age of safety and growth when they decided to live inside the caves and underground, and the STG sought to move the galaxies into a safer place, where they could all grow and flourish together peacefully. Marxia could not refuse Yeziol’s rhetoric, and after many more days of discussing the logistics, possibilities and great potential, she decided to become a member of the Leadership.

Through the centuries her work with the Leadership was widely respected, which permitted her to be present during some of the most important events and decisions in the history of the multiverse. Such an instance occurred in the mid-22nd century. Marxia was present when General Tixus Trexion called the Leadership to ask for a vision of how he should approach stopping the Tromokratesians from obtaining the last of the triplos asteri which had been hidden on Earth. Major General Delilah Fray was already on Earth with Lt. Rashard Bonds and the Alpha Initiative, coordinating heroic efforts against a cabal of the the world’s most powerful hyper-villains and mercenaries, led by London Omega, Edgar Omega and Ramses Hondo, who had been working on behalf of the Tromokratesian warlord Emperor Kako to excavate the third triplos asteri. Additionally, the heroes had to contend with Kako’s ambassador Ligselzus, who had been on Earth assisting with the recovery. And now with the indomitable warlord leading a massive fleet of starships into Earth’s orbit, Tixus desired to see a vision from Marxia in order to gain some perspective on how to approach the impending fight.

As the Leadership shared their energy and searched the space-time continuum to find the different versions of Earth’s future, Marxia received the full flow of the energy streams and was chosen to share the vision. The other chari all looked at her as they knew what she was to say next, but did not like it. Tixus, seeing the looks on their faces, anxiously asked for them to tell him what they saw. Marxia informed the general that in almost all of the visions of the possible futures, the righteous were going to encounter untold horrors. She said an innumerable amount would perish, the battles to come would be the bloodiest ever fought, and that the universe would experience an irreversible imbalance. Lieutenant generals Gryxus, Creexus and Nexus, along with Major Blacious Lito, all looked flabbergasted by the news. Their end seemed to be imminent.

Tixus couldn’t believe what he had heard. His entire life he’d fought for the innocent and to impart justice across the galaxy. He could not believe that it was all for naught and his lifelong arch nemesis, Emperor Kako, would win. That was when Gryxus stepped up and asked the Leadership why they had not informed anyone of this fact earlier – before Kako had acquired the triplos asteri – so he could be stopped. Marxia informed them that they very rarely use their powers to obtain visions, because it upsets the balance between dimensions and causes temporal rifts in the space-time continuum that cannot be fixed. It was only in the direst of situations that they could do so, and they had actually planned on performing a vision before Tixus called on them.

Tixus then realized something while listening to Marxia talk. Next, he asked her if she had indeed said “almost all of the visions” and not all of them, when referring to the outcome of the war with the Tromokratesians over the triplos asteri. Marxia confirmed she said such, and after Tixus inquired what the other possible future was, she said there was one singular possible future amidst the countless ones that resulted in their victory. However, the victory would not be one obtained quickly, and it would still require a massive amount of lives to be lost before it could be realized. That was all Tixus needed to hear.

The general thanked Marxia and the Leadership for all of their knowledge and wisdom, and told them that as long as there was a chance they could win, he would fight until his last breath to try and make that one possible future their reality. Chari Marxia and Chari Yeziol wished General Tixus good luck, and told all present that they had already made the STG proud to consider them amongst their greatest warriors and representatives. Then, the holographic image disappeared and Tixus turned to Gryxus, Creexus, Nexus and Blacious. With grave confidence in his voice and on his face, he told them to prepare themselves for a fight against overwhelming odds. The fate of the universe hung in the balance.